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    Too Much Detail on Minifigures?

    although it runs a risk of ruining a figure with too many lines (Sand crawler Luke is over detailed, but still looks decent enough) I am all for the Printing on all surfaces that TLG can manage. it’s my belief that in the short term there may be some growing pains from figures that just didn't come out quite right (Luke) it will inevitably lead to some of the best figures TLG will/has ever made. Look at the new GotG Drax the Destroyer if you want proof of that. Absolutely amazing figure and that was done with standard fig parts! just a Head, Chest, and Legs! No specialized parts.
  2. GallardoLU

    SDCC 2014 Rockets Racoon's Warbird

    oh thank you so much for these files, one question though, on Ghost, are there any other printed pieces aside from the front Falcon cockpit? if so, where did you find your reference info for it. thanks again! *edit: never mind found the info needed, thanks again though!*
  3. Thanks, for the compliments, and yes as MstrOfPppts said, it is the Sith Warriors head from 75025 Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser. Glad you guys liked it!
  4. alright, GallardoLU here ready to join the Imperial Navy as a Pilot. index Sig Fig: Sig Fig:
  5. Ok, I can live with that general trend; I’ll put the official post up in a few hours. (After I get home and can photo the figure)
  6. I'm looking to join in SoNE, but before I make it official one question I wasn't finding a quick answer to. Sig figs are meant to represent ourselves but also fit mostly in the ranks of either faction. so how much deviation are we allowed from say a Stormtrooper appearance. I'd like have a very unique look (think bounty hunter meets trooper) I will be joining either way, just want to know the sig fig restrictions for that joining post.
  7. GallardoLU

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    on the KotOR front, i'd really like to get some Neo-Crusader Mandalorians, Canderus Ordo (both street clothes, and as Mandalore the Perserver) Calo Nord, and last but certainly not lest the Darth Triumvirate: Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Traya.
  8. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Darth Severus

    WOW, the first one was good, but the changes take it over the top, excellent ship!
  9. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    no early access to a Star Wars set in September, calendar in the US is for a "Holiday" set so Santa's Workshop. as for Slave I, I just want them to give us something. so I can decide how fast I am going to get it. (order it online, or drive to a store day 1, and pick it up myself) probably the second one.
  10. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Thanks for that bit of info, I haven't been following the rebels much at all. still any Mando is a friend of mine even animated ones.
  11. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    after watching that little video, only 1 thought im stuck on. Who was that Mando Woman? and what does she fly :)
  12. GallardoLU

    Things non-AFOLs say WAY too often

    Most annoying thing I hear on a regular basis is "don't you have better things to spend your money on?" why sure I could go out and buy my self a 72" TV but why spend all that money on a bigger TV when I get bored between commercial breaks. so better things than Lego? no I don't think there are any. Oh, except my kids, but they get Lego too convenient ;)
  13. GallardoLU

    Which models are really UCS?

    here is a bit more mud for the waters that are UCS... Lego Group made a poster just before the SSD came out a few years ago... personally I do not use it as a definitive list from Lego for the UCS line. (plus there are newer sets that are still subject to my opinion, as they haven't been defined yet) take note, there are no X-wings shown! no yoda either. but worth looking at some of what Lego classes as Ultimate.
  14. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    its not the people in SD that are the draw, its the fan fair that is Comic Con, and SD's just happens to be the grand daddy of them all. its a world wide draw. I've been trying to plan a trip to one of these but things always fall through before I get that chance. maybe next year... (also I'm about 6 hours away by plane! 2.5 days by car) Also they do these sorts of thing at other events Star Wars Celebrations quickly come to mind. (Slave 1 Tin last year, and Cube Dudes before that)
  15. GallardoLU

    The Death Star (Look at the size of that thing!)

    As others have said, no way on earth I could consciously do that to a set of my own! sadly I did manage to crash my SSD last year (knocked it off of the shelf it was on, spent 12 hours rebuilding it, no pieces broken thankfully) That Said, that slow-mo was beautiful, watch Han spin perfectly upward and the Royal Guard cartwheeling out bouncing off the spear/pike. There must be damaged parts in that mess the shear force of that fall alone would have been near 200lb force. and peak force at impact well into the thousands.(due to the low amount of area contacting the ground in that moment)
  16. GallardoLU

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    This Mighty Turtle has become the Home to an entire civilization, many millions of years ahead of our own. They now rely on the Turtle Below to see them to safety in the great cosmos. The city above provides the means to keep their host going while he in return goes where they ask. Maybe one day he can be free of those that ride his shell and both can live freely again. Just noticed Greg3's World turtle, funny how many people had this idea (Note: mine was also inspired by Doctor Who, as was cimddwc's below)
  17. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    indeed, best kind, means we can easily bricklink a copy of it. And as long as its not a Tin (I have a weak spot for those) then there is no need to pay the premium prices :)
  18. GallardoLU

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I'd really like to see a New EU (Legends?) bounty hunter. Shae Vizla. by far the coolest armor of the Old Republic characters. others highly desired characters are Zukas, and 4LOM (Seriously how do we not have either of them yet??)
  19. Ok, Gallardo isn't my real name, but I've gone by it in Lego communities for 4 years now. I'm rather active on MOCPages and Brickset, and came out of my dark ages with the Thanks of Lego Universe, where I was offered the chance to work with Lego directly as an LUP (Lego Universe Partner) this was a small group of adult builders who helped design in game props, objects and a few smaller world maps. my main focus is in the Sci-fi realm Star Wars chief among them. but I also venture in to character building and mid scale vignettes (16x16 to 32x32 mostly) also prefer to build for contests as these seem more fun than building for me alone, surprisingly I tend to cherish contest builds more than just for fun ones more, with a few exceptions of course. when I am not building with Lego or working, I'm often lost in Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO) where I can be found by the name Cass'us on "The Shadowlands" server.
  20. GallardoLU

    [MOC] Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Makoban

    Great Sith! and great Ship too, I Gotta Ask, what Server are you on (if you stil play SWTOR) Very well done!
  21. GallardoLU

    What rules do you life by while MOCing?

    My rules are short but concrete as they come. 1st. No old and new of a color set. (No new brown old brown, but new grey and old brown is fine) 2nd. No modifying pieces in any way shape or form. (This includes painting) 3rd. NO STICKERS!!! Printed are fine but used sparingly (I extend this to official sets as well) 4th. Lego only! There is one other guidline I try to follow: build something no one else has (if it’s not an original idea) Note: I do have (2) 3rd Party Figs: 1 from Arealight (Shea Vizla) and a US Marine in Dress Blues from Citizen Brick. But I don’t count these as MOCs, so rule 4 didn’t apply.
  22. GallardoLU

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Introducing the Hammer Class Personal Defense TURTL or more commonly known as the HURTL. This Personal unit is armed to the teeth or in this case shell with armament to protect whomever it calls a friend. Yes Friend, not only do you need to drop 500,000 studs for this little baby, you also have to earn its trust before it will activate weapons systems for you. This was a feature added to prevent the HURTL from falling into the wrong hands. a must have for explorers and salvage teams everywhere!