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  1. myr_heille

    MOC: Disneyland Main Street Station

    Oh, I love this so much! Wonderful job! Pardon my newbie-ness, but how did you make the "Disneyland" part? Is it a custom sticker you printed, or are there Disneyland sets I don't know about?
  2. myr_heille

    Where do you build?

    I build on an IKEA Expedit 1x5 shelf, lying down, and then my daughter plays with the sets after! Sitting on the floor ends up hard on the body though...
  3. myr_heille

    MOD: LEGO Bike Shop & Café 31026

    Same as trisha! I'm trying to see what sets to buy for the Black Friday promo, and this definitely makes me consider this set way more! Good job.
  4. myr_heille

    Resurrecting my vintage town sets

    This is fantastic, I love reading this! Definitely brings the nostalgia :) How many sets would you say you have?
  5. myr_heille

    How do you find time to MOC?

    The best way to find time is to get kids and pretend you're playing with them as you're building on the floor together. (I say pretend - because my kid is three years old. She likes the Friends though!) You get to combine your family obligations with your MOCing!
  6. myr_heille

    Which set should I buy?

    Best open-back set currently available? "Best" can mean anything you want, but I'd like something not too pricey, with great playability for my daughter and good parts for rebuilding.
  7. myr_heille

    What did you buy today?

    Bought Olivia's House yesterday (store credit made it half price!) and the City Advent Calendar today. Seeing it in stores made me go a little "oh my god I MUST HAVE IT" since I knew the online shop was sold out. Not sure if I'll keep it, the husband thinks I'm spending too much on LEGO... Of course our daughter is only turning three in two weeks, it's hard to use her to justify the purchases. I also bought two Sterilite containers to store my LEGO. Yes, they all fit in these. Yes, my husband still thinks I buy too much.
  8. myr_heille

    MOC: Turning Torso (25 000 parts!)

    Wow! Sorry to bump up an old thread, but I just discovered Eurobricks, and the first building I thought about making a model of was the Turning Torso. Of course my first Google brought me right back here, but this is better than I could have dreamed of. I particularly love the glass lobby. Great job!