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  1. It's obviously based on a TEE train. It even says so on the box. The question is which one. (Because it seems like some people here think TEE is one train..)
  2. Savvvas

    Resurrecting my vintage town sets

    Got them listed here: Also have that gas station, as well as one that came out in 1986. Prefer the latter one because the cars fit minifigs and it's more detailed ;)
  3. Savvvas

    Resurrecting my vintage town sets

    These are two sets I don't yet have. Must say the colours look very vivid in you photos, and especially the new red bricks you used in the house make it shine very nicely! Amazing how well the minifigs were preserved. Would have cleaned the base- and large blue plate though :P
  4. Savvvas

    Repairing a 12v Signal Swith

    I've never opened a 12v remote control before, but I'd suspect it could be possible by cutting along this line And if it doesn't work, the cut won't be visible anyway. Maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow, got several that are a bit clunky.
  5. Savvvas

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Just yesterday got the City Airport 10159 (re-release of Century Skyway) for 22 dollars/18 euros! Complete and not a single scratch on any of the pieces (exept for the baseplate, minor scratches underneath). Looks like the previous owner wasn't a big fan of Lego. Good for me . The current average on BL is 150$!
  6. Savvvas

    Hello from Norway too

    Velkommen. Sjekk ut Brikkelaugets forum
  7. The only way to be sure you're getting the original tires is by buying the service pack 5067. I've run across them before, and even the tires in opened ones are in good condition (not dried out). Buying selfmade ones from ebay is obviously much cheaper than buying the original ones, but only after a short while they will both start cracking, so I'd advise to try making some yourself (especially if you have a large collection of 12v trains), as it can get quite expensive.
  8. Savvvas

    7725 - old train, new bricks

    I really like this project, and love seeing how it comes together, but personally I would not have gone through with it. From experience, I can say that if you have patience and look hard enough, you can even get 12v trains in pristine condition, for cheap. When I bought 7740, it was dusted down and looked very dirty. But after wasching all of the bricks, it came out just like new. Comparing the bricks to new bricks, there is no difference. At all. And I've come across finds like these before, like my 7727. The thing about trains is that they're often only built once, and never taken apart. But if you want the feeling of truly new bricks, I guess this is the way to do it. Can't wait to see this finished :) I'd also like to add something concerning the texture of the roof slopes. It's the same case with many of my old trains, even though none of the parts have been replaced. Also with other slopes like 2x4 and 2x3. So I guess there's no way to avoid it.
  9. Why would lego make a square sticker for a round tile? Just seems a bit awkward.