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    SBrick General Discussion

    I have just backed this. Can't wait to get it in my F1 Racer :D
  2. Wow, with the XLs the racer is powerful :D
  3. I did the one with L motors, but have now ordered the XLs as I want more powah!
  4. YAY. I rebuilt it using a guide online by modsbytweek and it is working really well. It crawls in carpet but put it on tiles and it flies :)
  5. Oops, for some random reason I thought that this was an extension of the stock build. I still carried on with what I was playing around with but it isn't stable and just falls apart whenever I try and turn the motors on. I started trying to follow building this model but I keep getting stuck as I can't work out what needs to be done. Apologies for being a pain guys... this is my first Technic model :(
  6. Guys, I am really struggling with this. I had got this far... I know it is no where near correct: Then I did a bit of experimenting: And a bit more: Now I am well and truly stuck :(
  7. Ahh, I get you. Thanks :) I guess I was a little confused because I had other extra bits left over. Most likely an issue with parts as I had a few items missing as well.
  8. Anyone know what part 3005740 is for? It is those 6 x clear circles, which are shown on the last page with the wheels but it doesn't seem to say where they go :(
  9. hshah

    Missing Piece

    Thanks! Part ordered. Really sucks as I am kind of stuck without it :(
  10. I only seem to have 14 of 370524 (number 4 rod) in my Grand Prix (42000) set :(
  11. hshah

    Lego 42000 full PF MOD

    I got my 42000 a couple of days ago and am in the process of building it. I am looking to motorise it but am not too bothered by the engine cover and spoiler... just want drive and steering. Looking at RC mods on here, I know I need: http://shop.lego.com...attery-Box-8881 http://shop.lego.com...R-Receiver-8884 http://shop.lego.com...s-L-Motor-88003 x 2 http://shop.lego.com...te-Control-8885 http://shop.lego.com...rvo-Motor-88004 I have no other Technic sets, so what other parts do I need in order to do this?