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  1. dragunov

    Something that may interest you.

    Right then. Anyone want to trade?
  2. dragunov

    Something that may interest you.

    Know what sort of price it usually goes for on eBay? I'm looking to sell mine to help find my cosplaying project.
  3. Hey, guys and girls. Long time since I last posted here. I was rooting around an old lego box of mine, and found the Green Dragon that utilizes the Croc tail and upper mouth piece. I was wondering if anyone knew what piece I'm raving on about. She's also up for sale, as I have no use for her. Best offer wins.
  4. I'll likely be entering this one, but for category A Could there be two series 6 figures for 1 vig?
  5. For all we know the basis of pharao's quest could still exist, I mean right as we type lego designers could be producing new sets for it, not nessicarily in the desert but maybe a theme vairiation, I mean Adventurers didn't end after the first mission was complete did it?
  6. dragunov

    Cute Little Spider

    I gotta' admit, I love the use of the picks for the front. and feel that this would be easily welcomed into a vignette.
  7. dragunov

    Our History Mod is History

    Thank you for everything you've done, mabey when things calm down a bit you could step back up eh? Hope to see you around EB.
  8. dragunov

    The Future of Ninjago

    All I can say is that the sand is running out of the hourglass, how much sand is in, few knows, but ideas will eventually run out.
  9. dragunov

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    How long will this go on for?
  10. dragunov

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I pledge myself mi'lord. I hope to bring scouts and good trade to avlonia and it's mighty armies.
  11. I'm here, I'm drinkin' beer, get use--- Whoops, I mean. Sign me up! Oh and based on Edmond Dantes, idea, I think to avoid clogging the place up, Historica should have it's own sub-forum.
  12. dragunov

    Evolution of St. Martin's Church

    This is awesome! Just out of curiosity, how did you make the blue part of the scaffolding? Is it solid bricks or what?
  13. dragunov

    HAV/A5-RX Recon Juggernaut WIP

    Y'know, I think it's wierd how they are able to label these huge bulky crafts as 'Recon'. Other then that this is looking impressive!
  14. dragunov

    Hells Gate watch tower

    Looks much more fitting with the nation, Well done!
  15. dragunov

    Hells Gate watch tower

    Turn the waterfall into a lavafall, it is hells gate, not edens, am I right!?