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  1. Legopicler

    The new autumn forum skin

    Well done to those keeping the site fresh and updated - the Autumn colours look great.
  2. Legopicler

    Determine the Haven Guard Flag - VOTE NOW!

    I am very impressed by the detail and quality of the uniforms and all the suggested flags. I have placed my favourites above.
  3. Legopicler

    [WIP] Vampire Castle

    Wow. Fabulous build. Brilliant details. Love the photo/lighting. Top bananas all round.
  4. Legopicler

    Fishing tales from Nocturnus

    Brilliant build. Love the hull build and the folded up sails.
  5. Legopicler

    The Pirate Galleon "Vengeance"

    Congratulations, she's a fine looking ship.
  6. Legopicler

    survey Picture versus Video Reviews

    Generally I much prefer pictorial and verbal descriptions which are great for idle browsing and the details on the images can be enjoyed at leisurely pace. Occaisionally vids are helpful for if there is elaborate motion to demonstrate.
  7. Legopicler

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    Hi, well done everyone. I vote for 124 jarred 3 points 180 kritch 3 points belgium nil point. Sorry ignore that last one.Too many Eurovision parties. :)
  8. A classic movie scene. The b&w image is a great photo of the build.
  9. Legopicler

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Turtly minamilistic (6 pieces)
  10. Legopicler

    Could 2014 Make Lego Fans Bankrupt?

    Think of the big picture! If we did not buy lego, the lego company would go bust and there would be no more lego for the children of the world. So whilst we may suffer financial hardship, its our civic duty, its almost charity. Can we claim tax deduction for altruistic lego buys? No? Oh well.
  11. Legopicler

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Traditional, but its green! Cowabunga.
  12. Legopicler

    Wha's a good and cheap camera to use?

    For taking pictures of lego dioramas then a compact zoom camera like the canon power shot that you have linked to will do the job very nicely. Canon and Nikon are great brands but carry a slight premium. Panasonic and Fuji also make great compact zoom cameras, often at slightly lower price points- have a look at the Fujifilm finepix S series (26x optical zoom, close focussing on Amazon for $130). If you have time to set the shot up, then a tripod makes getting close and steady, much easier. For close ups, I would rather have a cheap camera and a tripod than an expensive camera. An A3 piece of card to put under and behind the model makes for a nice clean background. I would also consider getting a reflector which are quite cheap but really useful bits of kit for giving subtle directional lighting. Happy shopping.
  13. Legopicler

    Lion's Blood: Part 4

    Great vignette - love the back wall and the 1x2 technic brick above the window is fab.
  14. Legopicler

    MOC - Rorke's Drift

    Brilliant build, beautifully created. A definite "Stop throwing those bl@@dy spears at me!" moment. (No, MC didnt say this in Zulu, but he should have)
  15. Legopicler

    Why not Vikings?

    Ah. More to do with period rather than "boatyness". Makes sense. Thanks If only he were just a little bit more natuical, then I am sure he would be a great pirate. He has the same facial tubes as Captain Barbosa from POTC and never see the two of them together! They are a little bit piratey! True, most Vikings were merchants, fisherman and farmers. Some were great artists and they also had developed a very advanced political system. So they were much more than simple raiders. Still, I think we would all agree that they built some great ships and on occasion went raiding for treasure, which is quite pirate like. Still I accept the argument that they are a different era to traditional pirates, so will keep any exlamations of Skol to a quiet sobering whisper. :)