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    SBrick General Discussion

    I guess that the remained available backer options being all comparatively high price also contributes to the fast growth of the total backed amount.

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    19 WARHEAD (2 votes) 64 Bob De Quatre (1 vote) 104 BEAVeR (3 votes) 205 Gene (3 votes)

    [MOC] Watchtower of Gragoloon

    What a masterpiece it is! Awesome!
  4. not quite get the point... why do pure LEGO Technic fans tend to stay away from Mindstorm?

    SBrick General Discussion

    Congratulations! Really hope the stretch goals of a profile designer can be achieved. However, considering the money remained to go, it seems to be a hard mission. However, this is really a attracting feature...


    When seeing this MOC, the word popped to my mind is - Howl's Moving Castle!!!

    SBrick General Discussion

    Maybe, the designer of SBrick thinks that this SBrick is to replace the IR receiver which the user already have. This means the user who is going to use SBrick should already have a spare cable to connect the module to the battery pack. And also considering that most of the target users who are going to use the SBrick will be Technic MOCers, it's not unusual that the users already have enough spare cables, motors and battery packs. Also the cable itself is sold by LEGO and is not that cheap, I wonder the designer whether want include this cost into the initial KickStart estimation.

    SBrick General Discussion

    Agree iwth efferman that the SBRICK is perfect enough for it is now. However, if the coding of the instructions sent to the SBRICK through bluetooth can be published later, it would be possible for other new SBRICK like modules to be developed. What I can think about now is that if the coding is known, then another module which contains a more powerful microcontroller + bluetooth communication can be developed so that a more sophisticated program can be loaded to the MCU module and the MCU module just send the instructions in the same format as your smart phone does through a wireless way to the SBRICK module. Of course, then other modules like camera modules, sensor modules, gyro modules can be gradually developed, each in a SBRICK like block or even smaller. Then the modules can be placed or hidden in the appropriate places of the MOC. It sounds like that it will work like a mindstorm, but each module will be more compact and can be better integrated into a Technic MOC.

    SBrick General Discussion

    I'm pretty interested in the programmable firmware. On your website, it is stated that an programmable routine will allow the motors to run without a remote controller. My questions are: 1. Whether this feature is realized by embedding a MCU which means a much higher flexibility for the user to program the routine and means that a routine need not to be a per-determined flow but a flow that can change on-fly based certain conditions. 2. In order to realize the on-fly changing routine, some input from outside world will be necessary. So the next question is that whether the module is possible for a future expansion to include a input port for like sensors?

    Technic 2H2014 Reviews

    Nice review. I personally prefer model A...
  11. Amazon US is also selling it for 195.53 used which is almost equivalent to £112.76. And I have seen this price on Amazon US quite often. Wondering whether this is Amazon's normal price.

    [REVIEW] 42025 Cargo Plane

    Really love the hovercraft and also have seen some MOC to make the hovercraft fully motorized. I'm also thinking about to make this set one of my collection although currently it is out of my budge plan.

    [REVIEW] 42025 Cargo Plane

    I love the model B more.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion - EVA02

    Awesome work! BTW. Is there also the tube for the pilot?
  15. Amazon US is also available for pre-ordering now. Wonder whether there will be a kindle version and when.
  16. Thanks for the awesome review. This definitely will be a must buy for me. Can't wait to have it.

    Zero's workshop

    Nice thread! You have a lot of incredible ideas and creations here.

    100% Lego flight attempt

    Is it proved to work?
  19. Awesome EVA creations!
  20. Hello, everyone! It's LEGOGEL. I'm a pretty freshman to the world of LEGO. I had neither played with LEGO bricks too much nor had too much knowledge of the LEGO things until I started three weeks ago to look for some LEGO Disney Princess Sets for my three years old daughter. At that time, I came across the LEGO Technic Sets which attracted me indeed. Together with my daughter's LEGO sets, I also bought myself a LEGO Technic Set 9398. This is not a that new set however it really brought me a lot of fun when playing with it. Thanks to the great experience with this fantastic set, I think now I'm in and will continue to play with LEGO bricks for the future. I have started to read some books and join some online forums to learn more LEGO history, products, techniques and most important, LEGO culture. It's lucky that I have found this nice forum. It's really a glad to be here and nice to talk to you all here! At last, here are some photos of my 1st LEGO set. Hope you all enjoy. First comes the photos of the whole car. Then the photos of zoomed in views. Finally here are some photos taken during making the set and also photos of the parts of the card.

    [ LDD MOC ] Gundam Chroma S1 Virya

    Sorry for causing confusion, by mentioning Gundum model sets, I really mean those plastic model sets made not by LEGO, for example by BANDAI. Or maybe call them customized models? These models soemtimes even require using glue to join all the parts and of course since they are customzied, they will have very real looking as shown in the animation/cartoon. However, your master piece created with all available LEGO bricks really looks no difference from those, even better! Totally awesome!

    [ LDD MOC ] Gundam Chroma S1 Virya

    Unbelievably cool Mobile Suit! By first glance, I really could believe it is built with bricks. Even better looking than some Gundum model sets.
  23. Thanks, Sir Brickalot. You are right, I found myself already in love with LEGO! Thanks, Godtshep. Yes, I'm also following the Technic Forum. Actually, before I decided to buy 9398 as my first LEGO set I also referred to some reviews in Technic Forum which helped a lot. Hi jamesn, I'm also a fan of photograph. I have been taking photos for years. And now I just found another hobby in LEGO and also found a nice joint between these two hobbies.