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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Really like the Yul'Yom Celebration gifts, such great ideas! I cannot wait to celebrate it once again with you guys next year!
  2. "Unfortunately not... but it was worth investigating. Who knows what surprises the architect behind this labyrinth left." Ronin begins to follow Decker again, continuing to carve their path deeper into the tunnels. Then a Rocketpack begins to digitize in front of him with a card reading "Happy Yul'Yom." He grabs it and equips it.
  3. "Hopefully this is a shortcut." Ronin helps Decker bust down the wall.
  4. "What happens in the sewer stays in the sewer. Lets just not do that again." Ronin sighs while wiping the grime and muck off himself. "I have an idea..." He unsheathes his Hard Light Katana. It glows a light blue in the dark, though the radiance of the sword is not enough to illuminate the tunnels entirely, only slightly around him. He gently carves an X into the wall, scorching the symbol onto the wall, displaying that it can be reliable to mark their path. "...I can use this to mark our path taken moving forward."
  5. Ronin attempts to maneuver over the pipes too.
  6. "Tell me about it. I think we may be able to use this sealant for something though." Ronin collects some of the sealant and proceeds to follow Decker.
  7. "I would say this. At least with the drake it was outside airing out. This, this is just a tomb of stink." As Decker uses the flashlight the illuminate the tunnel a bit more, Ronin gets closer and examines the slime dripping from the ceiling without touching it.
  8. Ronin gives Decker a hand with the hatch then checks the trash can.
  9. Ronin puts on the Workman's Outfit. "I am ready to head out."
  10. The mention of a "meat blob" perplexes Ronin. Can such a creature actually exist? What exactly is it made from? Just raw meat or other... biomass? Too many questions filled his skull but he does not bother to ask. "I think I have heard all I needed to know for now, Arno. I do not listen to such rumors but should we come across anything we will surely deal with it. One last thing, do you have anything that may prove useful to us down there? Maybe some flares?"
  11. "I do not have one." Ronin whispers. While listening to what Arno has to say, Ronin begins to feel a weird sense, like when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. "I am sorry to hear about Gregory. Do not blame yourself, you did every precaution you could have. Exactly which entrance did he take? We will try to follow his footsteps and bring him back alive. These tunnels you described sound rather... ominous for a lack of better words. And while mapping these tunnels have you or your crew came across any evidence of something living in them?"
  12. As the hairy creature enters the room, Ronin notices the security guard's hat and puts his sword away. "Our apologies. This seems like an unconventional location for a meeting so excuse our judgement. Especially in this section of Ebria. We are from Heroica. I am Ronin." He gestures to Decker. "And this is Decker. Could you please escort us to Mr. Arno Milver please?"
  13. Ronin looks away from the terminal screen and directs his attention to the door when he hears the click. "Decker." He unsheathes his sword, ready to defend himself should the pair be ambushed.
  14. Ronin points at the security camera. "We are being watched." Ronin walks over to the terminal, still watching the camera as it records his every move. Unsure on how to use the terminal, he takes a second until opting to open the message.
  15. Ronin looks around, slowly glancing to see if anything noteworthy catches his eyes. "Yes, we followed his directions exactly as he said. Perhaps we put too much trust in a stranger, Decker. This place looks awfully perfect for an ambush. Stay vigilant." Ronin continues to look around while slowly grasping his sheathed sword.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    I will begin posting on the Mission later after work, @Duvors, I didn't realize the Mission would be posted at midnight my time.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Training Center

    After completing his first successful mission on that frozen tundra, Ronin enters the Training Center and begins to meditate, reflecting on his time there and trains himself. Ronin (Yzalirk)[REDACTED] Male [REDACTED]Character Points: 9/19Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 2Strength: 1Skill: 3Smarts: 3Spirit: 0/0Proficiencies: Athletics 1, Deception 1, Melee Weapons 2, Stealth 1Known Spells: NoneCredits: 322Equipment: Cloaking Generator, Hard Light Katana (Calibrated Energy Melee Weapon)Inventory: Gator Tooth (Can be converted into either a Kinetic or Elemental Standard Melee Weapon by a craftsman), Ion Laser (Calibrated Energy Artillery Weapon) After taking many beatings, his Vitality increases by +2 (9 CP - 4 CP = 5 CP) His Artillery proficiency increases from 0 to 1 (5 CP - 1 CP = 4 CP) His Perception increases from 0 to 1 (4 CP - 1 CP = 3 CP) His Survival increases from 0 to 1 (3 CP - 1 CP = 2 CP) His Skill increases from 3 to 4 (2 CP - 2 CP = 0 CP) Ronin (Yzalirk)[REDACTED] Male [REDACTED]Character Points: 0/19Vitality: 7/7Velocity: 3Strength: 1Skill: 4Smarts: 3Spirit: 0/0Proficiencies: Athletics 1, Artillery 1, Deception 1, Melee Weapons 2, Perception 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1Known Spells: NoneCredits: 322Equipment: Cloaking Generator, Hard Light Katana (Calibrated Energy Melee Weapon)Inventory: Gator Tooth (Can be converted into either a Kinetic or Elemental Standard Melee Weapon by a craftsman), Ion Laser (Calibrated Energy Artillery Weapon)
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Yul'Yom Celebration

    Ronin chooses the Turkey. "I wonder what this represents."
  19. For a moment I completely forgot this is where we leave mission feedback. First off, I would like to apologize to everyone that I was rather inactive for a good chunk of Mission #5. Me being sick for two weeks is not a good excuse for leaving everyone to hang out and dry like that. Same with a lot of real life hiccups. I should have been more active and again, I want to apologize for that. Overall, I really enjoyed this Mission! For it being my first official Mission for Heroica 2.0, it felt right for a lack of better words. The new Sci-Fi / Fantasy setting just feels good and creates for a lot of fun possibilities down the line. The Battlegrid System worked super well and was very easy to understand. Though with the last fight admittedly it was a bit tough to read the grid but that was not that big of an issue for me. I also have to say that the combat was a lot more brutal than Heroica 1.0 but that may be because of how I had my character specced out as of Mission #5. The Mission itself was a blast! The setting was great and I really hope to see what happens between the Cricet and the Krystal Ice Mining Company in the future. I can seea lot of future possibilities for this planet in the future. Same with the Ice Mongers. Who are they? They were definitely a curiosity during this Mission for me. I hope in the future they can be fleshed out a bit more. They seem like the native intelligent species that have not advanced technologically and stayed more primitive. As I said above, I really enjoyed the combat. Even when I got my megablocks kicked a lot. The Giant Polar Gator fight was definitely the highlight of the Mission in my opinion. We may have failed the first time but triumphed the second time. That was badass. Although I wanted to poison the beast I think Enson's idea on trying to hogtie it worked despite it not working haha. I was so disappointed that we did not actually get to tie it up. I wonder how differently it would have went had we done so. The one puzzle in the game was good too. Very interesting idea. I did not think it was too hard to comprehend the rules of traversing the ice but I did sit there for a hot minute trying to figure it out. The NPCs were nice too. Maybe this is because I became inactive at a point but a few of them became forgettable except for Sigrun and Mervin. I forget the names of the Cricet and Krystal Ice employees even though I did like that interaction. I knew the Cricet were guilty too. As for the other Heroes, I do not think we could have had a more interesting cast of characters for this Mission. I enjoyed everyones company on this Mission. I want to get to know more about everyone. Their background history, their motivations for becoming a member of Heroica, etc. Aysu was definitely the most interesting who I am curious to know more about. Decker was also the other character that stuck out to me. Maybe it is because I love Post-Apocalyptic themed everything but also because I too can relate to the good natured smartass type too. I think Ronin and Decker would get along quite well since they have similar backgrounds by hailing from dystopian planets. Now for the elephant in the room... Ronin. You guys have no idea how thrilled and excited I am to eventually be able to reveal him, the real him, to you guys. I really like that you guys enjoyed the little bit of him. The mystery, the intrigue. I tried to leave some subtle hints about him during the Mission. Hopefully they were not too revealing of hints. The way I envisioned Ronin from the get-go was that he indeed is a wanderer without a lord or master, hence his name. He is a desert survivalist and swordsman. Personality wise he is very disciplined and collected though sometimes has a tendency to slip and let his frustrations show a bit. I wanted to keep his backstory as vague and ambiguous as possible to keep you guys more invested into figuring who, or what, he is. I also want to keep him interactive in way, which explains why he attempted to deceive the party at times. Had he died on this Mission, I would have been incredibly disappointed mainly because his reveal would have been anticlimactic.
  20. Yzalirk

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    As Ronin makes his way into the Hall, he quickly heads over to the mission kiosk and signs up for Mission #8 and Mission #9. He then looks around trying to see if he can spot his friends.
  21. Despite being engulfed in the warmth of the tavern, Ronin still feels cold. Chilled to his bones. He is unsure why so he hunches over one of the heaters, trying to absord all the heat he can. "I am curious to watch the race myself too. Back on Corvanis the folks in Scraptown would hold races I heard, though I never got to see one," "Mervin, do you happen to have an Ion Laser (Energy Artillery)? I understand these things are temperamental and rather rare but if you happen to have one I would greatly appreciate it." OoC: I am not sure what to even ask for but yes I agree with @Duvors that I should have a ranged weapon in my arsenal for sure.
  22. Ronin moves to M13 and attacks the Hurler.
  23. OoC: Did we ever split the loot from the Giant Polar Gator fight?😬
  24. Ronin continues his pursuit against the Hurler and moves to L13 to attack it.