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  1. The page tried to give me a virus! Luckily it was blocked. I hope this helps anyone without virus protection.
  2. fanders

    Conveyor belt

    You could try replacing some of the gears in the middle on the ends with smaller ones so that it has a V shape at the ends too. Without the flat ends, it might be more V shaped.
  3. fanders

    Lego Black Aura Supercar

    Yes, very dusty! Sorry about your lack of coffee.
  4. fanders

    Lego Black Aura Supercar

    Thank you very much! I really like it when my Lego cars are quite dense if you know hat I mean. Thank you, I definitely should have tried to make it more proportionally like a real car but I did not have the patience. Maybe next time. I originally had one shock absorber each wheel but it was not enough so I put three on both the front and the rear axle. Thank you for the suggestions. I should have made it more proportional, I agree. /\ It does bend under weight but I tried to put the seats one stud above the base (probably a stupid idea) of the car so there was little room to strengthen it. It never occured to me to dust of Lego cars before taking pictures. Good idea. Thank you very much. I am used to building rock crawlers and so a low, sports car was a new challenge for me. I had an especially hard time making the rear axle strong enough for the weight of the car using CV joints so I used U-joints which worked quite well. Thank you very much! I agree that it is too short. Thanks, I shall take note of that. As odd as it is, that was by far the hardest part for me! There are pictures of it on my Bricksafe - Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 7.02.20 PM 10 14 2017.png Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 7.02.39 PM 10 14 2017.png I put those two panels together and decided that I needed to make them like that. Then I spent a long time until I got them perfect. Here is how I built it - FRONT OF CAR.png A bent one of [url=]these[/url] is holding the axles together on the front. Thanks! A BMW got rear-ended by a semi. I'll take that as a compliment!
  5. Hello all, this is my first time posting here. Feel free to tell me if I have done anything wrong. Black Aura Supercar Youtube Video, Trailer, Instructions Part 1, Bricksafe Two XL-motors for drive, one M-motor for steering, one M-motor for shifting, one M-motor for the spoiler, and two M-motors for the doors. Has a turning and tiltable steering wheel, working lights with switch in cabin, four-speed transmission, easily removable battery pack, spoiler that folds in and out VERY neatly, openable gullwing-like doors, openable and removable rear, working V12 engine with visible chain near the battery pack, all-wheel independent suspension with three springs a wheel, and finally, an opening hood with stand to keep it open. Built purely from imagination and was not intended to look like any specific car. More than six pounds! (I think it was something in between six pounds and seven ounces or eleven ounces. I do not remember). A video: Some of the pictures from Bricksafe /\:
  6. fanders

    [GNAR] The Mirror

    That is really nice. I wish I had enough black pieces to make a ship like that. WHat did you make the sails out of? Black construction paper?