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  1. I have done quite alot of googling/research regarding this questions without luck. Do anyone know of any other Mindstorms forum that might have the answers? Regards, Jonas
  2. Hello folks! I have had various "automation"-ideas for Mindstorms (EV3). But it always comes down to the "always on" issue. I have not yet invested in Mindstorms due to this. It basically boils down to the following questions: 1. Is there any problems with having the charger attached to the intelligent brick for extended periods of time (always)? 2. Is there any way to prevent the intelligent brick from automatically shutting down due to inactivity? 3. Would it be possible to automatically initiate a sequence of actions when a paired bluetooth device comes within range (i.e. a motor starts spinning when my phone enters the room)? I am obviously a newbie when it comes to Mindstorms :-) Best regards, Jonas