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  1. I quite like the yellow one, I do love building cars at this scale
  2. Damn I wish the orange bits weren't so expensive, they really complete this model
  3. Nalyd997

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    This may require professional instructions, I might give LDraw another go! If not there are countless others who could;)
  4. Nalyd997

    [MOC] KTM X-Bow

    Wow cool to see it return, keep it up this time no matter what;)
  5. Nalyd997

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    If you were to remove the molded housing of the fake motor it may give you some flexibilty in terms of placement
  6. Nalyd997

    Can your LEGO do this?

    Yeah I saw this the other day and I was just amazed!
  7. Nalyd997

    Lego - Porcupine Rover

    That is pretty cool! If you had a turntable in the middle it would handle uneven terrain even better!
  8. I was trawling on Google Images today and came across this beast: It was displayed at brickworld 2014, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows who built this? They certainly have an interesting style, but a good one at that.
  9. Maybe it should be changed to a 4 long axle with stop which would make it easier to get out
  10. Nalyd997

    Double Trouble Trophy Truck

    This is just awesome! Another great baja truck from you!! I especially like that filter on the last two photos
  11. Nalyd997

    Mcleach's Truck

    I watched the original last night and am thinking on making a studless interceptor. Can't wait to see the new movie though!
  12. Nalyd997

    [WIP] Ferrari 458 Speciale

    Nice! After I finish the instructions for your crane truck I might look into making some for this!
  13. Nalyd997

    [GBC] Ski Lift

    It is not far of the way you realised that lift infront of the unimog for the BV! Anyway looks really sweet!
  14. Nalyd997

    Extreme Large Mining Truck

    Those photos look almost like official lego photos! Well done!
  15. Nalyd997

    Universal carrier (RC) & instructions

    That is pretty cool! It would make a good template for budding tank builders:)
  16. How many SBricks do you have? Because all the other things you have shown have got them! Lucky person
  17. The cabin on the crawler crane looks out of proportion to the rest of it, especially the tracks
  18. Thirdwigg used that part as a portal hub in one of his recent trial trucks. I generally build modules and connect them together, but my favourite solution that I came up with was this: *The steering part*
  19. This is something I made quite a while ago but I never finished it. It worked really well as a unit but the axles let it down. They were based off of someones concept car who I can't remember the name of.Like Nkubate's hurricane it has differentials between the left and right wheels instead of the front and back. This allows it to be slightly easier to control. I have an LDD of it which is mostly complete. Finally here is a video:
  20. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Bitmap Display

    "Awesome"!!! Very cool indeed!
  21. Nalyd997

    GBC General Discussion

    Cool! Is it made out old or new technic this time? Unfortunately I have none of those though:(
  22. Nalyd997

    MOC 6x6 off road truck

    Looks pretty slick and unusual! Thumbs up!
  23. Nalyd997

    Jurss' Workshop

    I am looking forward to seeing the second one in action! But am I right in saying that the first one has either articulated or normal steering through all of those gears? Or does it have both?
  24. I saw an amazing colour combo on instagram. It was lime and black and it looked absolutely awesome
  25. Hello everyone! May I present to you my very first GBC which was built for the Brickvention in Melbourne. I made a short video about it (it is really simple). I had a lot of fun making it and look forward to next year's circuit! And here is a video of the whole contraption: