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  1. This is for those few on this forum who makes big cars or for someone who likes engines. Is there something hidden in the background?
  2. Hi. I have used Fusion 360 since Nov 2017 and just started with Inventor. I share my files on Consider follow if you like what I do. I do take requests to new parts. I dont do shapeways due to high pricing and I dont know how my parts will work printed with powder. I only have FDM-printer at home. The gears below worked really good and a video to show its working :)
  3. Soo, the last week and today I made a couple of gears. Link1: Gears in the sizes 16t, 20t, 24t, 36t and 40t: Link2: Clutch Gears same to the sizes above: Link3: Gears in sizes between 17t and 39t except those sizes in Link1: Link4: Clutch gears in sizes between 17t and 39t except those sizes in Link2: Here are the video if you dont want to go to thingiverse. Enjoy the 50 different gears or so. Took me a while to make.
  4. Essge

    Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2

    The brown rims gotta be 3d printed. Like efferman, I think most people prefer SLS printed parts, but I have made a lot of custom Lego for FDM, and I think this is done that way too. I can see a detail which happens on a printer soon to get new belts. Its like a small wave.
  5. Essge

    Making converter Cables

    Look at the connection diagram in this link. You need resistors between the sensor outputs or something
  6. I like this topic Answers Performance? 1 - torque Size? 3 Shape? 1, for some odd reason I like the design of nxt/ev3/buggy motor Building type? 1 Unit? 1 PSU method? 1 Last? 1
  7. I just realised this thread is from 2013. Everything has changed in the future Nice packs z3. We both know that lifepo4 is pretty safe and will in most cases not catch fire. When im charging whatever chemistry 18650, I always use 0.3C charge rate. I want as long life as possible. Do you balance charge the batteries or have you gotten a BMS? Have you ever thought of going for Li-Ion? There is some 3500mah 18650's out there like Samsung 35E and with a 9V step down. You get a constant flow of ... you know the drill @Mehmet T Read this and you'll get some answers
  8. @Didumos69 Yes. I would place the disenganger between gearbox and motor. Im in the making of your gearbox and will try to make a extra disenganger, but its slow. I dont had the rotary catch and the 20t clutch, so had to draw and print it. Last 20t gear is about to finish now. Yes, they are very smooth. The gear design are a little different, because I can. Only one side has the hole for the dark grey slider. 3 hours later and boom :)
  9. I have a challenge for you, @Didumos69. Its to this the video below. You may have to stop the input axle when shifting gear, because you dont have a clutch. Why not make an auto clutch? A shifter step is 90 degress. A gear ratio of 4:1 would spin an axle a complete rotation each step. Hook up a shifter ring to that axle and you'll have an auto clutch in between each gear. I hate loose speed to change gear :) Btw. I really love the look of the gearbox. Clever design :D
  10. @Holodoc Thanks. I didnt know how to change size from imgur, but now I do. I hope its better. If you have time. Can you check my own topic if the pics are ok size. I dont know whats best for everyone.
  11. I have seen these too, but how is the servo output lining up to Lego?
  12. Essge

    [MOC][WIP] Subaru SVX

    I cant see the content in the link. Motortrend hate to loose money to Europe.
  13. Essge

    [MOC][WIP] Subaru SVX

    This is a cool project. How big wheels are you gonna use? If you want, I could try to make some custom rims for this project.
  14. I guess theres a different between Burbank CA and Fresno, but I thought you all had door bells on 110V. Go for it and see how it performs, its only 4 bucks
  15. I made some rims. Its fun when they work out nice. natural PLA From the right: Pro Comp and Audi RS1 Concept Files below if you want to try :) Pro Comp Rim: Audi Rim: Power Puller tire looks better
  16. Yeah, but its not rechargeable and it say its for a dorrbell etc or something that not uses a lot of Ah. You can get away with a really small pack, but eventually have to change it. A m-motor uses 850mah when stalled. A door bell uses like maximum 100mah when in use. I would go rechargeable whatever the case. Better for the environment too.
  17. If you're afraid to burn your motors, you can use one of these in this short link to step down the voltage to 9 I have a ~10000mah 2s 7.4V stationary battery pack for powering not-vehicles since it has no mounting possibilites. My plan is to buy the pcb and redo the pack with BMS
  18. Nice. Its printed and tested. Im very glad the someone inventet SLx printers or else your designs would not have any use. It didnt tag you. Would have been a bad advertisment. The one I made was worse, it didnt have the correct gear mesh.
  19. Essge

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    In mine models. Its about 0.1/0.2mm bigger at both holes and crosses, diameter diffrentiate between axle spinning and joint connector. Havent found the correct dim. When the joint fits tight. The spinning axle does not.
  20. @TechnicRCRacer I have a Wanhao i3 plus. Yeah, Ik wym about initial layer. I use fillet in fusion. About 1-2mm. Makes the elephant foot less elephanty and more like straight down and nothing like that stupid elephant. Glue makes my adhesion very perfect. Other use nothing or hair spray. I like glue for now. The models have to cool down a bit before I can remove them or else they're pretty much stuck. Some say its glued to the bed.
  21. How small do you want it? The smallest I can think of is 2L z20. Small vehicles dont actually need a diff. Bigger chance of failure when climbing over things.
  22. Oh, I thought you only had diff with the z36. I made these (post above) to see if the 8t bevel gears would work. They are pretty small, but work fine for now. Yeah. It will be fun to try yours. Have you ever done a diff like this? Dont know what is called, but its kinda different. It looks like those in rwd rc cars.
  23. This differential kinda worked, but wont handle any torque. i totally forgot the space between the crown and the pinion and have to make a pin for the planet gear instead of using a screw. Printed with layer height .1 and 10mm/s speed .4mm nozzle. I rather want quality than a fast and bad product.
  24. Essge

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Efferman, hi. Do use Lego's own dimensions when making holes w/ or w/o crosses, and beams or have you done some testing to find something that works for you? I make Lego too, but I use FDM 3D printer. Works great even with really small gears. I had to test dimensions and have found something that works for me.
  25. Hello. I hope this havent been posted here before :) When 1 XL-motor is not enough, use 2, or 3, or 4 and so on. I have stopped using XL-motors. They are too slow. I use buggymotors instead or just a 540 size brushed crawler motor. Axial got 3 types of brushed motors. 20turn, 27turn and 55turn. The price is a lot lower than buying a Lego motor compared to the torque and speed. I chose to use the 27turn. The width of the mounting holes for 3mm screws fits perfectly with theese 2 cross blocks 2x1. The pinion have 12 tooth. With a 36 tooth Lego gear, I get 3:1 ratio This works great in the right truck. I dont think its very wise to use a lot of u-joints and cv-joints. Theese even break when using xl-motor. For steering. I use a 9 grams servo hooked up to a PF-switch. Like this pic below. I hope this can entertain you guys and gurls on the forum. Let there be questions :D