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  1. Ogel111

    NEW Official Pirate Minifigure Pictures?

    That Is such awsome news!
  2. Ogel111

    Your thoughts on Universe

    I think this game is a great idea! An MMORPG that is not just for nerds!
  3. Ogel111

    Lego magazine mess-up! (Big time!)

    Ha I got the big magazine this month for some reason...
  4. Ogel111

    2008 Picture thread

    It's also the same tank that's in the star wars battlefront games
  5. Ogel111

    Fabuland Riverbank

    I love it! I have to buy some fabuland charcters on ebay! the pic where he's holding the knife is kind of creepy
  6. wow that is very cool! I would buy it if lego made it a set!
  7. I would have to say $5000 easily!
  8. Ogel111

    Lego Collector's Catalog

    all buy it even if it's super exspensive!
  9. Ogel111

    Pics of the Agents Line

    I like alpha team too but agents are looking beter and beter
  10. Ogel111

    Pics of the Agents Line

    I also wonder what that red button on the Agents heli/flyer thing does. I'm guessing that there is a Technic axle attached to it, and when you pull it, something gets released. The propellers perhaps? Further pics will tell... I think it drops the net.
  11. Ogel111

    The Mega Mayan Temple

    Thats Amazing!!!
  12. Ogel111

    Lego "Twilight"

    I kind of like the look of the set I may buy it if i have money after the agents sets.
  13. Ogel111

    Look what was left on my desk this morning...

    That's pretty sweet.
  14. Ogel111

    Indy Month Caption Contest

    Guard: Hey you Ladies Like Star Wars?
  15. Ogel111

    UCS TIE Bomber

    I really love that! but i don't think its in scale with the other ucs ties. but it would be a great minifig scale set!