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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for taking the time to comment. My profile has been made public. Yes, that blue crawler crane is nice though. With the sets I have all I think I'd need for the Volvo would be the bucket anyways.
  2. I haven't bought a set in some while. Here's what I have: I also have the parts for Ultimate 8043. I'm looking at Volvo Loader, Artic Truck, or the Class. This will probably be the only large purchase I make this year. I just want to build something big. I also have a bunch of extra random parts and RC components. Thanks for input
  3. grinding while driving. Switching gears seams to work fine but it just doesnt drive well.
  4. I'm Having trouble with my gearbox working correctly. Seems there is alot of grinding switching gears and no power. Yes I've changed battery boxes and have fresh batteries. @ 1:53 in your video you show the gear shifting mechanism. And I noticed there are some differences between your video and my instructions. Can you check page 96 and tell me if im missing something?
  5. Well after numerous hours and days I got the MOC done as a rolling chassis. Was driving it around playing with the controller and it started grinding and stopped when a 16t gear fell out on the floor. I looked at the transmission assembly and the two center 8t gears Pictured on page 73 step 6 rode off their 2l red axles and are now crooked. Looks like Ill have to disassmble the whole transmission and rebuild.
  6. I'm at page 180 and am hopefully almost done the transmission. I'd do a WIP but I may be too far ahead. Sheepo, this is a complex mechanism you've made, How do you create such things? For anyone like me , who uses lego as a brain workout, this jeep is a must build. I almost bought more parts so I could display the transmission separate. I'm used to regular Lego building and Sheepo's halfstud build is mind blowing. Id say a 21+ set if Lego were to release it. I'm at day 5 at about 30 hours and the horizion is not yet seen. (Although I'm sorting while building). Please guys buy the instructions sheepo's crazy.
  7. EDIT: Fixed it I'd misplaced something and rechecked instructions. EDIT2: Is Page 82 Step 19 correct where one of the u-joints can freewheel?
  8. @Sheepo: I'm planning on running this with a custom 12v battery box. Since I have not been able to build it yet; do you think there are any weaknesses in the drivetrain that 12v xl motors may break?
  9. My parts got delayed. Anywho I started building with what I have. Made it to step 6 :(, I couldn't quickly find any thin 5L liftarms with axle holes on the ends.
  10. Rebrickable says I have 85.7% of the pieces for this. Looks like I have most everything in a different color to build, but I'm wondering about the 16L axle. Is it needed or could I join a bunch of axles together? EDIT: Just Bought the instructions for 17.~~ US Dollar, and the $120 worth of missing parts. So, forget my question above. (I have a big red jeep just like this so I couldn't resist.) @Sheepo, You say its not trial worthy, will it atleast drive around my yard through grass and such?
  11. Fail, you have 3 pieces combined together with a pin. No ropes, chains or hooks. Your bricks cannot move items, ether: up, down, left or right. No tires, or treads for movement. And Its not accompanied by 8 more pieces (4 wheels) to move it.
  12. Yes its very usable with technic. The only alternative is the rechargeable battery box of the same size for about $80 USD
  13. If you find a website use: But If you're good with your eyes and patient maybe this will help:
  14. Saberwing, in the real world, if I'm stuck in my jeep, usually pushing my ebrake down a couple clicks will get the other tire to move to give me a boost. ;) A simple 2x4 high4x4 low "transfer case" is another example.
  15. A newb question here, where do I get those springs for the shocks?