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    [MOC] Poké Balls (Pokémon Go)

    these are great, were you planning on making a Masterball too? (or any of the other more specialized balls) I know master balls are in the game files but no one has figured out how to get one yet.
  2. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Ford GT

    very very nice, I do wonder though, can that be altered to fit a minifig inside? or does it currently fit one? (obviously it would have some vision issues with the blacked out windscreen. ;)
  3. GallardoLU

    Duplo on basic Lego?

    Duplo can be used on top of Lego bricks. the connection isn't as strong on it's own but across a large area works very well. (we use a Lego table for kids with Duplo bricks). makes it easy for the kids to build on a stable surface and then 'pop' the object off once it's made.
  4. GallardoLU

    Pokémon Go

    guys, I'm guessing no offense is intended to those of us playing this game responsibly, but this thread has been almost entirely bash/defend. which I'm kind of growing tired of and frankly surprised that it is happening at all on a site devoted to a toy being used by adults. and by no means am I defending driving while using a phone in any manor, or the stampede in NY, and any of the other various stories I've been hearing. so I'm asking, can we stop posting news stories or videos of idiots playing this game? and focus instead on gameplay experiences, promoting getting out and walking, and sharing our achievements while playing? that's what I come to this thread and frankly this site to do, share the positive experiences and find like minded people, who enjoy the things I enjoy. Thanks,
  5. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Lego is the Only company in the world with the rights to make Minifigs in their style. any company from any country that copies or replicates that design is doing so without Lego permissions. so if you tell me I can get a figure that's not from Lego for far cheaper than it is either not compatible with other minifigures, or is a bootleg illegal copy. *EDIT* seeing that this started over a minifigure, the mention of other action figures as a replacement to a minifigure makes little sense (as little as spending 100+ for a set for just 1 figure) so the inclination that it's a non-Lego minifig copy is understandable. as to the set it's self the scale is nice but the details and value just don't add up. I'd consider buying the figures singularly from Bricklink before grabbing that one off the shelves complete.
  6. GallardoLU

    Six Degrees of Separation Game

    Nice, mine is just one shorter. Nancy Reagon, married to Ronald Reagon. Ronald Reagon was part of the 1984 Olympics opening ceremony the US Cycling team of 1984 were the first to be proven to have used "Blood doping" (transfusions to increase red blood count) Lance Armstrong would later be found guilty of this same practice years later. So who wants to go next?
  7. GallardoLU

    Brickfair Virginia, 2016

    wont be joining this year, but I'm hoping to find some time to get there next year. be sure to say hi to Mariann at Model building secrets (if she makes it there this year) wonderfully nice former Lego Master builder.
  8. how was the set advertised? and do you have any proof of its condition when shipped? any insurance on the package? as for criminal charges you would need to prove the condition it was in when it left your hands and the condition the shippers left it with the buyer in.
  9. GallardoLU

    Pokémon Go

    gas station (petrol for you euro hunters) have fire type near them, electrical substations and power plants have elect type near them fields are normal/bug/misc. city centers may have rock type cemetery may have ghost/psychic lakes/rivers have water. you just need to go out and visit these places and spend some time at each spot. also hatch those eggs some may only be found by hatching them. (like the fossil based ones from the GB games)
  10. GallardoLU

    Six Degrees of Separation Game

    ok seeing as this has gone quiet again, here is a tough one might get this going again. Nancy Reagan and Lance Armstrong
  11. GallardoLU

    Cars for Modular - my first collection

    when I first saw this image the blue car didn't strike me as the new Ford GT, instead I saw a Jaguar XJ220. it wasn't until my eyes say the Ford liveries that I realized what it was. and some how which I'm not sure how, but your one model (in blue) really does look like either car in this style!
  12. GallardoLU

    The "Describe the Lego set" game

    A space shuttle duckling 4508: Titan XP
  13. GallardoLU

    The "Describe the Lego set" game

    Spiderman! Spiderman! Spider..woman! also a bridge, and villains 76032
  14. GallardoLU

    Six Degrees of Separation Game

    Well yes i guess that is the most direct option, though i was thinking pre disney buying star wars but that was my mistake. my path was Hercules had Mandy Patinkin voice Hippocrates, who was in Princess Bride which Liam Neeson auditioned for Fezzik, and later played Qui Gon Jin.
  15. GallardoLU

    The "Describe the Lego set" game

    grey film canister with some midgets in robes and some automatons 9470
  16. GallardoLU

    Six Degrees of Separation Game

    ok, I know I'm not up but I came up with a fun one: Hercules: animated series and Star Wars.
  17. GallardoLU

    Coruscant Billboards

    also the video game SWTOR has plenty of Coruscant environments, and there are billboards around in the back grounds. i'm sure you could find something with the right vibe.
  18. GallardoLU

    €125, 18 sets...

    for me it's an easy choice 9500 Sith Fury-Class Interceptor €80 8095 General Grevious' Starfighter €45 for the money I don't see a more rewarding option. I will say that I've been a fan of The Old Republic era since KoTOR in 2001. so I'm likely biased on 9500, but it is a terrific model, very swooshable for its size. the figures are great too (Malgus is one of the best star wars figures ever made) so as an alternate... 8095 General Grevious' Starfighter €45 7660 Naboo N-1 Starfighter and Vulture droid €30 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle €45
  19. GallardoLU

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    nice, thanks for the heads up on that. it as actually pretty good (shame it's not a car but can't complain about a free-be)
  20. GallardoLU

    Guess that movie!

    scent of a woman is such a great movie, it's a shame I don't have it in my collection yet. might need to correct that error sooner rather than later.
  21. GallardoLU

    Your biggest Lego FAIL!?

    been a few years since a real failure but after my grandmother passed I had a real tough time of it. and one night during a bit of a melt down some part of my brain wanted to throw something, (hey physical activity is proven to lower stress right?) well without looking I grabbed the nearest thing to me which happen to be the support stand to my SSD..... not knowing what I had I swung my arm as hard as I could and all 3000+ pieces spiraled to the floor... and then across the floor. it took me around 5 hours to rebuild it, and find missing parts. ironically though I now routinely disassemble and rebuild sets when I get overly stressed (though now I actually intend to take them apart and not destroy). not proud of that night, but looking back it did help.
  22. GallardoLU

    Best Space Mountain Ride Version?

    I think you meant hoobastank (not hoobstabank) if so than here is the missing video you were looking for:
  23. GallardoLU

    Car Talk

    Yup interference, nice little Subaru Boxer motor too, so heads are tucked away nice and low. (I should note car is at 140k miles belt only had 40k. so no powertrain warranty left)
  24. GallardoLU

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hmm, KITT, but teased now... does this mean a new theme? or a 3rd wave (2nd for the year)? curious to see where this goes.
  25. GallardoLU

    Car Talk

    you thin you've got car repairs eating your fund.. Timing belt just went (40k miles) I havn't torn down the heads yet but probably lost all the valves. could buy 10 mufflers for the same amount :/