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  1. Ben C

    Palace Limo 5-wide & 6-wide Mod

    Way better than the original.
  2. Ben C

    Winter Village: Conservatory

    Amazing, nice use of some SNOT.
  3. Ben C

    Winter Village: Ebeneezers Books & Blends

    Awesome, Coffee always is in demand here..
  4. Ben C

    [WIP] LDD Caserta Palace - Italy - Minfig Scale

    Looking good so far
  5. Ben C

    STATMEDICS Emergency Medical Services

    Thank you! I love having huge ambulances, I usually do not bother with interior.. I don't know why..
  6. Hi there, In the recent past I made a lego EMS company called STATMEDICS, If inured that I should give a bit more detail about it. STATMEDICS is a 80% Advanced Life Support Company, 20% Basic Life Support. The company is based in Brickwater Ontario Canada, It was founded in October 2014. The units, in my mind are pieces of pure awesomeness. All the Transport Ambos are International 4400 Ambulances with Braun ChiefXL Boxes. Some Transport Ambos are Freightliner and Kenworths. All the Transport Ambos are Crew Cab Rescue Ambulances. Therefore all of the Paramedics are trained as Auto Extrication technicians. So if they get onscene before the Heavy Rescue or the Squads they can start extricating victims. The unit pictured below is Medic 13-1; An International 4400/ Braun ChiefXL. All the units will have Whelen LED lighting, Federal Q sirens, Martians Horns, Grover 24" Stutter tone horns and a Code 3 Vcon Siren. This is what the unit would sound like: (skip to 1:30)The average Response time for STATMEDICS is about 6 minutes and 32 seconds. STATMEDICS will also have single paramedic staffed Rapid Response Units (RRU) to attend calls that probably will not require transport. STATMEDICS will also have a single paramedic staffed Special Response Unit (SRU) That will carry all the life saving drugs, Some extrication gear, cribbing and extra supplies for a mass casualty incident. STATMEDICS welcomes new members and proposals for new ideas for units.
  7. Ben C

    2014 Winter Village / Christmas display

    Merry Christmas, and nice layout!
  8. Ben C

    MOC LEGO Admiralty Building

    Awesome! Love the detail
  9. Ben C

    MOC - My First Modular Building/House

    Cool! I really like the furniture!
  10. Ben C

    MOC: Chinese Laundry

  11. Ben C

    MOC: Modular Laundry

    Awesome!! the brick made letters are my favourite.
  12. Ben C

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    I wish the best of luck!
  13. Ben C

    Moc - Villa Palladiana

  14. Ben C

    Modular Gas Station

    Cant wait to see it!!