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  1. sorenbruun

    An Interesting Find - HP145

    I don't know about the value, but at least a little bit of fun :-) The 12 Great Halls are parted out for a Bricklink store, so just for selling....
  2. sorenbruun

    An Interesting Find - HP145

    Hi, Just wanted to share an interesting/curious find :-) I have been parting out 12x 75954 - Harry Potter and the Great Hall. In that set there is a minifig of Nearly Headless Nick (HP145) and one of the minifigs of that character has a different leg than the rest of them. Instead of the original dark bluish grey leg, this one came with a right dark pearl grey leg. So the two legs are not the same color :-) Everything else is the same and the print is also correct. This goes to show that TLC CAN make mistakes - not something that happens very often (in my experience) :-)
  3. sorenbruun

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Ahh, excellent :-) Then I will just throw it away :-)
  4. sorenbruun

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hi, I have tried to identify below part, but without success. It certainly has the quality and feel like a Lego part, but it does not actually say "Lego" anywhere. I looks partly like the Lego part 3176 - but without the hole in the rounded end and with the addition of reddish-orange (very soft) rubber "fur". Any idea if it is a Lego part and where it comes from?
  5. sorenbruun

    Strange bags...

    Thank you very much, Zux :-)
  6. sorenbruun

    Strange bags...

    Hello, Is there anybody that has an idea about these bags with LEGO? They came in a lot new LEGO I have bought online (not from LEGO themselves). The bags are different from "normal" bags from a box of LEGO, in that they are normal plastic bags and they contain between 600-800 grams of LEGO each. They don't seem to contain any official set (or part of one) and there are no minifigs. They seem to be officially packed by TLG though, as they are marked with the LEGO logo. Any idea who uses LEGO packed like this or what they are for? Each bag is sort of themed (Harry Potter, Friends or Belville perhaps and so on). I could think that maybe they are for stores and their children's play corner, perhaps TLG events - or something similar?
  7. sorenbruun

    Minifig - "New" old heads.

    Great! That hints that these "square" head might be from the later part of the production run of the solid heads. It is however difficult to deduce anything meaningful from a dataset of 1 :-)
  8. sorenbruun

    Do you know how many LEGO do you have?

    There is an app in Itunes (not aware if is also exists for Android) called "Minifigure". It currently tracks 7247 minifigs... It is quite good and you can input your collection and add figures you would like to buy in future. It is a app you have to pay for - but worth it...
  9. sorenbruun

    Minifig - "New" old heads.

    My feeling is also that they might be contemporary to each other. Meaning that it might be "accidental" if a certain set was issued with either one or the other head? Certainly looking at the condition of either head doesn't really give any clues as to one being any newer or older than the other...
  10. I have been in a process where I have sorted through and assembled +3000 minifigures and I have noticed something: I have noticed a difference or perhaps a "new" sub-variant in the old yellow heads with the solid stud and drawn face. I have tried to photograph it - sorry about the poor quality. The one I am talking about is the right one, where the "jawline" (bottom curvature) are less rounded than the normal 1978-1989 heads, making them more "square". They are quite easy to spot in a cluster of mixed solid heads. To give an idea about the "rarity": Out of the around 3000 heads I sorted, I found around 250 yellow heads with a solid stud. Of those were half "solid plains" (no face) and the other half "solids with face". And out of these "solids with face" were about 20, these "solid squares". They are marked similarly to the normal "solid with face" (same type font on top and same markings inside). They seem to come with two different types of printings - thick and thin face pattern - similar to the normal "solid with face". I have been unable to find any info regarding these heads and I have also been unable to find them on Bricklink. Does anybody have any information where these were used or for how long?
  11. sorenbruun

    The what I did today thread ......

    Today I had waaaay too much time on my hands...
  12. A few other suggestions: 1. Torso Assembly by Color: A "Reset"-button, next to the "Browse"-button to reset the the drop-down menu's. 2. Torso Assembly by Color: Perhaps consider to "group" the colors in the drop-down tables. So that the main color, e.g. "Green" is followed by "Olive green", "Sand green", "Bright green", Dark green" and so on. Believe this would speed up the search considerably. I very much like the "Common colors"-grouping, but please consider my suggestion under "All colors".
  13. Great website!! Just what I was looking for I have just bought 5 kg minifigs and they came with 1,1 kg loose heads, so I am set for evening work for the next few months I have a suggestion for the site: 1. Torso Assembly by Color: When choosing a color in the top drop-down menu, then limit the available colors in the second and third drop-down menu to actual possible combinations. So if I choose "Black" in the first drop-down box then limit the colors in the subsequent boxes to a color that actually goes with black torso color.
  14. sorenbruun

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hi Gremer, Ahh, that might be why I can't find anything that looks like it :-) Appreciated with thanks Brgds Søren
  15. sorenbruun

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hello, Would anybody be able to identify the model number of this LSW Millennium Falcon? Brgds sorenbruun