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  1. Modelmaker

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Old Lego train track
  2. Modelmaker

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The lattice "beams" in the front are old ice lolly/ ice cream sticks from the late 70's early 80's made by an ice cream company called HB. They link together to make basic shapes. I remember collecting them as a kid and even hunting for them in piles of litter I ate so many Loop the Loops because of those sticks
  3. Modelmaker

    Small lego lot

    Thanks for that, I recognised that piece from somewhere but I was thinking micro-machines for some reason. BTW the large black rubber piece with clamps at both ends in the same pic is also Lego. Luckily seeing as i'm a model maker the junk from these lots doesn't end up in the bin, it get's sorted into useable model parts, or "greebles" as they are called in that world the second hand shop is more like a charity shop that raises money for different causes, and anyone that works in it does so voluntary so they don't get paid, plus they are all retired old age women, so I kind of have to forgive them for thier mistakes. At least they didn't write LEGOS on there
  4. Modelmaker

    Small lego lot

    I found another small lego lot today in a local second hand shop which was only €6, so of course I had to buy it. Sure it would be rude not to Here it is still "shop sealed" the sticker says complete lego set, so lets see how complete it really is A look through the wrapper and i can see some technic parts and a shoe box So here's the first unpacking some Duplo and the usual junk Then time to start sorting and after a few hours of bricklink searching and online instructions' here's what came out 90% percent of 8843 forklift A lot of 8860 chassis And most of 8842 go kart And some left overs I also found parts from 8849 tractor but not enough to make a start on making it. So no complete sets but for only six euro I can't really complain. Just the large wheel from the car chassis has to be worth more than that. Some nice parts in this lot so I'm very happy, and I can complete the 3 sets from my exsisting collection.
  5. Modelmaker

    Child Destroys Lego Structure

    Reminds me of what I've always told my nieces and nephews after they break some of my lego MOCs. "Don't panic, it's only lego, it's meant to get broken." If the MOC was that special to me I'll just rebuild, I've built it once before i can build it again.
  6. Pictures might help
  7. Modelmaker

    Swing Ride

    Nice machine I'm an ex carny, and in our world it's called the Chair-o-planes But if our one went that fast the health and safety people would have a heart attack
  8. Modelmaker


    Reminds me of captain Nemo's car
  9. Modelmaker

    What Was Your First LEGO Set?

    My first was 182 train set. I got it from "santa" when i was 5. I remember coming down on christmas morning at 6am and finding it half built under the tree. I found out a lot later on that my dad and his brother where up all night trying to build it and they had to hide behind the living room door when they heard me coming down the stairs. I finished building it in no time which my mother found quite amusing I still have 99% of it today, just missing some of the blue track pieces some wheels and the signal post Here it is after years (decades) in my parents attic I really must bricklink whats missing and get it working again
  10. Modelmaker

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    This It's not the kids MOC that's so bad but this line.... "Several of the models break over the course of time and I have big boxes where they ended up as thousands of spare parts. There was not a viable recycling option near my home and I decided to do something useful with the pieces." Wait! WHAT? Does he know lego is re-useable?
  11. Modelmaker

    Packing my Minifig collection for a move

    AHH...but you can pop inflated ziplocs and re-inflate again for another pop
  12. Modelmaker

    Car Talk

    I've been keeping this car alive for the last 9 years.... Not so easy seeing as it's the last Irish VW 412 left on the road But I've also had this one causing me trouble for the last 21 years but that one is much easier to keep alive. there are a few others knocking around but none are driving anymore
  13. Modelmaker

    Packing my Minifig collection for a move

    the trick with zip lock bags is to blow into them as you seal them. That way each minifig is trapped inside it's own bubble. It takes up more space but is like super bubble wrap
  14. Modelmaker

    REFERENCE Dusting Lego displays and layouts

    I get sent out to clean museum displays all the time (part of my day job) and most are more fragile than lego. Most of the time i use soft paint brushes to dust the easy parts, but sometimes you will find places where a brush can't reach, so then i use a special attachment that fits a normal shop vacuum but reduces the suction hose down to about 8mm wide. My one is home made but you can buy similar contraptions on line. here's one i found on evilbay
  15. Modelmaker

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    I have supported loads of projects on ideas, but never submited one because i know that none of my MOC's are up to the standard needed to pass. The people that have submitted some of the ideas in this post are like those people you see in the opening rounds of any of those Simon cowel tv shows, and are only given airtime to draw in an audience.