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    Future MOCs

    Could you really say though that that would be beating the 'lego' land speed record as it runs on compressed air? Still I hope you do it!
  2. Nalyd997

    Cinematic Lego Filming

    I have seen these before and I especially like your pneumatic engine. What do you use to film/edit?
  3. May I just ask but why are there all these gg's instead of just making a post when you need to?
  4. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Track buddies! Yeah the treads took a while to develope the suspension which doesn't have much travel, but it works
  5. But then where would that leave the rest of the world? Most of the worlds products are manufactured in China
  6. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Hummer H2

    I follow you on instagram and quite like your stuff especially your mini! Keep it up
  7. I make my own t shirts, all you need to do is get transfer paper suited to the colour of t shirt (whether it is dark or light) print out an image, cut it out and iron it on
  8. I do believe that mini were their own company in the beginings, however now re owned by bmw. And also Sheepo's mini is front wheel drive as are all
  9. Nalyd997

    BMW i8 Spyder

    I don't really miss the brakes as I never used them whilst driving your defender but maybe next car bring back a gearbox as the performance would be much better. Very cool nonetheless!
  10. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Swingloader Mk IV

    Nice one! I also like the look of that truck in the background
  11. That is a really nice article
  12. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Bandits - Lights Out

    As I said before I really like the colour combination, but maybe centralise the 1x1 tile on the grill
  13. A while ago I posted a WIP thread on this excellent machine that I reverse engineered and the instructions are now out and you can find them on rebrickable here: As always with LDD instructions remember to remove the 'stand-ins' for the motors that aren't in there. Also there is no switch in LDD so find the place to put it in the photos Have fun with it!
  14. Nalyd997

    Piotrek's Hurricane

    Well I shot a quick video. I got a new camera and am very happy with the quality;)
  15. Nalyd997


    Wow that is looking pretty cool! What are you going to do weapons wise?
  16. Nalyd997

    42040 Fire Plane

    Wow that does actually look pretty cool! The sides of the cockpit are a bit too square though
  17. This must be quite hard to control! Excellent nonetheless
  18. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Bandits - Lights Out

    Wow I really like that colour combination, looking good!
  19. The instructions apparently will be up this weekend hopefully. Yeah definitely not going to buy those rims!
  20. So when you make other people's MOCs do you buy all of the parts? Obviously not common ones like axles and pins but if so what is a rough estimate of how much this cost to build?
  21. Nalyd997

    Technic Photography

    I completely agree with you! Here are a couple of mine
  22. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Redeemer

    That looks menacing! Nice work
  23. Nalyd997

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Well, I might have to give this a go!
  24. Nalyd997

    Event Report: BalticLUG 2 Year Anniversary

    Wow looks like you all had a great time!