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  1. Beautiful model with very nice styling, and nicely working functions. The proportions make the model seem smaller than it is, I love it!
  2. Nice model, congratulations. Very good modeling overall, but I have a couple of critiques if I may: - The grille looks like it's a couple units more forward than it should be - The rear upper corners seem too blocky, maybe a more curvy solution like the bottom half would look better - The reference picture seems to have suicide doors unlike your model, but most of the pictures on google show the doors on the configuration you built, so I'm not sure why I wrote this one :)
  3. This looks like a seriously fun buggy, well done!
  4. Lego Vehicles Test Machine

    Hahaha, fun moc, and another original idea from you, well done. I love how you modified the hook after the first car fell down :D
  5. The model is terrific, no doubt about that, but I'm here to praise the camerawork. I don't remember you using these type of 6-dof camera movements, but I really like them. I think they add a lot of quality to the presentation, and it's refreshing to watch.
  6. Nice, looks like a lot of fun! I agree with @Pvdb, this tempts me to buy one :)
  7. A different and interesting model, and all the functions work really good. Is there a real-life counterpart you based it on, or did you just build it to your own specs? I feel like it would be more functional if the two front claw arms had different functions from each other, or maybe a single arm with more degrees of freedom (like claw rotation). Great video though! Love the bomb and the effects
  8. I think white stripes work best with blue, but it's a matter of choice. While searching for a good example, I somehow stumbled upon this (can't attach the image because of pinterest, but it's the top left one). It's an interesting look, worth trying :)
  9. General Part Discussion

    The instruction you linked for 9398, not 9393. But I checked the instructions and it seems they also show the one without stoppers. Thank you :)
  10. General Part Discussion

    I got a question about technic link1x6 versions. 9393 set inventory shows that it comes with two of the ones with stoppers, but is it possible for the set to come with the ones without stoppers since the part was replaced? I can't find the ones with stoppers in my sorted parts, and I'm afraid to dive into the unsorted bin :) I'm gathering the parts for selling some of my collection and I'd rather send the correct part to the buyer.
  11. Most official recent sets with solid or unsuspended axles with diff use restricted axle joiners to stop the axles sliding out. I think it's the best way for making the official sets as reliable as they can be. Examples: 42041, 42043, 42009
  12. Effe's MOC Corner

    Ohhhh, that makes so much sense. I've always copied parts from the already built parts of the model. Thanks efferman.
  13. [MOC] Mobile Crane Mini

    This is in fact what I believe a technic model should be, packing functions you didn't think it would at its size.
  14. Hi Blakbird, I'm sorry to hear about this, but you have your reasons :) I just read through all years on technicopedia and it was a lot of fun. I have a suggestion about technicopedia, how about outsourcing the content creation to the members here? Kinda like what you did for the digital building of models a couple of years ago.
  15. If the new valve is anything like your mockup, it'll be a couple orders of magnitude better than the old one.