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  1. "Hmmm... very well." Ronin turns to Kenshi, moving his cloak and gripping the handle of his katana. "I agree to your terms, Kenshi. A friendly duel, a simple test of skill. Are you ready?"
  2. "As enticing and fun as this sounds, we have more important matters to attend to, Kenshi. Unless I have your word this will not take too long, I will not duel you. I will never forgive myself if people get hurt because I selfishly decided to partake in a friendly duel."
  3. "Deal." Ronin accepts the credits. "Hello Kenshi." Ronin bows. "Yes I am called Ronin. Vinoq has told us you are a renowned swordsman here, yes? That you may want to test my skills. I believe we can learn from each other the master the art of the blade."
  4. "I do not think I am interested in the absinthe anymore. But I am willing to sell it to you for some credits instead." Ronin looks at Decker as he approaches. "Ah, Decker. Just doing some shopping."
  5. Ronin glances at each "Potion" while the merchant describes them. He wonders to himself if any of these will be useful. Everything has its uses, right? Many scenarios play through his... mind. "Hmmm... I think I will buy one vial of Frozen Blood, one vial of the sleeping aid, one vial of Lamplight, one vial of the Aether Shroud, and two vials of the Cytherial Salts." Ronin hands over 85 Credits. "You said that you need a license to sell that arsenic, correct? How about I take that off your hands. Free of charge. Too many people are nosey around here, I would not want you to get in any trouble. And that absinthe. The air heads will ignorantly believe that to be arsenic too." He attempts to convince the merchant.
  6. "You have quite the selection. Most impressive. Please explain what they do. I have very limited knowledge in alchemy."
  7. After not spotting the swordsman yet, he glosses over the potions. "I am not sure. What kind of potions do you have?" Thinking he might have heard Decker yell for him, Ronin looks back at him and gives him a negative gesture. Oblivious that Decker is trying to signal him to the possible swordsman. "I am fine, thank you for your concern."
  8. "A true disciplined swordsman does not flaunt his sword, but maybe you are right. You should bring that little mushroom man along with you. I hear mushrooms on pizza is quite popular." Ronin lightheartedly says. Semi-joking, semi-serious. "He seems like an interesting person. Perhaps he has more insight than we think." Ronin takes off his Workman's Uniform and throws on his Rocketpack. He then approaches a random vendor they have not visited yet while scanning through the crowd for the mysterious swordsman.
  9. Ronin pockets a candle. "This is very much appreciated. Thank you." He bows. "Of course. You are not imposing at all. If we find your son we will tell him. You have done us a great service so it is only right that we return the favor." He turns to Decker. "Are you ready to check out the other vendors and see if our swordsman is there?"
  10. Ronin grumbles. "Understandable. Very well. I am sure you are familiar with the sudden and mysterious disappearances of mutiple people here, yes? To our knowledge, a man going by the name Avery Mann is likely the culprit. He is no ordinary person, nothing mundane about him. Everyone that has been recorded to have spoken to him does not recall doing so nor do they remember his face. Time is of the essence. Can you please help us?"
  11. "Hello." Ronin bows. "I am Ronin and this is my colleague, Decker. We are from Heroica. We fear our mission will be met by an unholy incarnate, and agent of the occult. We respectfully ask for a holy blessing so we may purge this demon and bring further peace and safety down here."
  12. Ronin pauses for a moment to think. "I am in agreement. Perhaps some holy blessing is what we need. After the temple we should see what these vendors have for sale while we wait for the swordsman. I cannot say I am thrilled to play games when we have work to do. Then we can head off. But I really think we could use the help of the Thaumaturgic Society."
  13. "This Avery Mann character sounds incredibly eerie. Almost not human. An unnatural entity. How can no one remember talking to him or recognize him? This worries me." Ronin pauses for a moment. "Does he have any associates that you are aware of? Or is he acting on his own accord?" Ronin turns to Decker. "Decker, I think we should find this Machen person. If they are indeed with the Thaumaturgic Society their help would be very useful. If they are after Avery Mann this is certainly a dark rabbit hole we are entering. Multiple disappearances, occult killings, and an unnatural person. I fear this may be too much for us to handle alone. What do you think?"
  14. "I insist, purveyor of knowledge. Keep this in good faith." Ronin gives Vinoq another 10 Credits. "We do have a story, as a matter in fact. Very recent too. You know of Recivic in the Vicrar System? Our mission brought us there some weeks back. Decker has a much better way with words than I do. His rendition would certainly be much more interesting. It does involve a giant polar gator too." "By all means decker," He extends his arm to give him the floor. "You are more articulate with words than I am. Your telling of this story will surely be much more entertaining."
  15. Ronin turns to Decker. "I sense something awfully eerie about this. Multiple people missing. I fear for the safety of these people. We came here for just Greg but we should help the others out too. That would be the noble thing to do." Ronin turns to the Quarm. He inspects his suit for any damage while speaking to him. "Your information has been incredibly valuable and we certainly appreciate it." Ronin gives Vinoq 10 Credits and bows in appreciation. "You are correct, we are from Heroica. I am Ronin and this is my colleague, Decker. We were indeed sent by Arno Milver to find Gregory but with this newly given information I feel we have more people to find and investigate their disappearances. If you have further information that can help us on our mission we would very much appreciate it."
  16. "Perhaps he has further insight. This is truly a strange situation we are in, Decker."
  17. "That is a rather accurate statement." He turns his attention to Pip. "I feel I must apologize for my threat towards you. It was wrong of me. Do not beat yourself up over getting involved with these smuggling jobs. You needed the money and this opportunity presented itself to you. Understandable. We were sent on behalf of the Chief of Level Three Maintenance of the tunnels to find a missing employee named Greg. What can you tell us about Flatfoot Thompson?" He turns to Decker and mutters. "Is it weird that I have a hunch that maybe Greg might be involved in this criminal activity? Perhaps he is using a pseudonym and could be either Machen or Alex Kampf."
  18. Ronin backs off a bit and lets Decker do the talking.
  19. Ronin quickly scans over the marketplace for any signs of Greg. He casually yet cautiously approaches the Adamite with Decker. Noticing that it looked guilty of something, he hopes to take advantage of that. "You there. We want to ask you a few questions." He slightly unsheathes his sword a bit. "We are looking for someone. Their name is Greg. More than likely dressed like us. We are very reasonable people. I do not want to hurt you but I will not tolerate any shenanigans. Do you know of his whereabouts?"
  20. Not really interested in the mushrooms, Ronin just shrugs the sight off. Though he is curious if they are radioactive... what else would explain their green glow? " "I hope you do not plan on eating them now, Decker. We must stay focused. After we find Greg... sure, go nuts." "Let's continue. Hopefully Greg is still alive." Ronin continues to the manhole with Decker. OoC: Overall I am enjoying the quest. I just find navigating the tunnels rather confusing and boring.
  21. "This? No this is my personal sword. An heirloom you can say." Ronin sheathes his sword. "Let us take a peak. If there is nothing of interest we continue forward."
  22. Ronin grabs the bars, shaking them. Thinking he can break them, he steps back and unsheathes his sword and strikes at them.
  23. Ronin looks around seeing if he can spot any conduit or wiring that may lead to the gate. "Decker, do you see anything that may open this?"
  24. "I agree friend. Maybe the owner is still alive. This is the best lead we got, let us follow it." Ronin follows the trail.