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    Mercedes: Smart, G63, Clk Gtr

    Hm, http://rebrickable.c...er/smart-fortwo
  2. -WINNER-

    Lego - BIG is a rover

    Great model! It looks like a bridge on wheels I think, he means about replace Bushes ½ to this details: https://alpha.brickl...age?P=11478#T=C
  3. -WINNER-

    [MOC] Mini Gaz 66 Trial truck

    The front axle is very cool! I've made LDD model of chassis for this truck: Gaz66-chassis.lxf
  4. -WINNER-

    Jurss' Workshop

    First photo is cool! I think, it looks like a kind of buggy, not dragster.
  5. -WINNER-

    42038 C-Model - Crawler Crane

    Wow, cool C-model! I think, it's better then the B-model But... lot of left parts... Now I want to buy 42038
  6. Will 42030 sell in Russia?