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  1. Very cute model, I love the idea of using pistons as feet
  2. I just set my lego workspace up after ~3 years yesterday and a new contest is announced today? I guess I have no choice but start building :)
  3. These look genuinely good, I love them! They kinda remind me of bmw art cars.
  4. That panelling has a real good "speed racer" vibe to it
  5. You're right, it makes more sense that it's facing the front. So there's clearly no way it could be removable.
  6. I know that's an axle hole. The part I wished would be a removable axle + axle hole is the handle, the part that is towards the rear of the vehicle.
  7. I like that they are using dark blue more and more
  8. I don't think so. Compare the hub color with the pieces under the red toolbox. The hubs look much closer to the LBG stairs than the DBG connector. I think it's a shame the hose attachments are at the side. I'd love it if the valve switch is actually an axle hole + 2l axle so that you can remove the valve axle if you use a coaxial axle to control the valve. But that doesn't seem possible in 1l width.
  9. This is shaping up to be a beautiful model, keep it up! And it's really nice to see a model team wip thread for a change.
  10. zweihander

    Powered Up

    So is the rotation purely mechanical to be able to use the buttons sideways/upside down? I would be pleasantly surprised if it was electronical and tied to another channel to allow four channels to be used by a single remote. edit: But then again it would be weird to use the buttons while the rotation axis is at a weird angle or upside down, so I guess I wouldn't be as pleasantly surprised as I initially thought.
  11. You could slap some panels on the structure and rebrand it as a submarine :D
  12. Sorry to hear that, now there'll be a lot of people expecting a thoroughly written review with crisp pictures from you on the day the review ban is lifted...
  13. Beautiful model with very nice styling, and nicely working functions. The proportions make the model seem smaller than it is, I love it!