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    "Extra pieces" in Death Star 2 (10143)???

    I've actually experienced the "extra" doing it's job. often it is easy to predict which pieces you will have extras of due to shape, size, print. well one of the microfighters I got recently ended up having no extra 1x1 studs (black) left over at the end. was very surprised that I had used the exact right amount and it was highly unlikely that I lost it myself. conclusion: Lego failed to provide the appropriate number of parts needed and therefore the "extra" stepped in and became the required part. (I'm sure we've all done this without noticing but this case was an obvious one)
  2. GallardoLU

    Minifigure designs that get worse

    Boba / Jango Fett of old I have a sweet spot for. in all reality the newer are more "accurate" but the silly playful nature of the single piece helm jetpack was iconic Lego. and as such those are my favorites despite the very clear improvements the new ones have brought.
  3. GallardoLU

    [MOC] New airport shuttle monorail

    very nice, I almost like the setup more than the monorail on it's own. life in the city feel to it. The train is nice and sleek and looks like it belongs with those modulars.
  4. GallardoLU

    [Moc] Bugatti Chiron

    going to repeat my sentiments from MOCpages (I know you are fazing that out) going to be the critic here and pick at this a little. the nose bothers me a bit having the 2 cheese wedges sticking forward past or equal to the "grill" (half round plate) while the real car the grill is the very front most detail. the sides are lacking the signature curve, but I have no solution for that to offer, your unique style and proportions just don't seem to be friendly to that particular detail. and lastly the tail feels long for this scale. all that said this is immediately recognizable as a Bugatti, and is a very sleek car. I'm sure you've exhausted options already on this and I'm always impressed with the details you achieve in such a small package. (not to mention each car you build makes me want to find time to build some new cars my self)
  5. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Ferrari ENZO

    Wow, very nice Enzo, the nose is a little jarring (mostly the gap between the wedge plates and the rounds) aside from that this is Ace, proportions are great, almost every detail is there, and if it weren't out of scale with every other car I have I'd love to have one in my line up.
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    [MOC] Volkswagon Beetle Type 1

    Nice little Beetle, very bubbly car. :)
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    Forum Upgrade

    try using center mouse click (wheel) that's how I normally open a new tab, and so far has worked in IE, and Firefox.
  8. GallardoLU

    Forum Upgrade

    looks good, I am noticing that image links and emotes are not working properly, but I'm guessing that is still to come as the settings are all dialed in. very happy to see things have updated, and I hope you Admin/Mods are happy with the new anti spam suite of tools you likely now have. EDIT: And a big thank you for all the effort put into this change, and the efforts still to come.
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    Minifig scale Star Wars sets

    Millennium Falcon actual length = 34.52 meters (or 34.75 meters,there are apparently 2 lengths possibly canon for this ship) UCS Millennium Falcon Length = 84 centimeters Per Lego advert using 3 studs = 1 meter, the UCS Millennium falcon should have been 82.85cm (or 83.40cm) in length, a deviation of only 1.15cm (0.6cm) or 1.44 (or .75)studs. so by the numbers the UCS Millennium is virtually perfect for Minifig scale, with only minor deviation caused by being built from Lego. the UCS Slave I, and UCS Shuttle are both equally close to perfect Minifig scale as well. as for other sets it is easy to apply some simple math to sets you think are close as long as you have the reference numbers from the actual object you are comparing it too. (there was another thread once with a sold list for this, which you can find Here *note, I previously used a different scale factor for this same ship, but the conclusion was much the same*)
  10. GallardoLU

    2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    75882 - FXX-K (probably). I'm not normally one for liking the "extra" stuff that comes with these cars but I've an unusual love for wind tunnels. and will very likely get this one first, even if I'm not a big Ferrari fan like the set includes. 75881 - 2016 GT and 1966 GT40. did not expect this one, but happy it's happening will be a good set to pair with this years Porsche 917k and 919. 75883 - Formula 1 Mercedes AMG PETRONAS. I'm going to need to see this one before I have any idea if it will be worth it to me. F1 Lego has always been a bit off (very oversized even compared to their oversized cars in the same theme) if the main build is done well enough I may want to grab this one too. 75877 - Mercedes AMG GT3. real car is rather elegant, even If the hood is hugely long. probably will grab it either way 75878 - Bugatti Chiron. will need to see this, a very sleek and smooth car in real life, and have high hopes but low expectations for Lego on it. knowing me I'll still get it.
  11. GallardoLU

    2016 UCS Reaction

    Assault on Hoth: the set is not UCS, and the name has virtually no Assault, 2 imperials, equipped with a speeder bike and a turret... oh and maybe a wampa. that's not an assault, that's a recon finding a quick death. there are great elements in the set and I wouldn't be surprised if they slowly make their way out in cheaper sets later (after all Lego loves Hoth) that said I actually love hoth too so I am still inclined to like it but it is no UCS. Death Star (rev 2): never liked the play set style of the first one, and willingly chose to not buy it (with no regrets) the new one is exactly the same in my eyes and therefor is an easy choice not to get it. the only complaint I have is that the re-release took up a spot that could have been a different UCS set, otherwise there is no difference for me from when 10188 was still around. so am I thrilled with 2016, no, not even close, it's the first in 4 years that I haven't gotten a UCS set. but neither am I upset about it, in fact this just boosts my VIP points for winter and into 2017 to help with savings on the next truly great UCS.
  12. every regular poster in the star wars section has experienced a few things, but the most common of all is "UCS MF is coming out next year" which for the last 5 years has always been false. you joined and your first post is exactly the same as we've seen over and over again. you may be right, but the truth is, without proof all you've done is stepped out in front of a firing squad ready to shoot down false rumors.
  13. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm not familiar with import and tax laws for those countries but is there a general reason for the huge price differences? from USD to AUD, and NZD?USD+tax = 529.99 AUD converted = 689.51 vs. retail price of 799.99 (difference of 110.48 AUD) NZD converted = 708.95 vs. retail price of 899.99 (difference of 191.04 NZD) I do really feel for you guys with those prices though. as for complaining about prices here I think that is still justifiable if only to help lower the price world wide for our southern friends seeing these higher prices. (crazy you could almost fly to the US and buy the set for the same price as just buying it in NZ, couldn't fly home on that but if you were thinking of coming here for a vacation already and want that set you'd be a fool to not pick it up while here)
  14. GallardoLU

    A quick comment on spam

    There is a certain part of me that would love to see the results of that, the complete derailment of every major thread in mere minutes, then the flame wars followed be walls of spam. it would be the end of our digital society as we know it.... at least until Hinkley and the other Admin accounts could arrive to fix everything.
  15. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    Thanks guys, and yes sausage makes everything better :D Thanks, I hadn't noticed how little snot was used until you mentioned it, but yeah, a small amount on the nose, the taillights, and steering wheel. I now kind of want to experiment more with snot to see what I can do on the underside to include more fins, and possibly tuck in the "tub"
  16. GallardoLU

    Vehicle Width Preference

    cars are mostly 6w+ ( for those that don't know the + is the fender width with six studs between) for me, though i am flirting with 7 wide for some of the wider exotic cars, and racing cars. i also did do an 8 wide car a while back but it just doesn't fit with the rest of the cars I've built. so as a breakdown: 6w+ = most road cars 7w/7w+ = trucks of all sizes, and very wide super cars/race cars. 8w = likely to be semi truck size though none yet exist.
  17. GallardoLU

    Good Morrow I am Hip

    just need to get this out now... Hip! Hip! Hurray! welcome to Eurobricks.
  18. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    thanks again for the critiques, per the vehicle base I've run into several cars that require the driver to sit far forward with feet nearing the center of the axle line, the "tub" on the standard base doesn't allow the driver to sit in the correct locations. and being that I mostly build track day and hyper/super cars this often is the case. so I sacrifice the little height and lean the figure back (also usually similar to the seated position for the car) and similar to the RB 001, some just cant use that piece and get the shaping right for the body, no matter where the driver might fit. you can thank certain obsession with sausage on another forum for that inspiration
  19. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    so as previously mentioned changes have happened (along with getting new hubs to further change the under body) and the following pictures show the fruits of the labor, it is far more delicate now, but also far more accurate. although the lighting is again not ideal (really struggling photographing black) you can clearly see the body work pulls all the way back to the wheels on the underside now, and the tail lights are a touch higher than before. Better image of the side of the car, you can now see all the vent work done here, also very clearly shown is the newer shortened nose, half a plate further back than the last version. Our very privileged driver can now control the car too, added "steering wheel" just a single round plate, aside from that the car appears much the same as the previous top down shot. the new front end now has a new feature, free airflow out and under the nose, it has been hollowed out to the very extreme of what the bricks can stand to get to this point but sure enough those 2 light grey areas are daylight. and last is the requested under body shot, now its not smooth being Lego, but it is as complex as i can while still leaving a tub for the driver to sit in. Feel Free to comment and Critique V2, again, this may change a little here or there over the coming weeks but thanks to the input above at this moment i am very very happy with it.
  20. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    yes, I need some of those, I have only 1 at the moment (Camaro set) but I think i'll make a run to one of my nearby stores and see if I can't get my hands on 4 or so of those.And thanks everyone for the comments and compliments so far!
  21. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Aston Martin RB 001

    Thanks, I had wondered who would mention the nose length first, I originally had it only 1 stud forward of the fender piece but many of the other features were getting compromised as a result. i'll likely try to come up with another solution for it but so far what you see has been the best option. as for the steering wheel, I'm already looking into that (as it bugs me too) the underside of the Lego car is nothing interesting, due to the proportions of a minifig, the why the axles and fenders are shaped and the thickness of a brick sculpting out the keel of the underbody and other aero components just couldn't be done. none the less i'm willing to make a few more stabs at it and see if I can find some sort of Lego sorcery
  22. GallardoLU

    [MOC] City-scale GT3 Racers

    oh nice, on the insturctions, i'll take a look at those. and i stayed at the 6wide and used the SC stickers to finish it off. still need to snap pictures of it done.
  23. GallardoLU

    [MOC] City-scale GT3 Racers

    really like the new 919, I might have to clone it (or something similar) and get a photo op of it next to my heavily modified 917k (my 917k, for those interested) The F1 car looks good too, i just wish there were slicked tires in that same size, something we really need (more slicks!)
  24. GallardoLU

    2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If we are going back over to Europe then they had better try and get Lamborghini back, or maybe reach out to Pagani and see if that is an option. BMW too would be nice. for Mercedes I really could do without, but if the sets are good I'll get them, they are good cars just not my top pick. Ferrari F1 car....... the first one with the truck can still be found in some stores and they are bringing out another.. I don't need more Ferrari F1, the most over produced car sets in Lego history. Bugatti Chiron, luxury at 280mph, a thing of beauty and power, though my choices usually are the lightweight track day toys there is no denying that the Charon is a gorgeous car, and if the set lives up to that challenge then I'm all for it.
  25. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    that was on the bridge of his flagship Super Star Destroyer The Executor. in which we already received a set including Bossk, IG-88, and Dengaras to the death star set itself it has to have a shell on half if not all of it for me to want to buy. I passed on the last one a thousand times (it was only available for something like 2000 days :P ) and I will continue to pass on death star sets if they are hollow vignette displays. if I wanted a scene set from the death star I would be a set that depicts that (Final dual) but if I want a death star it had better look like the death star first, and hidden vignettes or play features hidden and extra. I know I'm being a bit limited in my desires for it but if I'm spending as much as it's reported I will then I hold the right to only spend when it meets my criteria.