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  1. Baylego

    G1 Autobot Jazz

    Wow! You really did a great job on getting the transformation feature incorporated and still make it look good.
  2. Baylego

    [REVIEW] Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator 7961

    Nice review! I have the 2007 version, and I think that that one is more satisfying to me at only $30 when I bought it. I would still love to have the new Panka and Padme!
  3. Baylego

    LEGO Exclusive 10221 - Super Star Destroyer

    Wow, this thing is a monster! Those bounty hunters and the hologram were very nice touches. $400 is way too much for me though, so I will unfortunately be passing on this one.
  4. Wow! The attention to detail was what really made these customs. However, why did you use yellow in the complete figures?
  5. Baylego

    Kamino Cloning Facility

    Wow, awesome! I especially like the cloning unit behind the wall.
  6. Baylego

    Disney TTfigs

    Wow, very nice! Now only if the hair could be on with the hat.
  7. Baylego

    New Emoticons

    Wow, great emoticons! I like the facepalm and the 'moar' one.
  8. Wow, awesome! This looks like some very intense photoshopping that turned out perfectly.
  9. Baylego

    2011 Alien Conquest

    Macaroni slopes are the are the large, curved, dark green pieces that were first found in the Slave I. Look at the silver color pieces that truly look like macaroni in thisphoto.
  10. Baylego

    2011 Alien Conquest

    I agree that the Mothership and smaller UFO sketch models look better than the final versions. I would have really liked some of those grey macaroni slopes.
  11. Baylego

    BrickJournal #15 Issue = "LEGO Mecha"

    Wow, awesome! I took a look at the preview and it seems like there are a lot of things that are very intriguing, like the mecha instructions. I might have to buy this issue!
  12. Baylego

    Lego and deodorant?

    Yea, thats what I thought too. Anyways, I know that drawing a dry-erase marker over the Sharpie takes it away and then rubbing it off with one of the dry-erase marker erasers or your finger takes it off of some surfaces, but I have yet to see whether or not it works on Lego.
  13. Baylego

    Portal 2-Long dream

    Wow, awesome! I really like how you did the robot and the sign.
  14. is now serving as Commodore on the H.M.S Claw

  15. Baylego

    Swingers party!

    Great MOC! It looks like Jack is drinking some radioactive rum!