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  1. Hi there, I guess what I'm about to share fits in this forum section.. I have made some great Lego models of my favourite supercars from the 80's. Tell me what you think of them. Porsche 959 And here's the Ferrari 512 TR: And here's my own fantasy model of a supercar:
  2. Zarpax

    Hello my name is George....

    Thnx all, I already posted my Stop Motion Movies somewhere on this forum. If you click on my profile and go to my posts, you'll see them. I noticed that the picture of the DTM Alfa has been downloaded 3 times. I can send you the original picture if you want. I took the pictures myself at the Louwman Museum in The Hague, Netherlands where there was an exhibition of all Martini Racing cars (lots of Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Porsche). That gave me new ideas for Lego Builds.
  3. Zarpax

    Transformer Stop Motion Trailers

    That's because my first video was posted on my normal youtube account, I didn't realize at the time that it was better to start a dedicated youtube channel for Lego...
  4. ... and I think it is fun being part of the Lego Community. My interest in Lego was renewed after a long period of not doing anything with Lego. I focus mainly on building cars, Transformers and Technic. Furthermore I make Lego stopmotion movies. CU, G. PS. This is my project for 2014, I think
  5. Hi there, I'm new here and I want to show you my Lego stopmotion videos. I'm a big fan of Transformers and especially the G1 cartoon Transformers. Take a look at my movie and tell me what you think. Enjoy, G. Here is another stopmotion movie: