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  1. Stegoceras

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That Water storage tank on the roof(or whatever you call such) looks interesting, curious to see how that one is build up, it's not the same as the one in FB it seems.
  2. Stegoceras

    Pet Shop contains different parts then in the manual

    I bought the Pet shop first of October and in my set one of the fence pieces is 2-stud and the other 2 are of the 4-stud kind. Weird, but no real issue to me.
  3. Stegoceras

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd expect clotheslines with laundry spanning the gap between the buildings actually, maybe also some air-conditioners hanging from the windows.
  4. Stegoceras

    Suggestion on first modular building to buy and build?

    As someone who just recently started off with the modulars (after years of desperately trying to resist the urge) by buying Grand Emporium, I can just say it will put it's claws into you and not let go. Also it will leave you a little sad when you realize you can't get the older ones for a reasonable price anymore. So start of with the one you still can get, because you will get hooked on them.
  5. Stegoceras

    Disney buys out Lucasfilm

    Yeah,, just no. I fear nothing good will come of this, hoping to eat my words and happily preparing the ketchup to do so, but this just feels all kinds of wrong and in all fairness I have been less than impressed by Disney's current movie track record, though usually visually entertaining the other aspects of their movies are often less than average.
  6. Stegoceras

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    That depends whether you got BoE when it was just available or bought it later, if later then very likely you do have a Han with pupils (I do), Lego decided to change the face of Han when they made the head with pupils even though the other figures in the pack didn't receive the same treatment. Same happened to the 7749 Echo base set.
  7. Look more like zombies to me, judging from the drawn one in the back of the image, zombie-orcs maybe. Also interestingly the thingy next to the 4 golden pieces has the same two parts as the front of the bat, must mean something. A reward for defeating the bat?
  8. Stegoceras

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Few weeks ago I finally got the Battle of Endor, after you guys all here helped me decide, thanks all. Got the Separatist Shuttle in the same order as well to cut back on shipping. This week I got Home One set, and loving it as well, It looks great on the shelf. Guess that completes my 2009 wanted list just in time.
  9. Stegoceras

    Future Star Wars Sets

    More likely expecting a Fambaa with Shield generator and some gungans and maybe one of their catapults or more Kaadu's. Also, maybe a Naboo-troops or Gungan battlepack. Another simple episode 1 set would be a Gian Speeder (V-19 landspeeder)and to round it of a UCS (or in miniaturized minifigure style like Republic Frigate and Tantive IV) version of Droid Control ship (Lucrehulk-class battleship) Any of these sets would take my preference over a new MTT or AAT to be honest.
  10. Stegoceras

    Review: 7877 Naboo Starfighter

    Thanks for the review Sir van Lego. As for the set, didn't get the previous one so looking forward to get this one instead, not sure what to make of that little cart though, it's nearly as strange as the little vehicle we got with the first N1 starfighter. The included stand for the ship is a very nice extra to me though.
  11. Stegoceras

    [REVIEW] Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator 7961

    First off thanks for the review, have been looking forward to one on this set. Unlike many others here, I actually like this set, one of the better sets of the summer wave in my opinion. An improvement over the first version and much better than the "lets add many giant sloped pieces to make a smooth looking ship" 7663 version. The bottom is poor but since I generally don't display my ships upside-down I honestly don't mind it much. I do agree on the opinion that the Maul minifigure is a pretty poor, the horns just don't look as good as they do on Savage and the face seems to squeezed. The other figures make up for it tenfold though, been a while since we had a Qui-Gon and I'm sure he is much wanted by people who didn't get any of the sets from the early days of Star Wars Lego. Although Padme didn't come in a sweet dress fit for a queen it's nice to see TLC did finally listened to it's fans and gave them an updated version as well. Finally Panaka is simply very cool and easily the star of this set. The price could do with some cuts but it's nothing we haven't seen from other Star Wars sets and still is nowhere as ridiculous as the price per piece ratio of the Geonosian Fighter.
  12. Stegoceras

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    Really good stuff here, my points as follows: 20) Artist Entry (Build by lisqr) 1 point 26) Punk Rocker Entry (Build by SjoMiLu) 1 point 38) Kimono Girl Entry (Build by pelle) 1 point
  13. Stegoceras

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    Tough choices and too few points but here goes: 5) Cryostasis (by Darkblane) 1 point 11) The Minifig Museum (by Rolli) 1 point 14) Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures Series 1 (by Oky Wan Kenobi) 1 point
  14. Nope, not really, look more like run-away trees. Very curious about that dual staff lightsaber wielding besalisk jedi
  15. Stegoceras

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 No more spoilers!

    I think the easiest solution for you would be to bookmark the forum page instead of the frontpage, you can then always head over to the frontpage bit of the forum to see what's on there and read/skip whatever you want/don't want to know.