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  1. "Good work, Tester-Three. You guys should try to figure out the pattern, I'll see if I can trick the droid, maybe avoid us all a headache." Igaz approaches the red droid in his best Jek Flakko disguise. "My name is Jek Flakko. I lost my ID and I require entry to my ship."
  2. "I'm sure there are people who do this more often than I. But if it helps us get to Jek's ship, I will gladly do it again. Maybe we should find you some pink goo, Kleeck, and turn you into a flamingo." Igaz says sarcastically while cracking a rather gross smile.
  3. "Nope! I'm undead so this is perfectly cool by me." "Just some gore left behind by those Oozelings. Aren't I pretty?" Igaz says jokingly.
  4. Noticing that the Oozelings left behind some red and blue goo, Igaz decides to play arts and crafts where he cannot be seen. He scoops up some of the blue goo and begins to paint his face, helmet, and visor with it. He then scoops up some of the red goo and paints eyes to imitate those of Fangrear's on his visor. "My name's Jek." Igaz chuckles to himself. "You guys can try to fake an ID, I'll pretend to be Jek." Igaz waits for Tester-Three to finish interacting with the red droid to avoid suspicion.
  5. Igaz rolls his eyes. Wait, does he even have any..? Hypothetical eyes maybe? "Yelana, settle down. We should stick to the task at hand." "Faeja,are these ID print patterns completely random or are they assigned with a reason in mind? Maybe a way to represent the owner's job or status? We can be here all day playing the Guessing Game and hope we're right... unless..."
  6. That is exactly why I really like this new character system - it allows for much more potential and freedom on who you want to be. One of the things I disliked about Heroica 1.0 was character limitations. You use a certain class and you are locked to a select few weapon types and almost had a specific play style you had to abide by. You play a Knight and you are pretty much supposed to be the honorable and just type unless you choose to be a Black Knight later on. I also agree that your character's build is an investment. Obviously being super good at something to begin with is not fun. At times it even makes roleplaying a bit boring. After all, we are supposed to be nobodies to begin with. The most fun to be had is developing your character and just having fun with it. Having the option to be a Stealth Mage seems possible with this system if you really want to go that route. That actually sounds pretty fun in my opinion! I just wonder how far you can stretch the possibilities though. Can you dual wield weapons and attack two different enemies at once? That would be awesome and exactly what I would want to do. What about unique loot. Will there be gear with fun traits like in Heroica 1.0 or will they simply have stat and proficiency boosts?
  7. "Sounds good to me." Igaz begins to wipe the Oozeling entrails and paste from him. "Good work guys but we may have to deal with worse later." He continues to dust himself off and turns to Faeja. "Sorry about the mess Faeja. I agree with Dunola, if you have any helpful information you should tell us in private."
  8. Unfazed by the petty Oozeling's attack, Igaz continues attacking the Oozeling Stoic.
  9. Okay, thanks for the tip! I also must say that the new combat grid system is amazing. I really enjoy it so far and having to strategize makes combat feel alive. It definitely adds more interaction and being able to visualize what is going on really helps. I hope that when Heroica 2.0 launches officially, there will be a section with all information available that has been mentioned here. Even a guide for being a QM. I might give it a try some time, though I am not a very good builder haha, but I have no idea how to do all the "behind the scenes" stuff.
  10. Frustrated that he missed, Igaz repeats his attack. "You're a slippery little thing ain't ya?"
  11. I like the idea of Medicine increasing the effect of Healing Items, maybe even Healing Spells too? If someone invests points into becoming a healer it should reflect. It would definitely help out late game as well since enemies will be a lot tougher by then. Especially if there are plans to have Raids which I have loose ideas for. As for outside combat use, maybe Medicine can be used for basic first aid on an NPC or diagnosing whatever ailment they have. @Endgame, does Athletics increase your odds at dodging attacks? If not, will that possibly change?
  12. Igaz pulls out his Vibrolance and grips it tightly. "These creature are nasty... literally, in every sense. Let's kill them." Igaz heads to E4 and Attacks the Oozeling Stoic.
  13. Thank you for the list @Endgame, it helps tremendously! I was hoping that Athletics would also help avoid getting hit from attacks. Hopefully that will be a thing? Performance seems like a really fun Proficiency. I have a couple of amusing ideas for it haha! Would it be possible to have a Bard type of character with this Proficiency?
  14. "I still think we should use them as a distraction, it may be our only chance of getting in there. We should talk to the red droid first. If it's of no use, then I am ready to deal with the Oozelings.."
  15. "Hmmm... we could ask the red droid first. Maybe see if we can convince it to help?" "We'll get to the Oozelings. If Kleeck can communicate with them, just maybe they can be useful. Faeja says they like ship insulation and I'm sure Jek's ship has plenty of it. But we should try to see if we can get to it without raising too much suspicion. His ship must have valuable information aboard."
  16. That actually answers all my concerns, thank you! I thought that EXP was something completely different but knowing they are essentially Skill Points helps tremendously. Do the stats work in same way as Proficiencies when it comes to leveling those up? Would I need to spend 3 EXP points to increase Smarts from 2 to 3, for example, or is it always 2 EXP points? Also on the subject of Smarts and Proficiencies, I am a bit confused as to how you can obtain more. From my understanding, everyone's Smarts starts at 1. If I increase Smarts to 2, I can learn a fourth Proficiency, and so on? Would I need to spend an extra 1 EXP Point to choose a new Proficiency or do I just choose a new Proficiency when I increase Smarts? I also hope that there will be brief descriptions for what the Proficiencies do and how they will be applicable in Quests.
  17. Okay, thank you for the clarity. How would EXP determined when earned? For example, would each battle always award say 5 EXP and every Quest award 15 EXP? Obviously these are not 100% set but would it work something like that? I actually really like that. Based on the current rules, it seems like these points should be rather easy to obtain. They appear to be used for everything from upgrading proficiencies to unlocking new ones. I believe the same applies to the character stats too, correct? I think Warding Bond should give you all three resistances otherwise it might not seem very useful. An enemy could have a basic slash attack that deals Kinetic damage and a special attack that may deal Elemental damage. Having to gamble and guess would make it less practical over a basic healing spell.
  18. Igaz stares at Faeja for one seemingly long minute. "No." He continues. "Do you want our help or not? Looks like we are the best help you got, unless you want to wait for your new caretakers to help you out. But I would imagine your ship will be completely ruined by then. Surely you agree that the Cydonians have no care for you and your problems." "Agreed." Igaz nods to Tester-Three. "Think you can smooth-talk that droid over there?"
  19. I was under the impression that you gain additional points from Leveling Up or by some other means. A way to keep track of how many you have in case you want to allocate them later on should be added. The bracket system has me a bit confused. Exactly what would be the reason for keeping track of just EXP other than character progression? How will EXP be earned? Do all battles reward the same amount of EXP? What about finishing a Quest? And will proficiency checks reward different amounts of EXP based on difficulty? I just thought of this as I was typing - perhaps Quests can reward Skill Points. Maybe even side quests on a Quest too. Essentially the Quest is given a difficulty rating or something and rewards a certain amount of points based on that. In case you forget how many points you have accumulated, you can simply look back on the Quests you have completed and see how many points you have been rewarded. As for Warding Bond, do I have to actually select which resistance I want overall or when I am casting?
  20. The entrance to Jek's E-11 DART looks too secure. Igaz takes note and hopes to come up with a strategy. "Guys, looks like we've got our work cut out for us. Jek's E-11 over there looks like it'll be difficult to get to. There are cameras and a patrol right at the entrance. I have no clue how we'll get in there but I may have an idea." He turns to Tester-Three and Yelana. "Think you both can set aside your differences and disable the security there? You both seem to have the most knowledge about technology." He then turns to Kleeck. "You have a Translator Cube, right? I'm not sure how intelligent these Oozelings are but perhaps you can use it to communicate with them. We might be able to use them as a distraction for the guards. Maybe leave Jek and present too." Finally he turns to Feaja. "I'm going to level with you, Feaja. The owner of that ship over there-" He points to the yellow E-11 DART. "-is a bad man, a thief. We are looking for him. He is a Fangrear named Jek Flakko. Do you know anything about him? Maybe his whereabouts?"
  21. Should the Character Sheet also include the character's Level too? And how will Skill Points be kept track of?
  22. "Ooooo… right, sorry." Igaz scoots away from the war droid. "Perhaps we should get going. We have business to take care of."
  23. I agree with this so much. Having the party split and experiencing two different scenarios and swapping stories back in Heroica 1.0 was really nice for roleplay. Then again, no comms system could have been available. This is also a very good point. Natural anomalies and the environment can affect the communication between a split party. Even EMPs and other technology. But I do agree that it mostly just will not work and essentially become a useless feature. Honestly I am 50/50 on this. If we do have this, I highly recommend it being a piece of Equipment you have to buy. I feel like it would cause more trouble than there needs to be but it does fit the setting well and I can see how useful it can be. For example, it could be very effective when you have to be stealthy. It should be treated as a utility item as it really can affect the gameplay. For Igaz, I made it rather evident that he does not have a comms system. However, I can change that and justify that his helmet has a built in comms system for this quest rather than just an ear piece or something. I did something similar with a telescope when I played Mhinak.
  24. "Yes ma'am! I can assure you he means no harm, he has found a new purpose in life. Isn't that right, Tester-Three?" Igaz gives Tester-Three a hard pat on the back. "Anyways my name is Igaz, pleasure to meet you."