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    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    How did I miss this topic?! This is absolutely incredible
  2. Nalyd997

    [MOC] KELP

    My first moc after the year 12 dark ages, hope you enjoy
  3. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Spirograph V2

    Thank you:) Thanks for your kind comment. Starting from the top, the first two gearboxes select the primary speed of the arms. The input is from the motor and the outputis into one side of a differential. The central gearbox not only controls the speed of the turntable, but the input to the secondary gearboxes. These gearboxes feed into the other side pf the differential and add/subtract rotations in the arm based on the turntable. Hope this helps :p
  4. Hey everyone! Finally found some time to shoot a video for my second spirograph. I actually had this finished over a year ago but you know how life works sometimes:) Thanks to PG5200 for describing to me how his V5 works which largely inspired this one. To address the question I get asked all the time at exhibitions "Can you get two going at once?" I came up with this: These are drawn simultaneously, which you can see in the video here: Thanks everyone:) I'll have an LDD file on the way shortly
  5. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Spirograph V2

    Hey everyone, last night I finished up the ldd file for this spirograph. Just submitted it to Rebrickable but here is the link to the file: There were a few issues with alignments so I am yet to make the fixes for them obvious, until then enjoy:)
  6. Nalyd997

    Lykan Hypersport + Instructions

    Nice work Lachlan, the view from above looks stunning!
  7. Hey everyone, after a bit of a hiatus here is what I have got to show: I displayed this as part of this year's GBC circuit at the Brickvention here in Melbourne. I made it to answer what I guess is the one question GBCers get asked a lot. I was inspired by Nico71's brilliant sculpture and thought i would have a crack! Hope you enjoy:)
  8. Nalyd997

    [MOC] WHY NOT Kinetic Sculpture

    Haha it just came down to time:) Good idea!
  9. 24: 10 16: 6 23: 4 18: 3 17: 2 36: 1 Well done everyone! There were some awesome entries, the more obscure entries took my vote though:)
  10. Nalyd997

    Lift Mechanism

    My friend Rohan B built a gbc module that has a mechanism perfect for this. It uses the small type technic chain with one tank tread that cycled a dump truck back and forth.
  11. Nalyd997

    Adjustable Spirograph V9 by PG52

    This is awesome, I remember him saying that there was a V9 but it was never published. So so cool!
  12. Sorry about that, I guess I haven't been paying attention
  13. If you look on the website a shortlist has been reveiled by the judges. I think 20 or so received a comment from the admins to say they had passed into the final
  14. Nalyd997

    [PORSCHE] Porsche 911 Panamera RSR

    I like how you have combined design aspects from different cars into one, nice job!
  15. Nice work, I love the octan colours, especially with the green from the 24 hours car.
  16. They are from the dump bed of the Arocs;)
  17. What an awesome MOC! Bunch of nifty little mechanisms in there which don't compromise the overall look one bit
  18. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    I have seen it used by thirdwigg in one of his unimogs as a portal axle before, nice and sturdy! Jeez this is looking good, lookin forward to the final product. Really motivating to get into supercars
  19. Awesome work! I'll have to watch the video a couple more times though to figure it out
  20. Nalyd997

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Was anyone aware of this footage?
  21. But also the fact that it has no turntable. I guess to produce a complicated pattern extremely different ratios must be needed as with the spirograph the pattern of the arms in relation to the board of PGs finishes quite quickly
  22. Glad to help:) Great finished product, you'll be making spirographs in no time!
  23. Nalyd997

    Porsche Pricing & Availability

    I reckon I'll be making a poor man's version out of my own parts then
  24. Nalyd997

    [WIP] Bowler Defender

    I feel like it really needs to have the sides recessed by a stud to get that continuous line throughout the body
  25. Nalyd997

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Yeah don't get me wrong I would love to see them as well;)