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    [HELP] Gluing ABS (Plastic)

    I do know that but this is for the 'greater good' of a Lego Rubik's cube. Otherwise I completely aggree with you. I found this guy on ebay who wanted to sell his 8070 technic supercar for a ridiculous price and he had glued it together! Some people...
  2. Nalyd997

    [HELP] Gluing ABS (Plastic)

    Thank you heaps!!!
  3. Nalyd997

    Damaged 47154 motor

    I am no technical wizard but I would say that that little circuit board changes the strength of the energy flowing to the motor, so if it is removed power would be directely going to the motor, hence making it wear out. I am not sure if this is correct but if you remove it it probably won't work but it is still worth trying cause hey it is not doing anything at the moment;)
  4. Hi there everyone! This might not be the correct forum, however I did post it in general discussion but no one has got back to me :() I have just ordered all of the pieces to make a Lego rubik's cube like this one: Now I was just wondering what glues are alright to use on Lego because I don't really want to stuff up now. It needs to be able to bond to ABS (which is the cube it is based on). It needs to not bubble or foam and be generally clean and strong. This is also to see if anyone else has done it before so feel free to post a picture of yours. Thanks, Nalyd997
  5. Hello everyone! This is my first post about one of MOC's (this is correct as you do not say ATM machine) . It is a simple buggy, that originated from Sheepo's AXR Crossbone that has had a few modifications done to it. I added another L motor to the back for extra power when driving off road and changed the m motor to a servo as I wasn't happy with the return to centre steering mechanism. To do this I also had to make the chassis a little bit longer around the dragged axle connection point. Since I didn't have enough black angle #5 connectors I also redid the body. I hope you like it and instructions are coming (in the distant future). Bye And here is the video:
  6. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Lime Lightning

    Yeah I did take this into consideration so I put some thick sticky tape around it to stop it scratching Thanks I will put this in the instruction:)
  7. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Lime Lightning

    I didn't really mind about speed for this creation, that is what the next one is for... P.s In the config it is in there isn't really much available space to muck around with gears as it only fits 20 tooth bevel gears and half 16 tooth gears
  8. If you search 1.9" rc tires on ebay you can pickup a set of 4 from china for around $20 free postage. They are nearly identical to the tumbler's tread surprisingly. They just about fit the rim in width but are a few mm off, however, they can be stretched a little but it deforms slightly. They also have foam inside. Here is the link: As said before ansmann are also good but they are more expensive. Another option is axial ripsaws which look awesome VK technic uses them. Hoped this helped:)
  9. That sounds awesome! I might cook up something of my own to do this as I attend the brickvention every year! I am definitely interested
  10. This is interesting, but it seems a bit too easy...
  11. The only thing I have against this set is the price to parts ratio, otherwise I would just buy it
  12. Nalyd997

    The Ultimate 8043 (modifications)

    I like what you did with the top section, I don't know why the Lego group didn't do that. I am in the process of finding the right look for it
  13. Nalyd997

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    I was thinking of rebuilding my unimog, stripping out all of the gearboxes/functions, and make something like a Dakar Racing truck. Maybe in the near future
  14. Nalyd997

    [MINI] Tumbler

    I love lego technic tumblers. The next step is to make it motorised
  15. Nalyd997

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    I was going to buy it until this came out on Rebrickable:
  16. Nalyd997

    [MOC] Lego Technic Trophy Truch "Desert Monster"

    This is great! I love trophy trucks I am going to work on a mini one I think...
  17. Nalyd997

    Blue Rock Crawler

    I would love to be able to go to a trial track, unfortunately there aren't that many around me:(
  18. I have made it, it is bloody awesome! I made a video of it:
  19. Awesome contest! I will definentley enter
  20. I was surprised at how easy this was to motorise, all I did was put an xl motor in the obvious place under the cabin, remove the fake v8 engine, put a servo on the out put for the v8, add a gear then I could drive!