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  1. TheRacker

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    My only complaint with this set is how small the two linear actuators look on the whole model. I wish we could have gotten a new larger LA for this model instead.
  2. That would be great, but I have trouble seeing where they could improve the 2013 gunship and AT-TE. They both look fantastic, are built super well, and had great figures. But I'm always down for more clone wars!
  3. This set is entirely mediocre imo, like others have said AWD and something as simple as a 2 speed gearbox could have easily pushed it to the must have category for me. Or ackerman steering for some flair. Would actually be really cool too on a model of this size.
  4. I was thinking Zooks/Zucks
  5. TheRacker

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I caved and bought it for $65 on amazon, because I figured it was only going to go up from there. Oh well the extra $25 isn't going to kill me.
  6. Is the price as bad as 42070 or something a little more reasonable like 800ish parts for $100 with PF and pneumatics which is about the size it looks to be?
  7. TheRacker

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Anyone know the best way to get 75175 A wing in the US? It's been OOS on their website for months on end, absent from the few Lego stores I've dropped by, and also wasn't in stock at a toysrus I was at a few months ago and is OOS on their site. I realize it'll be much harder to get my hands on one now that toysrus is done, but I should hope that Lego isn't done making them because it's only a little over a year old.
  8. disregard. I'll see if I can delete this later.
  9. You're thinking of the wrong episode. Delta squad was in a different one getting off a republic attack shuttle, their only Canon appearance. Ok I'm done speculating, sorry mods.
  10. My stretch dream would be to include delta squad with it, but based on what's leaked about it so far that isn't happening :/ It would be the most appropriate canon set to have them come in, unless they did a battlepack with them. Either way I'm always excited for more clone wars sets.
  11. I just looked at the leaked images, and wow I am just stunned, especially after the lackluster 2017 lineup, other than the extreme adventure set imo. All of those summer sets look like must haves for me, especially that crane! Wow it's beautiful. And if the rumored price of 230 euro is true I'd be even more shocked. I love that the volvo loader has the huge bucket and huge new tires, so you don't have to shell out for the front loader from a few years ago or have to buy the expensive off road tow truck to get those parts. And it's been a while since we've had a forklift. This looks like everything I could want from a technic wave.
  12. They released a statement saying they underestimated the VIP demand and therefore will be out of stock Oct. 1st and will be unsure of when it will be available again. I'll try and find a picture of it. Here it is:
  13. TheRacker

    Next UCS Set

    +1 to this. I would love to see an updated one, I think the old one is the most dated looking UCS along with the old snowspeeder.
  14. I'm actually glad Lego released a more mundane technic set this year after last year's onslaught of awesome and expensive sets. I can just focus on the off roader extreme adventure and possibly the tow truck if it goes on a deep sale. Like others have said though, looks like a good parts pack if you can get it for around $70 or less.
  15. Thank both you and Sariel for the great reviews of this set, such a shame it costs so much. Hopefully it will drop to $200 or below so I can pick it up. And I think they could have made the model itself a lot more interesting if it had Tatra like independent suspension and 6 of the large shock absorbers, that would have made it a great parts pack and more interesting to build/play with.