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  1. Ronin moves to L12 and attacks the Glacial Monger Hurler.
  2. OoC: Sorry if it seems like I am inactive, 7 and 8 hours ago I was still at work. Unfortunately it seems like I am usually at work when the combat actions are being posted.😬
  3. Ronin will stand his ground and defend himself.
  4. Ronin throws the rope aside and pulls out his katana and attacks the gator.
  5. Ronin keeps trying to bind the gator.
  6. OoC: No problem! I completely forgot that multiple effects do not stack, my bad. But in this case, as three of us are using Wyrmsfoot, does the Slowed effect itself stack? As the gator surfaces, Ronin leaps on its back and attempts to subdue it with the rope.
  7. OoC: Polaris handed you a Wyrmsfoot shortly after finding them. Ronin applies the Crimson Wart and Wyrmsfoot to his Katana. "Time to put this thing down." Ronin then activates his Cloaking Generator. "I am ready."
  8. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    That is a really fun and unique idea, @Dutch Thriceman! I love it!
  9. "Good finds, Polaris. These should certainly help." Ronin double checks for any suspicious-looking plants or fungi.
  10. As the pair of Cricet were found to be guilty of theft, Ronin feels some slight satisfaction as he had a hunch that they were thieves. With the miners talking about there technology just a bit, he begins to formulate another idea in his head to combat the polar gator. "Perhaps you could have, but no thanks are required. I am satisfied that you got your part back from those thieves peacefully." Ronin bows. "Do you by chance have a device or something to super heat a lake? There is a giant polar gator not too far from here that we could use a little help in dealing with. It is a fierce creature, too powerful to deal with head on. Perhaps if you help assist us in killing the beast it will help build better relations between you and the locals."
  11. After watching the Cricet threaten Enson, Ronin grips his katana and slightly unsheathes it showing that he will spill blood if need be. "Enough! Your threats end now! If you stole from the miners, fess up now and we can resolve this peacefully."
  12. Almost seething with anger, Ronin tries to keep himself together and not lose himself. "Should I have ran towards the gator and fight next to the water? That is no strategy, that is idiocy. Luring it out was a better strategy given our circumstances. I believe my idea is an adequate one in dealing with the beast." Ronin brings his idea up with the group. "I believe we should head out to the Wastes and look for lethal herbs and other hazardous material to use against the gator. If there are any other predators out there we can can kill two birds with one stone. We kill any predators, stuff the carcasses with poisons, bring them back to the lake and let the gator feast on the tainted meats. We cannot engage it in open combat like before, that did no good."
  13. Angered by the lack of empathy from the rat, Ronin snaps back. "Actually it is your business. You have not provided any assistance when we nearly got eaten by that beast. We are risking our lives so you all can have a race. Entertainment. You want to impress me? Tell me about where we can acquire poisons. What herbs around here are deadly? And I mean lethal, high chance of death, not the kind that will upset your stomach. Maybe then we can kill the beast."
  14. "Thank you for the kind words, Enson, I really appreciate it. Perhaps you are right, it is better we left with our lives still intact. We live to to see another day and that is better than any reward." Both haunted and reluctant of Enson's kind words, Ronin begins to feel somewhat guilty of his deception towards him and the group earlier. "Enson, I just want to apologize for my deception earlier. It was wrong of me to deceive you and the group. The truth about me is a rather hard one. One even I struggle to cope with. I have lived a very long time, longer than you and the group's age combined. Even I lost count exactly. Though I was once human, I have not lost my humanity." "We already know what is in store for us if we head back to the lake. The risk is not worth it. We barely escaped in one piece, no need to tarnish our luck. That beast surely is not of any issue assuming it primarily stays in the ice. Best to leave it be."
  15. Ronin sits by the blazing fire, in hopes to get warm and comfortable. He nods his head to the Cricet's offering of hot cocoa. Though he may not show it, Ronin feels defeated, mentally broken by the loss of the fight and nearly his life. "Thank you Enson." Ronin says while staring into the fire, clearly not okay. Ronin decides to get some rest.
  16. OoC: Super sorry again, I had went to the doctors and am currently taking medications for bronchitis and a sinus infection. I haven't gotten much sleep because my ears are just constantly ringing. Ronin activates his Cloaking Generator and decides to flee.
  17. OoC: Sorry I didn't post my action yesterday, I have strep throat and was running a fever and my body was aching. Thank you for taking over for me in the meantime! As Ronin fell and was thrashed around like a ragdoll, the noise of crunching bones and metal was very audible. Thanks to Enson's Plasma Potion, he is able to pick himself up and defend his friends. "Not today demon!" He thrusts his sword at the Large Polar Gator.
  18. Ronin readies his katana as the beast emerges from the icy lake. "Ensonvilterayquis, Polaris, gather to me! We should not engage this beast so close to the water!" Ronin stays put and holds his ground.
  19. Ronin begins to analyze the ice, thinking about the path forward without falling into the ice with the unknown predator below. "A giant polar gator? Perhaps it is best we lure this creature out like Ensonvilterayquis and Polaris are suggesting. This predator is stalking us. I predict it will attack shortly after crossing the ice. I believe it is best to deal with it now." Ronin gazes at the ripples stirred by the beast before it calms.
  20. Ronin moves to C5 and attacks Chopper A. OoC: Super sorry for the recent inactivity, been swamped lately!
  21. Ronin nods his head to Decker and dashes towards F4 to join the fight. OoC: Would I also still be invisible because of my Cloaking Generator for a potential surprise attack next round or no?
  22. "I agree with Decker. No experienced speeder bike rider who is familiar with this environment just crashes. I fear there may be raiders around, or worse. Stay vigilant." Ronin stays with the sled and activates his Cloaking Generator, in case anyone or anything shows up.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I was recently thinking that myself! I love listening to a lot of Synthwave playlists on YouTube. I can't exactly put my tongue on it but Synthwave and Heroica: GATS just feels right.
  24. Quietly standing in the back and analyzing the choice of guides, Ronin makes his decision. "I believe Sigrún is the guide we seek."