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    [MOC] Lego TRACTOR

    I'm also trying to use the inverted screen as normal vehicle wind screens. But inserting studs into technic holes are "illegal", although MOC don't have rules. :) I hope there would be a "legal" way, maybe using something like "4070" angular brick 1x1
  2. B model is worth to build. I like the triangle style frames by very few beams but sturdy.
  3. Hello EB. This is MOC of an amusement airplane ride, a very common ride in China. While the superstructure is rotating, the arms which carry the airplanes are swinging up and down periodically. At the same time, the propeller of the airplane is rotating (this feature is not in real word due to the danger). It is my very first MOC. I just enter LEGO Technic from 42009 and have the second set of 10247. Thinking of the huge amount of vehicle MOCs, I decide to put my effort on non-vehicle only. This design challenges me in generating a periodical swing movement in a very limited space. It seems intuitively to use LA to lift the arm. But I cannot make an axle to change the rotation direction periodically from a uni-directional axle at that time. Maybe I can try this type next version. I use LDD for 99% of the time and takes me 1 year (I have job and kid...). Building up takes me 10 hours. Here is the video and pictures. Note the minifig is at the high position in the beginning, and at the low position after rotating. I also build the function chain in LDD to show how it works The input axle is green, that drives the upper part of turntable that connects to the superstructure. The lower part of turntable is fixed with the base (not shown) The axle in the middle of turntable that with black 12t is fixed with the base, not rotating. So when the superstructure rotating, the yellow 12t is rolling on the black 12t and transfer the power to the two yellow gear sets. For one of the two yellow gear sets, it has a 8t-24t gear down and transfer the power to the two ending 16t. Either 16t drives two crank, the blue and red, which is 180 degree out of phase. That results in an alternate movement of up and down. Then with 7L beam as a rod, they push and pull structures with toothbar in the next figure. The yellow 12t also pass the power to the pink 12t, which (the pink parts) split the power to 4 orthogonal directions for 4 airplanes' propellers after 2 stages of 20t-12t gear up (brown part). Back to the blue/red crank and rod in the previous figure, they push and pull the blue/red structure, either contains two toothbars. The toothbar moves up and down of +/-1L(5t). It is gear down by 12t-20t, and result in 5/20*360=90degree of swing of the 4L half beam, that lift the arms. The toothbar structures are limited by a sliding system to move up/down only.
  4. What about inserting ADs in the digital book, and make the book free? You can get revenue from AD. So, some books are free with AD, some are only in paper and for sell. Taking the advantage of your influence, your ideas, and your book. And keep Lego as a hobby.
  5. Studded tech bricks have 3 dimensional building ability. Vertically, stack them and place plates between each 2 brick. And you can stack them orthogonally. Parallel, connect side by side using pins Extend, using plate/brick braced on the top and bottom. But in studless, Parallel is the only option. Other connections must use connectors, or additional beams. Proper use of connectors is very important and challenge, with considering hole location, structure sturdiness, and simplicity. ps. I love studded more than studless :-)
  6. xxmmwwbb

    [TC6] Whirligig

    I love non-vehicle Technic. For the function #2 and #3, I saw you are using LA to lift the arms. Are these LAs able to extend and retract periodically, or you need to manually switch via RC?
  7. xxmmwwbb

    [HELP] Amusement Ride

    This solution is good and simple.
  8. xxmmwwbb

    [MOC] Galloping Horse

    I agree with the previous post that, submit to LEGO. It is the fresh air in the boring countless vehicals of technic sets and MOCs