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  1. Michael Jurist

    Brick Flick: Quality

    Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment telling me whether you enjoyed it or if you didn't/why not! Thanks!
  2. Here's a stupid film about people in the United States getting way too worried about contracting Ebola. Also, it's targeted at my friends who always shout "Ebola!" when someone coughs. Sorry if the pace is too fast, I had to record the lines AFTER the animation was done, for the original files corrupted.
  3. Michael Jurist

    The Town of Florida

    I realize Florida's a state, but now it's a town. BTW, this was an entry to BRAWL 2014.
  4. Michael Jurist


    a short little test... thing...
  5. Michael Jurist

    LDD anmation: Sonic in lost brick

    Well, I look forward to your future animations! :)
  6. Michael Jurist

    Hello, all! My name is Michael.

    Thanks, everybody! :D
  7. Michael Jurist

    LDD anmation: Sonic in lost brick

    Good job! I'm not exactly sure what animating with LDD is like, but here are a few criticisms... The intro is just a bit too long. This isn't a big deal at all. The sound is off at the beginning (the flower scene) and at some other places, too. Crank up the decibels for Sonic's voice, and lower them for the background sound. Remember, the background sound shouldn't be the same volume, furthermore louder, than the character's voice. Also, the side-shot of him running was kinda choppy with the hair and all.
  8. Michael Jurist

    My epic LEGO Vietnam war (with brickarms)

    Pretty good! A few things I noticed though... I'm not really a fan of repeated clips, like when the copter is flying. I watched it over to make sure, and I noticed that the same clip is used three times. Also, props move around. A lot. Lastly, some of the animation is a bit choppy, and some of the movements are a bit weird.
  9. Michael Jurist

    Official Lego Movie

    Anybody thinking about purchasing the LEGO Movie Everything is Awesome Edition? I might, but if anybody could tell me if it's worth it, that'd be awesome.
  10. Worse, definitely worse. I love walking into the LEGO store and looking around. I like picking up different sets and reading the info/comic on them. If LEGO stores/retail stores became like video game stores, I really would dislike hanging out there (especially since I only get to go there occasionally since the closest one is miles and miles away). The reason being is because I hate going into video game stores, for those glass cases make it impossible to really read anything on the game about it. To summarize, I wouldn't want that.
  11. Michael Jurist

    Your LEGO regrets

    All my regrets consist of accidental breakages (ex: a LEGO bank that I pushed off my table by accident).