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  1. Caught off-guard by that, Ronin recollects himself and sheathes his sword after whatever is behind there lets go. "Dear Gods. Decker, maybe we should not go in there. Whatever that was is incredibly strong. I think whatever is in there is in there for a reason."
  2. "This door looks better maintained that those bars in the sewer. But I can try. Stand back." Ronin unsheathes his energy sword and attempts to slice through the door.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    @Duvors and @Waterbrick Down, while I was on my way home I got an idea and possible solution for the Opportunistic Attack thing. Essentially my idea is that it can only occur when a melee user Defends. So for example, if Ronin moved next to an enemy and Defends himself and the enemy attacks Ronin and tries to move away Ronin can perform an Opportunistic Attack at the GM's discretion. How that is determined can be by a D6. 1 and 2 are successful, 3, 4, and 5 are unsuccessful, and 6 can be a critical version that prevents the target from actually moving in addition to landing but does not do double damage or anything. Alternatively, it can be determined through some sort of Velocity check or something. If a player with a Velocity of 3 is challenging a target with a Velocity of 2, they get respective rolls based on that stat: Velocity 3 - (2, 6, 3) = 11 Velocity 2 - (6, 4) = 10 The Velocity 3 player wins in this case. Now if they were Defending, they can successfully perform the Opportunistic Attack. But if they were the one of that opposite end of that, they resist the Opportunistic Attack. In this version, there is no critical version like in the first example.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    I just do not remember it happening in Mission #5 where it would have been very useful, particularly during the fight with the Glacial Mongers by the dead Drake. I remember chasing one down and it would run away and attack me. I am not exactly sure when an Opportunistic Attack can be applicable but in that case it would have been nice if I could have scored an attack before the target fled, especially when my basic attacks did no damage. I understand the sentiment that the "hit harder" idea is boring but there has to be something to incentivize melee combat. If every fight were like the one I described, I would respec my proficiencies to use a different weapon type. That is partly why I opted to choose Artillery as a secondary weapon proficiency. That is what makes a melee build not fun.
  5. OoC: Okay, thank you for clarifying that. I will edit what Ronin says to avoid confusion.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    Good point. I think with the current rules of the game when it comes to the passive perks to Strength / Skill / Smarts it would only be possible if we changed those, which I am not fond of. I like the suggestions that @Waterbrick Down and @Scubacarrot provided. I think if opportunistic attacks were an automatic thing calculated by the GM and, at least for melee users, has a larger modifier or something so when the attack does land it penalizes the NPC for trying to run away. From my experience as a melee user in both the trial mission and current game, stats like damage and survivability are manageable because I can control that. But when I have to chase an NPC around for three turns that is something I cannot reliably counteract. Also as a bonus to this suggestion, if the opportunistic attack does hit, the target should also receive a Hindered debuff that prevents them from moving for one turn or something. That way I can pursue them and continue fighting them.
  7. "Hopefully they return home safely." Ronin says as they walk off. "I am not sure. We can either investigate the sewers again and try to find the corpse of the fifth man or check out the warehouse. I would like to know who this fifth man is. I believe we discovered the identities of the four. My guess is the fifth man is Alex Kampf. He knew those four men and lived in the same part of town as them. But I am not sure if it is worth it. We may not find him but rather whatever thing is down there that killed them. I think the other man accompanying them was Avery Mann himself. He is the only person who seems to fit the... unnatural category. Maybe we can find this guy the boy mentioned? He may give us more insight on Avery Mann."
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Rules & FAQ

    @Zepher Honestly, I am not too sure. Lately I have been thinking about Strength boosting Melee in some capacity. Maybe something like for every 3 Strength you gain +1 Melee? I just try to keep in mind that there has to be some incentive to play a Melee build when you have three ranged alternatives to choose from. Currently with Ronin, I try to maintain a rather high Velocity so he can attack first to prevent a target from just running away from me. I had it happen on the previous mission with one of the Ice Mongers and when it happens for two turns it gets annoying. But that is just the mechanics of the game and not all the NPCS should be treated as unintelligent. Basically the two options that I think would help is to either somehow encourage initiative to prevent chasing an enemy for a few turns or to increase damage with Strength so that when you do hit an enemy it feels rewarding and not like you are hitting them with a wet pool noodle. Edit: And to answer your other question - yes. For every 2 Skill / Smarts / Strength the bonuses get applied. All even numbers.
  9. Getting fed up with the theatrics of this interaction, Ronin speaks up. "Enough! If we were pretending to know Neros' father, how would we know both of their names? We speak truthfully, no lies, no deceit." He speaks directly to Neros and the other teen. "Do you two follow Aeson? Is he your leader or boss? You seem like good kids, do not let him make decisions for you." Now he speaks directly to Neros. "You know, I promised your father if we found you that we would tell you to go home. He is worried about you and clearly loves you. I may not know Merol personally but I have been around for a very long time and am a good judge of character. The situation here is currently not safe. Please go home for your father's sake, Neros."
  10. While climbing the ladder, the initials E.S. run through his head. Something about it seems familiar to him. After reaching the top, it hits him. A sudden chill to his bones devours him. E.S. could be Erik Sharpey. "Um, Decker, those initials on the watch, E.S. One of the missing people Vinoq told us about is named Erik Sharpey. Do you think we found his arm? I found a nurse's ID card with the name Reid Catlow printed on it. That too is another missing person Vinoq told us about." Ronin pauses, haunted by this sudden revelation. "Decker, I think those remains we found down there were the four missing people Vinoq said all disappeared on the same day. And they are in black robes and died in the same area so they all knew each other somehow. I will speak to the kids and convince them to get back home." Ronin approaches the teens. "Hello. I am Ronin." He bows. "Over there is Decker. We are members of Heroica on a mission here. It is not safe here, I encourage you all to go home. We found several dead men brutally killed in the sewers just below where we are standing." He directs his attention to the alien kid. "You must be Neros Solon, son of Merol Soron. We spoke to your father while on our mission and he is very worried. Please return home and spare him of his anguish. He is a good man."
  11. "Interesting. You make you good point, thank you. What if said machine was not exactly humanoid in nature? Do you think the same thing can be said?" As Decker walks over to Ronin and he finishes looking around, he points to the bloody message on the wall and kneels back up. "Avery lied. So these cultists are in fact tied with Avery Mann somehow." Ronin shows Decker the note he found. "This note does not mention a blob but it is some strange manifesto of some kind. It mentions an offering and a vessel. I am not sure how to interpret this but it could be some type of sacrifice and - " Ronin pauses. What comes to mind hits very close to home. Something very personal. "A vessel. Probably about taking control of someone or something. I am not sure but this all seems quite unsettling." "I am not sure if this blob exists or not. But I do not want to be here long enough to find out. Lets try the surface."
  12. "Indeed. He held onto his life until his arm was ripped from its socket. Only something big and strong could have done that. Stay vigilant." Ronin cautiously goes back to the third corpse and looks for anything of use or interest. While Ronin is rummaging around the corpse, he begins to shout over to Decker, trying to make some small talk. Not that he is particularly good at it, he makes an attempt. "Apologies that this may seem rather irrelevant but do you think something created by a person can be just as human as a human? Or if not human... do you know what I am trying to say? To have free thought, intelligence, emotions..."
  13. OoC: Yes I was referring to the dungeon map layout, sorry for the confusion haha. So from our perspective that would be the first left. "They must be from some cult or organization. They were all wearing the same black robes. It cannot be a coincident. As for smuggling... I am not sure. I would think some smugglers would be armed, which these men were not. At least to my knowledge." Ronin motions to go left with Decker.
  14. "Decker, look - another dead man in black robes. I feel like this is a very macabre trail we are following. A trail of corpses." Whilst things are getting more and more strange, Ronin just notices the disturbance in the water. "Did you see that? I think there is something in the water. And I doubt it is a friendly goldfish." Ronin glances at the closest pathways. "Let us try this south pathway. Hug the wall as much as you can, maybe our new friend does not take too kindly to strangers."
  15. "He is wearing robes too. I wonder if we can find where they came from. Maybe these people are linked to the disappearances." Ronin tries to look for a direction the person came from before dying.
  16. "This seems strange, Decker. If he was some sort of worker, why is he dressed in black robes? Either he is a cultist or a priest, and I doubt the latter. For his sake, I hope it was quick. Such a terrible way to go." He continues to the right pathway with Decker.
  17. Ronin gaves around and spots the after particles of the elf's sudden disappearance. "I... think I see what you mean. Such an interesting character he is. Hope he knows I appreciate his support too." He pauses. "Anyway, I feel confident that we can handle it. Even though I lost the duel, I have good feelings going forward. More hopeful I should say. Whatever dark force may be awaiting us, I do not think any other duo can handle it better than us."
  18. Ronin accepts the help and gets back on his two feet again and dusts himself off. "Thank you, Hector." Ronin bows. "Thank you, Reid. No offense taken." Ronin bows. "Do not feel bad, Pip. I value your support more than the outcome of this duel." Ronin bows. "My apologies, Kenshi. I did not expect to partake in a friendly duel today otherwise I would have come better prepared with a more proper and safer sword. Until we meet again." Ronin bows. He watches Kenshi walk away. Although Ronin lost the duel, he feels a sense of satisfaction. Meeting an opponent who shared similar skill and discipline just warms his heart. Or whatever he has. Created without an ego, he harbors no grudges or anger at all. He seems to be in somewhat better spirits. He now turns to Decker. "Thank you, Decker. I really appreciate what you did back there for me." He starts to put his workers uniform back on. "You ready to head out?"
  19. Ronin stands still and quickly slashes at Kenshi.
  20. Ronin stays at 5 and strikes at Kenshi again.
  21. Ronin leaps to 5 and strikes at Kenshi.
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    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Initially I was skeptical because I am, or was, under the assumption that we have an unlisted timer on this mission. But after I saw the duel posted I could not stop giggling for a few minutes. Seeing Elfonn Deshelf and the mushroom pile just made me laugh. This seems like a lot of fun, I am most curious to see how Decker convinces people in the crowd to side for Ronin!
  23. Remaining in his fighting stance, as still as can be, he looks at Decker and motions him in. He whispers. "In order to win this favor of the crowd, I need your help. If you still have that mushroom that short elf wanted, win him over with it. Then maybe he can convince..." He looks over at the crowd and spots the sentient mushroom cluster. "Are those things alive? Very well. Maybe the mushroom man will convince those mushrooms next." Ronin moves up to 3 and stands his ground, twirling his katana and leaving blue trails around him.