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    No weaponry and violence in City sets?!

    I vote no. I really enjoy how City theme is a violence free theme. Of course other themes make a lot of use of guns and violence during a long time only on license ed themes but nowadays also on stuff like Ninjago, but there's a differentiating factor here: on the licenced themes they're just that, licenced, they're meant to reproduce what the licenced brand did (being a movie, videogame, etc.). Ninjago and other unlicensed themes including violence are something like an imaginary world with a story and characters purely fictional. City is a theme meant to reproduce the real life. "But there's violence everywhere in real life m8" yes, but why making kids see the real life like that? Is it absolutely necessary to make the sets good and enjoyable to give guns to the Lego cops to shoot the crap out of the thieves or to create a SWAT tank set? These are sets meant for kids and not so much as AFOLs collectible sets, even not being much, they try to make kids see the world as something more friendly until they have maturity enough to understand it.
  2. Hey there. I use to build small scale vehicles but I always wanted to build a large scale one, and finally decided to go ahead with that idea. However, I'm new with such a big scale and even before actually building something, I'm already stuck. I would like to know if could you help me building a solid base/ chassis for my vehicle. I already have searched on the web for a few ideas but i can't find anything, and the few large scale LEGO sets vehicles I own seem too basic on the bottom, so I would like to ask you if could you share pictures of large scale vehicles you might have built so I can take a few ideas from it. I'm looking for something like this MOC made by the MOCpages user Austin Nomorinfo, that allows a few bottom details, however this and the other vehicles he shared pictures of the bottom seem to be really confusing: ( Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you both for the help. @Jim: I own the VW Camper set and I find the bottom of it really simple, not allowing much undercarriage details. :-/ @ImanoIBB: Well, I'll probably use some Technic bricks on my model but more for design than function, this is meant to be a System model. However, I also wanted to include some details like those in the picture I posted, so a too simple bricks chassis will end up not allowing me to include them. Anyways, some examples are always great and I'll wait for them. :) EDIT: @DrJB: Well, I want to build a System vehicle, not a Technic vehicle, if was that what you meant. I'm not really into technical terms, so I'm sorry if I got you wrong, but what I meant with chassis is just a few baseplates with a few Technic bricks to hold the wheels togheter, and allow me to build the rest of the car on it.
  4. King Andy

    City Touristic Bus - Coach

    Really cool bus, the opening doors are awesome. Nice!
  5. King Andy

    off roading trucks

    Nice work, the suspension system is really well done and your vehicles are really cool!
  6. King Andy

    MOC - San Francisco Taxi

    Pretty cool!
  7. King Andy

    [MOC] Scania T144 tow truck

    To be honest I hate the looks of the real life truck, but your MOC is so cool, it replicates nicely the real one and has a somehow cute look. Nice shaping and details, good work.
  8. King Andy

    MOC - Modular Car

    That's a really interesting idea to build different types of vehicles keeping a similar looks like in real life. I'm just not sure if would it be solid enough in real bricks.
  9. King Andy

    [MOC] Bauhaus Modular Building

    That's a really sweet modular, I really like it's design and the furniture. Nice work!
  10. King Andy

    MOC: Modular Old Pharmacy

    Hey, as you know I posted about it on the portuguese LUG Comunidade 0937, I really like this modular but ended up not leaving a comment here. This building is great in so many aspects, like reproducing so well a typical German old building, the amazing amount of detail outside and inside and even for using parts harder to find. Just excellent work, tsi.
  11. King Andy

    Building a Cherry Blossom Tree

    Beautiful MOC, and thanks for sharing how to build. This would look great on a traditional Japanese display.
  12. King Andy

    Best 6 wide modern vehicles?

    Hey, I'm working on a WIP but I'm having problems getting vehicles to use as inspiration. I would need to help of you guys to point me 6 wide vehicle models of relatively modern (2005 to nowadays) urban cars. It can be your own MOCs or anything you found on the internet. Thanks for the help.
  13. King Andy

    Best 6 wide modern vehicles?

    Thanks a lot for your help guys. Some of the suggestions like SearchFunction or Henrik's work I already knew but some of the others I never saw before. They are really nice inspirations and I hope they help me to improve my future projects.
  14. King Andy

    MOC BMW e10

    That's a great 5 wide, the shaping came out really good and with some impressive building techniques. Although I can't like the cutted grille parts or some of those 1x1 slopes that are almost certainly glued, I'm not really a purist but I prefer to avoid cutting parts or using glue. Besides that, it's a easily recognizable little car with awesome details.
  15. King Andy

    Best 6 wide modern vehicles?

    Yep, that's it. Like, smaller cars more turned to be confortable, small and economic.
  16. King Andy

    Best 6 wide modern vehicles?

    Yes, but I can't find exacly what I'm looking for. Modern urban cars and in this scale aren't that easy to find.
  17. King Andy

    MOC: Nissan Xterra(s)

    Amazing off roaders!I like mainly the bigger one, but both of them are pretty cool. The stickers and the suspension are great.
  18. King Andy

    FSO Polonez 16 GB

    It looks pretty sweet, and nice idea with the flash drive. I think you could consider to move it to the backside of the car, so it would look better when connected to a pc.
  19. King Andy

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I launched a contest on MOCpages, "Speed Champions Building Contest". The goal is to create a LEGO vehicle with similar features to SC cars. Feel free to participate, but Shadows says I shouldn't be posting a link here. Deadline is on May 16th.
  20. King Andy

    2015 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So I bought yesterday the LaFerrari, my favourite one from the series (and also my favourite in real life). I didn't applied the stikers because the get damaged too easily.
  21. King Andy

    [MOC] 1966 Ford GT40 MKI

    Awesome improvment, looks much better now.
  22. King Andy

    [MOC] Sega Classic Arcade Machines

    Already saw them on MOCpages but I can leave a comment here too. Great arcade machines, they really reassemble the real ones.
  23. King Andy

    MOC American Truck

    Awesome truck and trailer!
  24. King Andy

    [MOD] 8 Stud Wide SC 75899 LaFerrari

    The backside came really well, but the front is too short and the windscreen looks too square. You may want to add some make the model more curvy. It's pretty cool!
  25. King Andy

    Supercars/Race cars you'd like to see in UCS

    A DeLorean would be awesome, although I know it would be hard because they already released a time machine version. If not possible, then a Lamborghini Aventador, I miss the LEGO Lamborghini line.