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  1. 32 minutes ago, Peppermint_M said:

    Ok, so what do I do with character points to best build a sniper while keeping balanced enough to survive? I understood a levelling up concept but skill trees defeat me in any game I play that needs the, (I usually read FAQs or follow guides created by the wise to build my characters) :blush:

    In my opinion, with your current points, I would suggest increasing your Strength to 3 so you can get +1 Vitality and have access to Calibrated Kinetic Weapons.  Hold on to the last point for now and save it until you complete another quest so you can upgrade your Long Range Weapons. :thumbup:

  2. Unfazed by the other heroes in the hall, Ronin gets up from his seat and shuffles over to the holo-board and signs up for Mission #4.  His footsteps are oddly quiet with the exception of the metal clanging from his aged armor.  He pays them no attention and returns to his seat and sits back down, motionless, waiting.

  3. FRa4548.jpeg
    Ronin (Yzalirk)
    Character Points: 0/10
    Vitality: 5/5
    Velocity: 2
    Strength: 1
    Skill: 3
    Smarts: 3
    Spirit: 0/0
    Proficiencies: Athletics 1, Deception 1, Melee Weapons 2, Stealth 1
    Known Spells: None
    Credits: 10
    Equipment: Cloaking Generator, Hard Light Katana (Calibrated Energy Melee Weapon)


  4. Interesting.  I like that players can choose to keep their old character rather than making a completely new character if they so choose.  I take it players can have only one active character at and not two?

    When you die and lose all your gear, does that extend to currency and “unique gear” if that happens to be in the game?  Things that are not tradeable and unique to only you the player?

  5. Hey all, so sorry I have been inactive again.  I recently just started a new job so I have been extremely busy with little to no down time.

    Based on what I have caught up on, I really like the progress.  However, some things do not need to be entirely set in stone.  Things will just spontaneously spawn and evolve around us while we play.  The beautiful thing about Heroica 2.0 is that there is a ton more room for world building as we are not confined to a single planet.  There are many mysteries and wonders to be found out there on many planets yet to be explored!  So, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad idea.  If someone has an idea but are not sure if it is okay they are more than welcome to share the idea and we can help.

    Also, is the general consensus that Heroica 2.0 takes place in the same universe as Heroica 1.0?  Basically that it is quite far in the future?

    Final thought - while I was looking at the Google Doc regarding races and stuff, would it be more convenient to lump Terra / Star / Void Born into a single race called Celestial?  They seem rather gifted and special so I thought Celestial would be a more appropriate name for them.

  6. I have been messing around with some minifig combinations and I feel like I cannot get some nice combinations since my collection feels so limited.  I will have to get more stuff haha.  I especially tried messing around with the classic Boba Fett pieces.  They seemed like a great idea but there just seems something off with them, maybe it is too green?  I will have to look at some figbarfs for ideas, especially to accommodate the theme for different planets as someone who lives on an ice planet would dress differently than someone on a desert planet.

    Are there any rules for third-party assets, like from BrickForge and BrickArms for example?  I am trying to stay away from those as not everyone has those types of things.

  7. On 10/25/2020 at 11:36 AM, Kintobor said:

    What I’d like to see for our galaxy is an inner and outer rim, sort of like Star Wars. The inner rim are worlds set in stone, a little bit. They have named major spaceports, ecosystems, and inhabitants, as well as culture laid out. These planets are designed to be open enough that game masters have enough liberty to explore these planets and the stories on them easily enough, while maintaining a consistency to them. If you’re familiar with Age of Sigmar, think of Inner Rim planets like that games Realms: defined enough so you get an idea of what the planet is like, but vague enough for there to be room to explore.

    The Outer Rim is a space for game masters to go wild and design whatever they like. Over time I imagine the Inner Rim expanding to include planets from the Outer Rim. We can in game explain this as a wiping of records and space maps in a recent conflict by some hostile force, and now the planetary routes need to be charted again. :classic:

    Nurglings got into the wiring, I don’t know. :laugh:

    I think this is a great idea!  I think it would also allow more freedom for settings for future GMs as they can essentially create their own planet its many accommodations to fit their story.:thumbup:

    Also my apologies for being inactive the past three weeks or so, I have been quite busy with things so I need to catch up with the recent discussions haha.

  8. @Waterbrick Down

    Wow the Hall is really looking fantastic!  It's making me more hyped for Heroica 2.0!:tongue:

    What we can do with Heroica 2.0's main story is have something like chapters.  We can focus on one thing first, like Orcs since you appear to be in favor of having them as being important.  Eventually as the main story progresses it can shift to another storyline like focusing on the Dwarf clans or have something else brewing near the end.  Given the unique setting being created there is a lot of potential for fun storylines to be created and explored upon.

  9. 25 minutes ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    See comment above, but I'm not really a fan of general traits, while it leads to unique characters, it starts complicating other areas. Just given your example of flight, that starts complicating things with the item and magic systems, beyond what is probably needed for a play-by-post game. In the end, unless it can be categorized or systemized (like proficiencies), I'd prefer to do without it. :shrug_oh_well:

    Of course!  It can always be something to look at again in the future as it's not really a necessity by any means.

    27 minutes ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    On to lore!

    I think @Lord Duvors, it's a really good start, I like the similarities and differences it shares with the original Heroica. The freshness of the war is a good change and I think your ideas about the newness of the organization give us story-telling fodder that can be unique without rehashing storylines from the original. The only thing I'd want to maybe change is the Orc Clans as the antagonists. While I agree it'd be good to have something fill that role, I think having it be the orcs is a hold-over from the last game I'd like to see go in a new direction. I'm still torn on whether we want a complete copy of the over-arching story we had from Heroica 1.0.

    The rest of the stuff is good foundational which is what we'll need. I'm currently working on some ideas as well to essentially repurpose the existing space factions.

    As for technology, it's space fantasy so I think we need to ensure a good mix of the two. So instead of FTL drives being driven completely off of super materials and quantum physics, magic and it's practical applications can be used to fill in the gaps.

    I have an alternate idea for the main antagonists but nothing extremely detailed.  I was thinking they could be a race of genetically sterile humanoids due to excessive cloning and being genetically engineered.  They are very militarized and hellbent on conquest and domination.  Think along the lines of the Grineer from Warframe and the Cabal from Destiny.  A lot more lore can be expanded on like if they came from another star system, their origins, culture, etcetera.

  10. 12 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    Perhaps, I'd imagine most skills (outside of weapon and magic) are used outside of combat, so they'd benefit all the time. Plus it's making a distinction between something that really isn't there to begin with. The 3 proficiencies you pick in the beginning I'd expect your character to be passionate about.:shrug_oh_well:

    Good point!:grin:

    12 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    But that's pretty much what I've been suggesting, just not calling them traits, i.e. Elves can either start off with better Acrobatics or Culture.:laugh: I guess I lump both biological and cultural proficiencies into the same bucket when it comes to character creation.

    I am just confused how we will create and balance character traits that was proposed before.  I believe one of the examples was wings or some type of character flight?  I think choosing a free beginning proficiency works just fine but I am not sure about the other.  Some seem like they can have combat applications and some seem like they can only be exclusive to certain races HOWEVER, I think most of that should not be too much of an issue considering the unique setting.  For races who cannot have wings, they can simply have jetpacks or if they're more affluent in the arcane arts they can levitate.

    This is something I think we can explore later on the future too if we decide to have purchasable character upgrades.


    @Lord Duvors

    I think that is a phenomenal attempt at basic lore!  I like it, it is certainly a solid foundation for worldbuilding.:thumbup::thumbup: 

  11. 40 minutes ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    I get the passionate thing, but isn't that what having a higher number represents? It just adds an extra layer of complexity for complexity's sake if we add "passions" on top of higher numbers. I'm curious how you would represent things like certain races being biologically stronger/stealthier/more perceptive outside of creating another system beside Proficiencies. Also it sounds like you'd prefer culture to be divorced from mechanics, or at least something that a player chooses to be consistent with as opposed to being required to be consistent with in terms of Proficiencies. Nothing wrong with that, it simply means your preference is for unique characters over consistent culture. :classic: 

    I suppose it would but I was thinking that the skills you tag have a better chance of being successful outside of combat.  If you fail that skill check, you can get another chance?  Not sure, it sounded like a fun little idea in my head.:shrug_oh_well:

    I think with being biologically stronger / stealthier / perceptive we can can have traits like these:

    Burly (+1 Acrobatics)
    Light-Footed (+1 Stealth)
    Eagle Eyes (+1 Perception)

    Unless you have other ideas because I am not sure how some of them can be implemented without complimenting proficiencies.  I also find it much harder with the beastial races as a lot of them feel like they can have multiple of them.

    I would also say that's a pretty accurate assumption.  I think going against the general norm can potentially create very interesting characters.  Sometimes that intelligent magic-affluent Orc is more interesting than the brutish rock-for-brains Orc.:grin:

  12. @Waterbrick Down @Lord Duvors

    The more I think about it I think each race should just have their own unique trait based on biology, not proficiencies.  I think all proficiencies should be up to the player and how they want to play that character.  So if you want to be a Dwarf who is great at Arcana and knows nothing about Engineering or Insight, you can do just that!  Like I suggested before with being passionate about something and having a burning passion for something else, some way to indicate you excel at certain thing maybe .  I think your starting proficiencies should reflect your character and personality rather than because you chose to play so and so.  I think it will define your character a bit more and make them more unique.  Maybe I am just overthinking it too much?:wacko: 

    Here's an example:

    ??? Cycles old, Android
    Vitality: 5/5
    Strength: 1
    Skill: 2
    Smarts: 2
    Spirits: 1
    Proficiencies: Acrobatics 2, Athletics 3, Perception 1, Short Range Weapons 1

    I just threw this example together pretty quickly so don't pay too much attention to how the points are distributed.  Anyways, the colors indicate that this Android excels at Acrobatics and Athletics.  Acrobatics being highlighted with orange indicates they are good at that.  Athletics being highlighted with red indicates that they are great at that.  Maybe when you perform a skill check with whichever proficiencies your character is passionate about they have a better chance of being more successful at it? 

  13. 8 hours ago, Lind Whisperer said:

    Feel free! Spare players are all welcome!

      Reveal hidden contents

    Just maybe use a single character for this one arc, okay? :wink::tongue:


    Great!  And yes I most certainly will! :grin::thumbup:

    I have to break out some boxes to get my hands on my collection. Besides the setting being an icy hell, can you spare some more details?  Also are we a tribe of Orcs or does it not matter?

  14. 1 hour ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    That's the point of the rest of character creation though, you get 3 more proficiencies of your choice and additionally get to increase any of those with the creation points. By giving racial proficiencies it gives a general connecting picture of the culture. It's not to say that every dwarf is an expert at Engineering, it's simply that Engineering is part of the Dwarven culture and this plays out with nearly every dwarf having some experience with it. In a way it's codifying other aspects of biology. Most Elves are more lithe than most Dwarves, ergo mechanically most Elves will be able to pass an Acrobatics skill check more easily than most Dwarves.:shrug_oh_well:

    Ah, okay, I think I see what you're saying now.  So basically what proficiencies are associated with which race, like Engineering and Insight for Dwarves for example, you choose one of the two for for free and can choose any other three you want?  Or do you get both for free on top of three of your choosing?

    Also, a bit off topic, but whenever I press "enter" once it bascially creates a gap so I cannot make a compact list or anything.  Anyone know how I can fix that?:blush:

  15. 8 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    So at one point I looked at putting together a racial point buy system here, but in retrospect it's really hard to balance all of the features. Currently I've been messing with a simple proficiency/trait system. So:


    Proficiencies: Start with Engineering or Insight at level 1
    Hardy: Start with +2 Vitality

    Proficiencies: Start with Acrobatics or Culture at level 1
    Logical: Immune to Enamored Status Effect

    Proficiency: Start with any non-weapon or non-magic skill at level 1
    Adaptive: Swap one skill proficiency level with another at the beginning of a quest

    Proficiencies: Start with Athletics or Intimidation at level 1
    Persistent: 1st time downed in a battle, reduced instead to 1 Vitality

    People can then customize their particular Dwarf/Elf/Human/Orc further through the normal point buy system

    On to actual race development, I think as long as each one has a unique history/flavor to it, then it doesn't matter too much whether we keep things in big categories (animal/plant/mineral) or very specific (one singular fox-resembling race). People can then propose a new race at anytime with corresponding modifiers and it gets included into a registry topic once reviewed and becomes part of the canon. It's like Heroica 1.0 just with an extra step if you want it to have racial benefits.

    I think the system should shy away from having default Proficiency bonuses so players don't feel too bogged down to when it comes to creating their characters.  An alternative that I think could work could be similar to Rimworld where a character can have a passion or burning passion for some type of Proficiency of their choosing.  I do not know how I would balance it but it would allow players to get a boost at the start.  Maybe your Proficiency you have a burning passion for will start at 3 and another Proficiency you have just a passion for starts at 2?  Or they could vary in "price" when you want to upgrade them in the future?

    Apart from that I think each race having a specific trait by default is a good idea.  We would just need to think of one for each race that would fit them best but not be too crazy.:laugh:

  16. 2 hours ago, Kintobor said:

    I feel like this is best one to choose from. It allows for characters to still fall into classic tropes for certain ancestries (elves, dwarves, halflings, etc) while allowing players to come in with their own unique characters and cultures. :thumbup:

    2 hours ago, Lord Duvors said:

    @Goliath @Kintobor

    I personally was thinking along the lines of having a single trait for each species and then having a free-floating second trait that people could choose. That would allow us to have traits that are inherently tied to biology (such as having four arms) while still having room to customize.

    I like it!  I think having a default bonus and one special bonus would be a good idea - a Racial trait and Character trait.

    For example: Someone chooses to play a Reptile-based race.  The Racial trait could be Cold Blooded (grants some bonus to stealth).  Then the player can choose another trait that is not specific to one trait, like say Regenerative (+1 health every other turn or something).  I just thought of the example on the spot but hopefully you guys understand what I am trying to say.:grin:

  17. 10 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    That's what the android is for.:wink:

    Ah, okay!  I was thinking Bladerunner when I saw Androids.:blush: Anyways, that works out just fine I think.  For roleplaying purposes there can be older Androids, those that look more machine than man, and newer Androids, those that look more man than machine.:shrug_oh_well:

    8 hours ago, samurai-turtle said:

    I thinking the only one (or thing) not brought up yet is Bugs / Insects I am sure that is going to pop up at some point. The problem is I am drawing a blank on any examples but I know their is mini figures of "bugs" from Galaxy Squad (and probably from other space themes). As for Tengu I found these two examples and their is a built in Technic vibe to them  already. 

    2 minutes ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    Insect races could certainly be added as well. On to Tengu, yep I'm familiar with them, my preference would be to use them as a jumping off point though instead of simply copy pasting them in as is, essentially giving them their own Heroica flavor.

    I am familiar with Humblewood and again, just because something does exist in Lego, doesn't mean we necessarily need it in Heroica right from the beginning. It may make more sense simply to create a star system/planet where most of the animal like races come from, instead of creating species for each one. Similar to Hengeyokai in D&D, all the same race, just variations.:shrug_oh_well:

    Rule of thumb is 600x800 is really the largest size that should be posted. If we use something like a Flickr pool, that would allow for any size to be posted and then shrank to the appropriate dimensions.

    Just to piggyback off the idea of an insect races, they can be categorized into a single dominant species called Insectids or something like some of the other races.  The few other pieces that come to mind for insect-based characters are the the Star Wars Geonosian pieces and the Toy Story Mantis head.

  18. 3 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    I'm working on the starting races (as always open to suggestions), so far I've got:
    Star-born (Star faring species transformed by solar radiation)
    Golem (Elemental inorganic species)
    Zorcon (Astral energy based lifeform)
    ‎Cricet (Rodent species, multiple variations similar to Khajiit from Skyrim)
    Reptin (Snake/Lizard species)
    Ornithun (Avian species)
    Quo’ri (4 armed Simian species)
    Ursin (Bear species hailing from the similarly named stars)
    Cephalon (Octopus/Tentacle species)
    Icthyan (Fish based species)

    I think that is a fantastic list to start with!  I would just add Robot, or call it by some other fancy synonym, to that list for those who want to be completely mechanical. :grin:

  19. 5 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    Thanks for checking in @Goliath, I'm slowly working to put everything together so it'll be mostly set at launch, rules, builds, and an initial quest.

    Great!  I will continue to check-in daily and see what's new and share some creative ideas when necessary.

    Speaking of which, one idea that popped into mind when browsing BrickLink was one for some type of Robot race if you want to call it that.  Basically I just thought of them as "Skeletons" as the pieces to create them are basically those from skeleton pieces.:laugh:  If I had the pieces I would show you all but basically they just use the black skeleton pieces with I want to say it's a head from the Insectoid series?  It's a black head and looks the most robotic of all heads I saw.  I also wonder how the tall Enderman / skeleton legs would look with it...

    2 hours ago, Lord Duvors said:

    Nice to see you again. Sorry if our last discussions got a little heated.

    No worries, it's all good!:thumbup::thumbup: