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  1. GI Joe/Cobra Vehicles

    I saw part of the mega bloks halo battlescape which I have!
  2. I am planning on making a Lego railroad but I only have power functions track! What if I get a 9v train? How do I convert pw track to 9v? I was thinking tin foil on the pw. Someone please help! P.S. please mods don't shut this down I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem ( fingers crossed)
  3. Clone Brands Train discussions

    Major toht on a train!?!?
  4. Twisted Tales

    The apprentice is princess Jasmin from Aladdin!
  5. Twilight Of The Gods

    frodo shelob double face!
  6. Customized Rohirrim Army

    i would recomend the dragon knight torso from kingdoms.
  7. Purist TMNT Figures

    i did this for lotr/th but luxorv locked it just because i couldnt post a pic. its hard for me to post a pic.
  8. ritzbricks?

    i got it as a gift from a friend of a relative and it is better than any lego helicopter ive ever known. and mega bloks is not crap. sometimes, its better than lego.
  9. ritzbricks?

    I misheard over the phone. Its a megabloks nightcopter probuilder set by ritvik.
  10. ritzbricks?

    I will soon be getting a shipment of old technic and a baseplate, along with a brand called ritzbricks. I am wondering if i am spelling this right, or if anyone else knows of these. thanks.
  11. I have been thinking of doing this for a while now, but I have made the whole fellowship purist. i will post when I can, but for now post yours!
  12. Round gas pump?

    It may look weird but you could put one 1x2x2 arch on top of another.
  13. [MOC] Rivendell

    I really love this moc! It really makes you rethink your life. i first saw this on mocstars by the brickshow. i like the scene on the bridge with pippin pointing and screaming and merry smirking.
  14. [WIP LDD] Comics Corner MOD MOC

    I really like this idea! Maybe you should think ninjago for the sign. Good luck!
  15. this is front page worthy news! could someone please put this on the front page?!