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  1. That was awesome! My first participation in high-level competition... And third place... Wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for my work and thanks to participants for the great competing: you all did great vignettes!!! PS Thank WhiteFang and all those who helped him to the contest! PPS Did you see a star? Little, but - my Thanks WhiteFang again!
  2. When and where will be the results? Here, in a new topic or a Frontpage?
  3. 20) Series 10 - Librarian Entry (Build by Halhi 141) - 1 point 27) Series 1 - Spaceman Entry (Build by Qbeat) - 1 point 54) Series 14 - Plant Monster Entry (Build by Rodiola)- 1 point
  4. 1) Janitor Entry (Build by Yatkuu) - 1 point 5) Faun Entry (Build by DwalinF) - 1 point 27) Kendo Fighter Entry (Build by Artizan) - 1 point
  5. We can vote for themselves?
  6. `The Wizard gave me a brains` or `Coffee Time` Vignette for the... of course, the Scarecrow
  7. `Rickety farm` Vignette for the Farmer Photo with Farmer (and not only) you can see on my Flicr
  8. MOC: 'Baustelle' Starter Set

    The truck and trailer are awesome!
  9. [LDD MOC] Geonosis Droid Factory

    I agree with previous posters: it's a great MOC!
  10. Great work! It has now become even better!!!
  11. Lego Elves 2016

    I look forward to them very much too!Ninjago pleased, now turn to the Elves!
  12. Thanks for the review, like it very much! And thank to LEGO for the excellent series!!!
  13. What was the last movie you watched?

    The LEGO Movie ))