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  1. Great, thank you for sharing these. There was some truly impressive works on display. Amalienborg and the sea battle was great, but as a castle fan, Amortug was what I digged the most. It was just so great - really inspiring.
  2. This is quite good - recognized them all.
  3. Jan_sh

    The Quik-Smithâ„¢

    Love this - really funny and original idea - executed nicely.
  4. Jan_sh

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Am I the only one to think that all those ideas made only in LDD is kind of cheating? I can understand it when it comes to the very large projects, but all those small sets shown only as drawing is laughable. I mean you make this project and show it to the world in the hope of getting us all to vote for it - and then you are to lazy to actually build it? (Or possibly you can't build it, which is not much better.) Personally I tend to only vote for ideas the creator has actually put together in Lego.
  5. As I only returned from my dark age this year, I am not sure yet. But I suspect I am a moccer - the few sets I have build has not really felt satisfactory. (Bag end excluded) Not really much into sets I guess.
  6. Jan_sh

    Dunholm Taverna

    This is very nice work. Did you build the bar out of boxes?
  7. Signed. I only recently came out of my dark age - so missed out on all the good LotR sets
  8. Jan_sh

    survey Picture versus Video Reviews

    I dislike video reviews and never watches them.
  9. Jan_sh

    MOC Glen Orduin

    Great work. I actually like the masonry. Using only masonry bricks makes it seem well-ordered and man-made amid all the more chaotic vegetation.
  10. Jan_sh

    Any Recommended Blogs?

    The Brothers Brick & The Brick Blogger are also pretty good blogs.
  11. Jan_sh

    [MOC] Lion fortress part 2

    That is a great fortress - well done. I can't access the extra photos - I get a "This folder is not yet public" error.
  12. I think you should make up your own rules as you go along and mix theme elements to make your own unique "world". Lego is all about imagination and creating new things out of existing bricks.
  13. Ok - so not just me being my usual fumblefingered self then - good to know. Thank you for your feedback all. I followed the advice of using smaller plates in both the top and support layers. That helped somewhat - although they only really stabilizes when a couple of walls layers are added. It is a bit strange though - not the seamless precision fit one is used to from Lego. Sorry, I don't know the plates you refer to. And I think I will respectfully decline your advice of pounding them with a mallet
  14. I am building floors for my next creation and am trying to construct a two-layer floor measuring roughly 24x24. But I find it troublesome - it is like the plates fit poorly - they "warp" or bow a little due to tension created when clicking them all together. And it is like they won't stay together - gaps occur where they wont clutch. Adding an extra layer of plates help somewhat - but are that really necessary? Have anybody experienced this - and perhaps have some advice to share? This is examples of what I mean:
  15. Jan_sh

    Todd McFarlane tries to make "construction" toys.

    Not me. (Although those wood panels look mighty good.)