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  1. Kattstrumpa

    [MOC] Zombie Extermination group 23. Blaze Squad.

    Awesome, thanks! :)
  2. It's year 30 after the outbreak... The world is still shaken and zombies are still roaming the streets, the few survivors that still live in the cities have adapted and they've categorized themselves into groups, helping each other out to fight the zombie attacks! The team consists of: Slate (Founder and leader of Squad 23. all around bad-megablocks) Trigger (T15TRGR. A Cyborg specialized in zombie warfare) Micha (Flame expert, with a hot attitude (AND body!)) Terror (A dog with a surprisingly high zombie kill-count!) Say hi to Zombie Extermination Squad 23. Blaze Squad! This MOC was surprisingly fast built, even for me. I had tons of fun making the characters (as you may see) and the vehicle it self turned out really good! I wanted to create a feeling of safety in and around the van. The roof is easily detachable, and you can open the rear hatch as well as the the door on the side, inside is an arsenal of tools and weapons, but also a seat for the driver and some spare room to hang out on. I've worked hard on the details on this one and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did :) Imagination is beautiful, use it! If you liked this MOC, check out my other ones! * Instagram * Flickr * Reddit
  3. [pid][/pid] 258A This is my newest MOC. I usually hang out in the sci-fi forum, but I wanted try something else... Started out making some cliffs and then It went all pirates and stuff. I didn't have any specific goal with this, just wanted to try out some new techniques and improve my micro building skills! What do you think? The build took me 2 days to complete, and it houses a lot of bricks, more then you probably think. It's unbelievably hard to work with and it was super difficult to complete but here it is! You'll have to use your imagination a bit on this scenario, as it is quite random. :) It was fun to build non the less! If you liked this MOC, check out my other ones! Instagram Flickr Reddit
  4. Thank you very much. A lot of time has gone in to it
  5. that is correct, but some important parts I used don't come in Dark Blue unfortunately, so I decided to make it in blue!
  6. Hello! This is my Spinner from the movie Blade Runner from 1982. I entered with this and finished second in a recent LEGO LUG competition. (This was the winner.) The rules was to create a scene from an 80's movie with a vehicle in it that had importance in the movie it self. It took me about a month to complete and houses some rare parts and a lot of interesting building techniques. It was hard as megabluck to build with lots of advanced and technically difficult scale problems but it was also VERY fun! If you liked this MOC, check out my other ones! * Instagram * Flickr * Reddit
  7. Thanks! It's built in real life without any help from LDD or other 3D programs!
  8. Thank you so much guys.
  9. This is my Microscale World behind glass. I always build my MOCs so that you have to study it for a while. It can be whatever you want it to be. Use your imagineation! I did! I took me ~2 weeks to finish. I really have to buy a new camera tho... If you liked this MOC, check out my other ones! * Instagram * Flickr * Reddit
  10. Kattstrumpa

    Can someone help me find this weapon?

    Thank you guys
  11. This weapon popped up a number of times when I searched for a special minifig ( I Can't tell you, it's a secret until a competition I'm entering is finished) Is this a LEGO brick? I can't find it in the catalogue on bricklink. http://i.imgur.com/xHn3xOu.jpg
  12. It's probably a regular sticker on a brick it wasn't supposed to be on, as this is a MOC. I'm looking for a sticker that sais "44" with white text on a blir background
  13. Can someone please help me identify this sticker? http://i.imgur.com/l8q7Snr.jpg
  14. Kattstrumpa

    [MOC] Red Stinger

    You're right :) It's from the 70's i think. wow thanks, I love that someone finally noticed the guns at the back, made a perfect angle for the 'landing gears' thank you :)
  15. Kattstrumpa

    [MOC] Red Stinger

    Thank you all! Hint: the piece is older than the minifig