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  1. I’m getting more and more interested in the programming that Mindstorms can offer, including the surrounding possibilities, hook up to a computer and such. I am from time to time a programmmer in C#. But ev3 is so old! Should I buy it anyway, aim for something else or keep my fingers crossed, waiting for “ev4”?
  2. Not in Sweden :) Edit: lowest price in Sweden right now, 2040 SEK / 215€
  3. 42070 for SEK 1888 = €198 including shipping. Store:Klossbutiken. Reason:damaged box. Quite good, right?
  4. Favorite Technic Part

    My favorite piece is the differential. Old and new versions. I feel that the differential is the most central key to build realistic vehicles. Since I am old and built in the 80's I am used to build with only beams, studs, axles and pins (more or less), so even if I appreciate many of the new elements mentioned here, the differential was a technic marvel and we learned so much about real life vehicles from it!
  5. Excellent build Madoca! I have built almost all your creations and I am now in financial problems since I refuse to disassemble the Avtoros :) I hope and guess that this jeep will be on rebrickable in a not too distant future? Please..?
  6. Dear Buwizz and community. I cannot find the Buwizz app for iPhone or iPad on the AppStore. Is it not released yet or am I searching using wrong keywords?
  7. I noticed this one in a thread as a footer: "The church is not a museum for good people, it is a hospital for the broken. And Jesus is the medicine" Should: "There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah" or "there is no god but Oden" (or similar) also be compliant with forum rules? personally I don't want Eurobricks forums to be a platform for religious broadcasting.
  8. I think it's time for Mindstorms 4, don't you?
  9. Really good build. I like the size and the fact that the size makes it possible to actually use those small 12 tooth bewel gears for some driving and only for crunching.. I would say that most of the time this is the size we should build in. This is what Lego plastic can drive and manage and that everyone can appreciate. everything is smooth and is working, no damaged gears, no super-super enforced structures with 8x8 AWD Unimog tyres building BIG..! PS. flip the second differentials in the LDD
  10. Dear Madoca and fellow builders. I can't seem to find the info about what sbrick profiles to download for the Avtoros? are you using generic controller in the phone/tablet or is there an Avtoros controller built? on the same note, any good example of a generic one, if nothing else, that can be used for the 2 sbricks required in this great build? many thanks in advance!
  11. yeah that's right, chains and buckets in the box next to the table. they are more of a "one-off" usage so I get them when I need them. not like a 15L beam so to speak :)
  12. BWE parted out! This is the Chuck Norris of sets - how many parts in the set? All of them!
  13. Darn he's fast! Big thanks Madoca! 96.9% pieces but only 5 pieces missing if I don't use exact color match. Let's see who they are..
  14. Madoca, I have just finished your fantastic wing body truck and I am now stocking up for the Avtoros.. Tires and Sbricks in place..
  15. I agree, webhallen is usually a good place but these days you could also use Ginza or whatever; "prisjakt" tells me where to buy :)