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  1. Great design, could be an offical b-model!
  2. You've build a nice, compact model with many functions. I like it. Your mechanic outridges look like a good alternative for the ones who don't have the old cylinder.
  3. Great. Simply amazing! I like the flat V8. It fits perfectly in this sports car. Incredible, what you make just out of the parts from 43039. Congratulations!
  4. Wow! The bonnet looks amazing. Nice build. Do you use PF LEDs at the front? I like the idea you use for building up the tank in combination with the XL motor. Keep the good work up!
  5. Can't wait to see how you build this beauty out of the parts from your a model. Keep the good work up!
  6. Nice idea. I like the details from the snow blower and the salt spreader. And you didn't forget the conveyor belt, amazing! What kind of tractor will your B model be? Something like a MB-Trac?
  7. In my opinion this setup will only work if the stiffness of the whole chassis is low. Otherwise if one wheel is off the ground your vehicle will stop and transfer all the power to one wheel.
  8. After my fork rake and the tractor I present you the AROCS SCV:pRC - Specialized Construction Vehicle: partially Remote Controlled Today I would like to present my modification of the Lego 42043 MB AROCS to you. Yes, the setup is unusual for a typical construction truck. I decided to choose this setup because I like the crane setup from the old 8868 truck. The room between the specialized setup, which is inspired by the 8868 crane cabin, got filled with a side tipping bed. I moved the original tipping bed to the trailer. But first, let me tell you what functions it has inside and which of them can be controlled by RC. 1) RC package, supplied by one AA battery box: Driving (XL-Motor, RC) Steering (Servo, RC) Supporting stand (L-Motor, 2 small linear actuators RC) Tipping (L-Motor, 1 big linear actuator for each tipping bed, RC, switching between the two tipping beds possible through gearbox) The RC functions are limited to functions needed while driving the truck or getting ready for working with the clamshell. Because of the heavy weight of this model and the strong XL-Motor I had to replace the cv-joint with a cardan joint. 2) Clamshell package, supplied by one AA battery box: Compressor (shares the M-Motor with the rotation) Rotation (shares the M-Motor with the compressor) The rotation of the clamshell setup can be changed or stopped through the red lever, which you can see on the right side, slightly under the cabin. If you switch on the battery box the M-Motor will run permanently and so will the compressor do. Only the rotation can be turned off through the gearbox. All functions of the clamshell setup are integrated, so there is no cable or tube running through the turntable to the truck. There is no limited turning radius. More pictures are available at my brickshelf album. Please use the thumbnails below, because the brickshelf album is not yet public.
  9. Dokludi, your cabrio is amazing. Such a smooth and impressive design, only with the parts of 42039! Thank you very much for making building instructions for this model.
  10. Your offroader would make a great chassis for a big tractor. Nice model!
  11. Nice combination of Lego and non-Lego parts. Can't wait to see this pinball table in action.
  12. Your Honda F1 looks really great, congratulations!
  13. I think a small engine dummy would fit perfect to the car size. Will you use a servo or an m-motor for steering?