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  1. Well done to those involved! Hopefully I can get my (too late ) entry finished up soon
  2. Well I feel like I am at the stage where I will hopefully get this finished. I was inspired by the Peacemaker from Mad Max 4 but changed it up to suit the contest. Here is a photo I made as a point of reference (I am not going to put the ferrari body on). So without further a due here is my idea: It is driven by two L motors at 1:1 and the change mechanism by a XL motor. It is powered by the 8878 rechargeable battery. The bodywork for this is quite hard, as it needs to go up and down in order for the wheel arches to clear the wheels, I am thinking of using mini LAs Another problem is the name, I just put that one in the topic but I would prefer a different name, so if you have any suggestions please tell me!
  3. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Yeah I was a bit disappointed with myself that I didn't get it done. But I wasn''t going to rush it! Thanks though and it should nearly be finished Thanks! That is really cool to hear
  4. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Unfortunately I did not get this finished in time for the contest but I will still press on! Here are the most recent photos I know just need to do the roof and figure out how to attach the body to the chassis. It sounds simply but the body must move up and down in order for the wheels to tuck in. To help this I have used the 3x5 arched liftarms to push it up. The wheel arches attach to these (it is a bit hard to see). Not long now!
  5. Nalyd997

    Technic General Discussion

    Don't you mean flew around again?
  6. 11: 10 9: 6 10: 4 2: 3 14: 2 20: 1 It seems I have a particular bias towards Enforcers... I must just be a goody two shoes Good luck to everyone else!
  7. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Which was consumed by school and my bass guitar Thank you! It really means a lot Will definitely have to finish it now! Anyway during testing I managed to snap two blue pins straight in half Will be doing some solid building this weekend to get it done!
  8. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Bandits - Lights Out

    Wow that is one hell of a hauler!
  9. Nalyd997

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    It is hard to see all these arocs being built whilst my wallet is empty
  10. Nalyd997

    Enforcers - Shuriken

    It was done a couple of years ago for a comp on here, it was like ship to shore where you had to build an amphibious vehicle. I'll go an find it
  11. Nalyd997

    Enforcers - Shuriken

    Looks great! Some of the paneling is a little similar to the assassin but I guess that's your style. Recognisable as your work as well!
  12. I believe selling them separately (sets) would be a better idea, I have seen collections on ebay listed for thousands of dollars that never sell. It really must be a dire situation you are in, I feel really sorry for you
  13. Nalyd997

    Lego Seats

    That looks really cool!
  14. Wow you reverse engineered that? Have you got any photos of it because that would have taken ages!
  15. I once forgot to put in a clutch gear that made the Unimog's steering work that was right in its heart
  16. Nalyd997

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    I believe they come out in September Well all those stores generally sell it for the same price as it is on the Lego site, and given that you get free shipping from Lego it is really either or. But where are you in Australia because here in Melbourne there is this great store called shopforme that always has sales on. At the moment they have the volvo listed for around $280. The only problem is that you will have to wait a bit longer (that is what I will do)
  17. Nalyd997

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    The price is a little steep over here in Australia, it is the same as the volvo. I guess it has got a lot more parts but still...
  18. Mmm new supercar? Jet sounds interesting as well maybe some flex axles!
  19. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Thanks for the kind words! Might make the build happen a little faster:)
  20. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer - Sea Screamer

    That looks really cool! At first I had no idea where the skimmers were coming from!
  21. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Here is an update: I have finally figured the rear wheels out, and also have sorted out the start of the body. Unfortunately I have a lot of assessments this weeks with school so it is unlikely I will finish in time for the contest however I will finish it. Anyway here are some photos I decided to go with my favourite car for this: the Land Rover Defender. I didn't post any photos of it in car mode with the body because it looks weird without wheel arches. Hope you all like it so far
  22. Nalyd997

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    How come so many people have gotten it early?
  23. Nalyd997

    (WIP) Ferrari 250 GTO

    Having an L motor on steering is a bit of an overkill although it is easier to mount. Looking forward to the finished product!
  24. Nalyd997

    [TC7] Enforcer- The Defender

    Unfortunately not, but they can spin freely so in normal mode it can be pushed around