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  1. Romance14

    VIDEO Review: 6264 Forbidden Cove

    Yes, I am subscribed to your channel on YouTube. You have some great stuff on there.
  2. Romance14

    VIDEO Review: 6264 Forbidden Cove

    Excellent job! I planned on doing a video review of Sabre Island but I see you've beat me to it and done a better job than I could manage! Do you plan on doing more of the first and second wave sets?
  3. Romance14

    Lego Pirates Brickfilm

    Not brickfilms. But I think I will do some more Pirate Set reviews in the near future!
  4. Romance14

    Lego Pirates Brickfilm

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at a brickfilm. Have a look.
  5. Romance14

    [MOC]6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned

    Excellent job! I got this set for my 10th Birthday. Definitely one of my all time favourites!
  6. Romance14

    Video Review - 6251 Pirate Mini Figures

    I think you might be right. I have recently been purchasing all the missing pieces from my old LEGO collection and I ordered a batch of 20 heads with the standard grin from bricklink. I noticed a slight difference in the size of the eyes. Also, some of the heads seemed more square than round.
  7. Romance14

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I'd love to join. I already posted a review on this forum, not realizing that I need approval beforehand. Sorry!
  8. Hi All, I noticed that the Pirate Master Index was missing a few reviews for the smaller sets so I decided to take a crack at it. Here is my first one for set 6251 - Pirate Minifgures. I hope you enjoy it and I'd appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks.
  9. Romance14

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6260 Shipwreck Island

    I finally added this set to my collection today. I rated it 4/5. The original Pirate sets from 1989-91 were so unique and ahead of their time in my opinion. Maybe my judgement is tainted by nostalgia? But either way I am really pleased to have finally acquired this set and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Forbidden Island" and "Lagoon Lock-Up" in the mail!
  10. Romance14

    REVIEW: 6245 - Harbor Sentry

    Fantastic review! And excellent photos!
  11. Romance14

    REVIEW: 6259 - Broadside's Brig

    I actually left this set at a Super 8 Motel in Eastern Canada when I was 5 years old. They held onto it for 8 months until my family was in the area again and able to pick it up. Classic set!
  12. Romance14

    LEGO Pirate Set Reviews

    I would be more than happy to provide reviews for sets 6251, 6237, & 6252. I am new to the site but I noticed that is suggested that I have my reviews approved by the Review Academy. Is this mandatory? Also, how do I go about submitting my reviews? Do I just post them each as individual topics?
  13. Romance14

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I would love to review sets. I'm in!
  14. Romance14

    Review: Saber Island

    This was the first LEGO set I ever got so I've always had a soft spot for it. I lost the instructions and a couple of key pieces so I was unable to build it for a long time. Just recently I purchased the missing pieces and instructions on bricklink so I'm thrilled to have the complete set again. One thing that has always bothered me about this set is the lack of a ladder or stairs for the minifigures to get from the ground to the first or second level of the structure. The Imperial Outpost, that was released in the second wave of Pirate sets, seems to be a larger more efficient version of Sabre Island and it includes a ladder for the mini figures to maneuver around the base. Excellent review by the way!
  15. Romance14

    Escape from Sabre Island - A Brickfilm

    That was fantastic! Well done.