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  1. JacloS_UA

    Victorian Vampire Mansion

    You made a very beautiful house! Well embodied the atmosphere of vampires. Elegant trees and a coach!
  2. JacloS_UA

    [MOC] Sapphire Eagle, my first steam loco

    Great train and stunning MOC! The color scheme is amazing! The only one negative thigs - a thick yellow strip... Can I blogged this in The Base Plate Journal?
  3. JacloS_UA

    42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    Great Zeux Loader!
  4. That was awesome! My first participation in high-level competition... And third place... Wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for my work and thanks to participants for the great competing: you all did great vignettes!!! PS Thank WhiteFang and all those who helped him to the contest! PPS Did you see a star? Little, but - my Thanks WhiteFang again!
  5. When and where will be the results? Here, in a new topic or a Frontpage?
  6. 20) Series 10 - Librarian Entry (Build by Halhi 141) - 1 point 27) Series 1 - Spaceman Entry (Build by Qbeat) - 1 point 54) Series 14 - Plant Monster Entry (Build by Rodiola)- 1 point
  7. 1) Janitor Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 1 point 5) Faun Entry (Build by DwalinF) - 1 point 27) Kendo Fighter Entry (Build by Artizan) - 1 point
  8. We can vote for themselves?
  9. `The Wizard gave me a brains` or `Coffee Time` Vignette for the... of course, the Scarecrow
  10. `Rickety farm` Vignette for the Farmer Photo with Farmer (and not only) you can see on my Flicr
  11. JacloS_UA

    MOC: 'Baustelle' Starter Set

    The truck and trailer are awesome!
  12. JacloS_UA

    [LDD MOC] Geonosis Droid Factory

    I agree with previous posters: it's a great MOC!
  13. JacloS_UA

    [MOC] Hot Rod - Fire Bucket

    Great work! It has now become even better!!!
  14. JacloS_UA

    Lego Elves 2016

    I look forward to them very much too!Ninjago pleased, now turn to the Elves!