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  1. Hello, Today I present my first MOC I am posting on Eurobricks:- "In the wilderness of Kashyyyk". The idea behind the MOC was to create a "slice" of the world that is Kashyyyk. I've chosen a bright colour scheme to work with as I feel it keeps the MOC rather upbeat as opposed to a fairly dark colour scheme which may be more accurate but more gloomy. Anyway, here is an overview shot. 20160327_130539 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr A reverse shot of the scene. 20160327_130513 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr From the foliage near the river. 20160327_130826 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr Without the figs. 20160327_125217 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr From the back 20160327_125245 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr Thank you for looking, I hope I have formatted the pictures correctly and to an appropriate size. If you have any feedback or would like some more photographs, I would be most gracious. ~Janeway
  2. Janeway

    [MOC] [LDD] UCS INCOM T-70 X-Wing Fighter

    This looks absolutely fantastic, I adore the way the cockpit comes together
  3. Janeway

    [MOC] Upsilon-class command shuttle

    Blimey! That's a fantastic rendition of one of the nicest looking ships in TFA. Those wings are absolute wizardry, the greebles and the size of them. I am most impressed!
  4. Janeway

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I partially agree because it would make a lot of sense to have in the Episode 8 sets where he will be a much more prominent character, however he is a much desired minifig so having him under the "minimum purchase" requirement will increase set sales.