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  1. Serpico

    Showcases DC-MARVEL

    my collection... MARVEL... DC...
  2. In the city.....
  3. Serpico

    City Square

    modifications, some of the buildings are taller than they used to be and there are also some new ones
  4. Serpico

    (MOC) Modular 7597

    thanks for comments. some changes....
  5. Serpico

    (MOC) Modular 7597

    Hey everyone, my new modular.... hope you like it, greetings.
  6. Serpico


    Monsters series comes to the cemetery ....
  7. Serpico

    [ MOC ] Carrousel

    I love the movement, great!!!!
  8. Serpico

    Lego Modular City Square

    I love this City Square!!!
  9. Serpico


    The minifigures scooby doo will be perfect. the cat is our only hope Yes, the set 10937 Thank you very much for your comments. Regards
  10. Serpico

    City Square

    now we have a cemetery regards.
  11. Serpico


    I present my latest MOC, a cemetery for the city, hope you like it, greetings.
  12. Serpico

    City Square

    I show some new things like the carousel in the square, the detective office, and some small modifications ....
  13. Serpico


  14. Serpico


    Thanks for your comments, Is design based on lighthouse in north Spain, Cabo de Higuer.
  15. Serpico


    A lighthouse for the city......