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  1. 2 x 60050 + ~15 € parts from BL :
  2. Thanks. It's very fun to run trains on this layout (up to 3 at the same time). ICE is the german high speed train. It looks like this : I got red and yellow cargo train. I also got one HE and I will perhaps look for a second one to have a full unit. But I think I will stay on DB looking train.
  3. The old station platforms were too short. WIP for the new station while the old one is still in use. The construction of the new platforms goes on. The new station on platform side. The unfinished other side of the station. The new station can host two four parts ICE. Other view with two ICE in the station. One ICE swinging out of the station on the points. A second life for the old station... An hasbeen rock band use the platform as a stage ! The new station can be opened like Modular.
  4. Exa

    Simple track set up 6x3 foot space only.

    unmodded / original trains.
  5. Exa

    Simple track set up 6x3 foot space only.

    4 should work fine with Lego vanilla trains but it's too short for large MOC steam engine or HE.
  6. I wanted to try the points cut out. It's only a part of the reason. The double cross works the way explained here : http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=97423entry1930761 So there is no way to have trains running straight in booth directions. Not very great... Double cross costs about 90 to 100 € so about 4 to 5 points box. If you know how double cross works, have money to spend, and did not have enough room to use two pairs of points, you can use it. It does a par of the job. But, I will never recommend this part for global purpose. I will use it back soon, I'm changing the layout for now. It will be used in a fine place.
  7. I have placed my modular on the layout. It starts to look nice.
  8. I have removed the double cross. I replace it by two pair of couted points.
  9. Exa

    Need some help on a new Layout

    I just finished do it now. 15 min to cut the 4 pieces, very easy. But 4 hours to make them fit perfectly. Pictures are not the best but it's now over midnight and I'am tired.
  10. Yeah, it looks really great. Very icx like : http://www.siemens.com/press/pool/de/pressebilder/2011/mobility/soimo201107/300dpi/soimo201107-04_300dpi.jpg http://www.1000steine.de/de/gemeinschaft/forum/?entry=1&id=313807
  11. Exa

    Need some help on a new Layout

    Thank you MusicaRibelle. Thank you so much. Very clear. :)
  12. Exa

    Need some help on a new Layout

    Still not. I got a 7996 (Train Rail Crossing) witch does the job. But I am always working on a better layout so, one day, I will do this cutout... I got less time for Lego those month.
  13. You dont like it, you dont need the parts so why buy it ? Your single buy wont change the world sales... I just love it. I don't care about the single part nose. It make this train very ICX like. It looks much more modern than the 70's HE design.