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  1. I think those recommendations fit very well. To be honest, anyone i know does not calculate those values (including me, of course ). It are values that are combined to a median by many rc pilots over time. There's also that "rule" to have 200W/kg on your engine IF you want to go vertical, or only 100W/kg if it's a non acrobatic, aerodynamic glider. I may have not as much experience as other rc pilots, but I have a very good example that suits this case very well: Styrofoam plane with oversized rudders, 500g weight, 75W Motor and 7.5 Ncm Servos. The plane may reaches 40km/h and is a bit too heavy for its design. The servos are really the minimum here. I saw it several times, that the elevator was pushed down a little while going up with full-speed (against some wind). Then again, some may say... uh that's your foam that bends in the wind... (in my opinion that part is very rigid. You'll notice the difference between a "sponge-like" and "rigid-but-not-enough-power" model, when YOU fly the plane. So... please, at least double or triple your 8 Ncm Cookie Edit: The sad truth about servos (and i guess that counts for everything today...) is, that they don't deliver what is in the datasheet... It's the best to assume that they reach about 10% less than stated.
  2. Wow, really nice project there as rc plane pilot, i would be worried about the Motor mounts and especially the vibrations from the Motors (i hope you used a somewhat elastic glue and not "stone hard" CA glue). Anyway, good luck with it And... as you stated here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=90916&st=25#entry2056796 Do ALL your servos only have 8 Ncm? In this weight class you should get servos with at least 40 to 50 Ncm Cookie
  3. And if you click on the "technic" above a selected technic model, you'll just get linked to... i guess ALL products in one list? :D
  4. I have tested a servo with 10.6V. It is the Voltage of 3 LiFePo4 in series (fully charged). Works fine, but i think 12.6V from LiPo would be to much... has anyone tested ?
  5. Just as a side note, you don't even have to own all parts of an official set. I just looked at rebrickable (set to exact color, 600 parts, official sets only) and most of the time i got 95%... you won't use 100% of each set anyway, or? I haven't built a MOC yet (yeah, just sometimes built a B model and back ), but this kind of contest seems doable .
  6. I guess the above "Supercar" presentation image is very doable. Even with zero knowledge, a small youtube video showing how to add a picture in a picture should be fine. In terms of software... "gimp" is free (hmm, for something like that even paint should work).
  7. If you can manage to find all pieces of an existing set in the same color, then you basically own/have the set and are allowed to use it. The only difference would be that lego didn't sell it in the same box to you... but such a rule would be absurd. Edit: Damn Set 42021 and 42022... point landing on the part limit (looked up on brickset)
  8. Should work, the "measures 2 to 9 propellers" tells it how many blades appear in front of the sensor before 1 round is done. So it should easily work with an lego propeller.
  9. Heh, i hope you don't use lattice diamond for programming vhdl. Buggiest piece of software i have ever used so far... On topic, just watched the videos of the original lego speed controller... those differences are horrible: How can such a simple circuit fail? Sure it's quite old now, but i can't imagine the usage was that high to wear it out.
  10. Woha, that chip on the left looks like overkill? But it looks really cool. So i see 5 sensors for the speed, right? Cookie
  11. TLG could use LiFePo4 Accumulators... + they don't explode + high discharge current + 3 of them in series have fully charged 10.6V, those 1.6V more are okay in my opinion (way better than those missing volts on the currently offered pack) - none? Cookie
  12. Imagine you forget to turn it off, coming home to see hundreds of paper planes one the ground Nice!