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  1. As i said, mars mission didnt flop. Space police did ok from the looks of things, but yes, the others were a bit of a flop, otherwise we would have more stuff out at the moment, which we don't.
  2. Just my two cents on this whole revival thing. The way i see it, TLG has already tried to revive it, I mean we had mars mission as a revival of classic space/mission to mars, space police 3, alien conquest is pretty obviously a revival of UFO as is galaxy squad of Insectiods, but the thing is, it flopped. I mean sure, mars mission was reasonably successful, at least in my country. The issue is that TLG tried to takes things too far into the whole 'revival/renewal' phase and, while mars mission was kind of cool in a way, the others just came off as bland and somewhat poorly executed spin offs. and thats the thing, its all just rehashes of already existing ideas, although there are some new twists to it like the fact each is now duel faction, a lot of it is just not original thinking.
  3. Jobalisk

    Theme review: Ice Planet 2002

    I'd like to point out something here in that i really loved the two smallest sets. For one thing, unlike many other tiny polybag style ships that lego released in the 90s the snow scooter actually looks pretty good. Its got a very sleek design and incorperates a lot of the unique ice planet elements such as the control panel and trans orange saw. Its also got a nice feature in that the control panel tilts rather than just remains stationary. Its just a shame that it didnt include skis. Then theres the ice tunneler, probably my favourite ice planet set simply because it somehow, in such few parts manages to convay so much about the ice planet theme. It also looks really neat and compact.
  4. Jobalisk

    Best LEGO Space subtheme - 2011 edition

    90s kid here. New Zealand was often a bit behind product wise, but i can still remember getting my second ever lego set when i was 3 from a department store. It was the Cyber Blaster from UFO that sparked a love affair with lego space. I think my favorite theme is ice planet, probably more than anything else because my uncle was a star wars buff and i think i saw the hoth part of episode 5 every time i visited.