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  1. Dbash56

    Hello from the US!

    Hi! My name is Dbash56, but you can call me Dbash. I am a huge fan of Castle and Pirate Lego sets. I am a purist, I hate using fake or homemade pieces. I am also beta testing the Minifigure MMO, so yeah. That's about it. Thanks for reading!
  2. Dbash56

    {MOC}TMNT Lair.

    So far so good! Looks great!
  3. Dbash56

    Review: 76022 - X-Men vs. The Sentinel

    I hope my local Target eventually stocks these, I hate ordering from FedEx.
  4. Dbash56

    My Iron Man Hulkbuster

    I love the pic with Batman, too funny!
  5. Ant-Man. Don't get me wrong, I want one so much, but no one gives love to the REAL first Avenger! Move over Rodgers!
  6. Dbash56

    Non-physical Lego Characters In Physical?

    I am surprised Ant-Man hasn't become a fig yet, but he isn't all that popular sadly. D:
  7. Dbash56

    Ghostbusters HQ/Firehouse LDD File

    I love the Echo-1, I just need this in my collection!
  8. Dbash56

    [MOC] Solomon Grundy

    I honestly didn't love Injustice, but this is a great Brick Built Figure! Could we have a pic or two of the back?
  9. Dbash56

    [MOC] Ghostbusters 1959 Black Cadillac Miller-Meteor

    Nice MOC! I was in love with the Echo-1, but my gosh I want the Caddy soooooo badly. :D Good job.
  10. Dbash56

    MOC: 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash

    I am in love with the "speed lines" (or whatever they are called lol) but this is a great MOC!
  11. Dbash56

    MOC: Arkham Asylum; Relative Insanity

    This is amazing! I am a huge fan of the Arkham series, and I must say you captured the feel of the game very very well! I love the little details, and especially the Bat Signal. Great job, I just wish I could actually see it in person!