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  1. Most official recent sets with solid or unsuspended axles with diff use restricted axle joiners to stop the axles sliding out. I think it's the best way for making the official sets as reliable as they can be. Examples: 42041, 42043, 42009
  2. Effe's MOC Corner

    Ohhhh, that makes so much sense. I've always copied parts from the already built parts of the model. Thanks efferman.
  3. [MOC] Mobile Crane Mini

    This is in fact what I believe a technic model should be, packing functions you didn't think it would at its size.
  4. Hi Blakbird, I'm sorry to hear about this, but you have your reasons :) I just read through all years on technicopedia and it was a lot of fun. I have a suggestion about technicopedia, how about outsourcing the content creation to the members here? Kinda like what you did for the digital building of models a couple of years ago.
  5. If the new valve is anything like your mockup, it'll be a couple orders of magnitude better than the old one.
  6. [TC13] Steampunk windup clock

    nice, white tank looks a whole lot better with the rest of the build!
  7. I'm not so sure about that. I don't think I'm the only one that bought a set just because of "that new piece". And it keeps people's interest and curiousity on new models for a longer time. I'm not saying it's their main strategy for selling sets, but it helps :)
  8. Aesthetics and Technics

    I believe Lego Technic is about solving problems at its core, and combining form and function is the most fundamental aspect of this. I don't consider a model complete if I feel like the builder did not solve this problem. Your WIP topics seem to indicate that you might share the same feelings :) I think there is a distinction between "lego technic modeling" and "engineering with lego technic pieces". A great working gearbox would fall in the latter category, and only appeals to a subset of people at the technic sub-forum, let alone everyone on eurobricks. On the other hand a regular working gearbox, other functions and aesthetics, all combined in a polished package as a car, vehicle or whatever the builder imagined, falls into the former category. It appeals to a much larger audience, therefore much more suitable for frontpaging as it is a better tool for selling this sub-forum to other members, or newcomers (I feel like calling them the uninitiated :D). However, these two categories I mentioned do not have clear boundaries, it's more like a spectrum. And the fact that there is an audience here on any range of this spectrum creates the welcoming atmosphere.
  9. Nice model, with free instructions as a bonus!
  10. Seeing the basically non-existent number of lego headcrabs roaming around ravenholm, I decided to step in and build one for TC13. My initial idea was to build one that moved its legs, but wanting to shake my dust I got a bit ambitious and started thinking of mechanisms that would allow it to jump, even though it'll probably be a very small jump (hop maybe?). I threw together a proof of concept for the mechanics just to toy with the idea: The red liftarms will be spring loaded manually and held in place with a ratchet, which will be released by the linear actuator, but this solution may release the ratchet too early. Another option is to disconnect the actuator, move it back a bit, and adjust the distance so that the tip of the la will release the ratchet near the end of its travel (or depending on where on the headcrabs horizontal travel I want it to jump). After I toy with the mechanics and see if I can make it work or not, I plan to build a light body mostly with panels to keep the weight down. All opinions/suggestions are welcome.
  11. Technic Pub

    Happy new year folks! My new year's resolution is to stop making excuses and get back into building. TC13 might be the catalyst for that :) Hmm, maybe before TC13 I should shoot a video for the moc that's been sitting for 2 years... Or should I first wash the two containers full of lego that have been gathering dust for some time? Come to think of it, the sets on display right now could use some cleaning too...
  12. I'm glad you joined eurobricks. I quite like your builds from what you have published so far, and this plane is no exception. The overall shape looks quite good, keep building!
  13. The models are now on rebrickable and I've added the links to each model to the first post. Why not, it's only 18 more builds!
  14. Thank you for all your comments, I'm glad you like it. I'll put them on rebrickable tonight or tomorrow. I don't plan to at the moment. I'm out of small pieces. But I might try a couple other vehicles after I dismantle these. Thank you, I guess they could be :). Might be worth putting up on Lego Ideas even though they won't probably gather enough votes.
  15. Hi everyone, First things first, let me re-introduce myself. In the past, I used to use the name 'erelender' here, mainly because I wasn't aware that my account name would be my display name while signing up 2.5 years ago. I haven't been very active lately, but if you've ever heard about me, it would be thanks to my TC9 entry, Manitou Telehandler, which won 3rd place. Thanks to @Jim, I'm now able to use the name I'd like Now that re-introduction is out of the way, I can present you my latest models: Mini Construction Vehicles Series One day, while I was sitting on my lego desk, thinking of what to build, I found myself building a small bulldozer. Then I kept building and rebuilding it for the entire weekend. In the end I quite liked the little chap, so I went ahead and built a number of other construction vehicles in the following couple of weeks when I found the time. They are definitely not modeled after any real-life ones. There is also no set scale for the group, but I'd say they are somewhat close to each other mostly. Bulldozer This was the first to come, and my favourite, with angle-adjustable and liftable blade, and liftable ripper. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Excavator This one was the second, but I rebuilt it from scratch after the others because I wasn't satisfied. Includes rotating super-structure, arm movement, and liftable front blade. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Mining Truck The third one built, but my second favourite. I just love how tough it looks with those tyres, even though they are much sportier than they should be. This one was probably the most challenging one of the lot because I just couldn't get the size of the cabin&bed as I liked, but I'm satisfied with it now. It only features tipping bed, but hey, it's something :) PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Skid-Steer Loader with Forks The fourth one, and the smallest. Even though it's not as heavy-duty as its siblings, it wins in the area of being cute and still functional. It's also white because at this point I was beginning to run out of small yellow parts, and I just couldn't build it in yellow. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Road Grader Number 5. Nothing special about this one other than that the blade height is so nicely fit that it would really grade if I put it on some soft sand :D PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link Road Roller The last one. I was basically out of yellow parts, so this is definitely not the best of the bunch, but it still resembles the real thing and it works. PDF Instructions Rebrickable Link For the Full-Size images, please check my Flickr Photostream. After finishing all 6 models, I thought they were good excuse to learn LDCad and LPub, so I went ahead and created instructions for all of them. I must say I really liked LDCad after switching from MLCad. Some things are much easier to do in LDCad. In the end it was a fun project spanning around a month or so for everything. Thanks for reading, I hope you like them. Cheers