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  1. :S, i know I've been so busy I almost forgot :L I will have to sign-up soon, i just need to be reminded. Hehe, ooh ill check that mafia thing out too :P

  2. Nearly a month now! :p

    Just thought I'd give you a heads up, theres a flood of new quests about the start up in Herocia now, if you wanted to get into one soon.

    There is also another Mafia School sign up thread, if you wanted to try your hand at them. ;)

  3. Well, :D i've just ordered a brand new trelawney fig, that will fit perfectly into heroica :D. beside's i really didn't like my custom one, But it should be delieved soon then i can jazz it up a bit and then sign up ^^.

  4. Professor Trelawney

    Gryffindor Common Room

    Awww! It's really cute and adorable! I love it! Excellent Little Common room :D.
  5. You're taking your time to sign up! :p

    Are you going to be using your custom made Tralawney figure, or creating an entirely new one?

  6. Professor Trelawney

    Seaside Lair

    Aww, this MOC is really cute, I love the detail of the rocks and also the nature side, with the leaves/ vines. Brilliant MOC!
  7. Professor Trelawney

    Zam Wesell's "Koro-2 Exodrive" Airspeeder

    Haha, how amusing, I do love your MOC's. Great little Airspeeder!
  8. Professor Trelawney

    MOC: Chancellor's Office

    This creation is just brilliant! I've always loved that movie scene, with Mace Windu fighting Palpatine. Back to the point, It's just brilliant. Utterly Brilliant.
  9. Professor Trelawney

    REVIEW: 7606 Frog

    Hi! It's actually adorable! Thanks for the great review!
  10. Professor Trelawney

    LEGO Princesses

    I've got two, Professor Trelawney's of course! And Professor sprout :D
  11. Professor Trelawney

    The cursed Barbossa.

    Awesome! Barbossa has always been my favourite character in the Pirate's of the Caribbean Films, I love this! Such a great interpretation!
  12. Professor Trelawney

    Hello from South Korea.

    Hello Chrono! Welcome to Eurobricks, I hope you enjoy your time here! -Professor Trelawney
  13. Good, I look forward to playing with/against you in a Mafia game! ;)

    I saw you viewing the Heroica thread earlier, so I assumed you weren't far off joining. I'm glad Thothwick can have a new friend! :p

  14. Yes, I think I will I haven't actually been in a mafia game but I do love them I think they are fun :D! I'm joining Sandy's Heroica soon so you best watch out Those doors to the hall will open soon, and the kitchen shelf will not have room for my many tea-cups.

  15. Thank you Trelawney, but we all know you're not the best seer, so you are forgiven. ;D

    I looked at your profile not too long ago and saw you hadn't looged on it a while, so it's good to see you back. :)

    I remember you didn't get into Sandy's 'Mafia School', but def's hosting one soon, think you will join?